Sight through courage

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Graphic warning 18+ Romance/thriller/fantasy (werewolf) This book tells the life story of a person who has a very rough life. With more than one traumatic experience. What kind of influence does that have on someone’s life? And what if you meet someone who call you “mate” but they’re most definitely not from Australia? The goal is to let the reader indulge in the story in hopes that they feel like the words turn into a movie. And that they feel like they are a part of the storyline, that they feel what the main characters feel.

Fantasy / Other
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Vibe enhancers

These are the songs what I listened to while writing chapters, to create a vision/vibe for myself.

Chapter 1
The shimmering sands
Sarah Schachner

Chapter 2
The council chamber
Tyler Bates

Chapter 3
Sarah Schachner

Chapter 4
Ludovico Einaudi

Chapter 5
Journey home
Atrium Carceri

Chapter 6
Valse Mélancolie
Nate LaFleur

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