Sight through courage

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Chapter 1

Female p.o.v.

The hot sun burns down on my skin. I feel the sweat dripping over my spine until it meets the fabric, soaking it up. I clench my teeth while swatting the swarm of flies, that hangs around me, away.

I quickly look back down, towards my feet, when I hear the sound of a whip not far behind me. I gulp hoping that they didn’t see me looking up. I shuffle my right foot forward, dragging the heavy chain on the sand.

It is eerily quiet all of a sudden. Too quiet. The people in front of me stopped shuffling their bruised feet on the hot surface, burning their already badly hurt feet.

I hold my breath when I feel the men brush against me while they ran from the back towards the front. My body froze, while there crept a weird feeling into the pit of my stomach. This couldn’t be any good.

I shut my eyes, silently cussing to myself.
Then I heard a faint yell in the distance. I softly shook my head, scared for the person who couldn’t keep quiet.

I tilted my head up just a bit, so I could look up through my eyelashes, hoping to see what was going on.

There was a young women kneeling on the ground, head bowed down in a submissive act. I let my eyes scan her body and noticed that her shoulder were shocking, probably from the tears she tries so hard to keep in.
Then I let my eyes rest on the body that was laying directly in front of her in an unnatural position on the ground.

When the young girl moved a bit I was met with the gruesome and terrifying face from the body that was laying on the ground. The body was that of the young girls mom. We all had known that the women had been very sick and we had seen the women been carried by her daughter for a few months now. We all assumed that her legs were too weak for her to walk herself.

But now it al made sense. The weird putrid smell that overpowered all the other disgusting smells. The flies and the other people getting nauseous and vomiting.

The women had been dead for awhile now, seeing the maggots had already been eating her face. She was unrecognisable, her body had already been decomposing while her daughter still carried her everyday.

My heart ached for the poor girl. Cause I knew that they wouldn’t let her burry her mother. I shivered, squeezing my eyes shut. Already getting goosebumps from the thoughts what they would do to the mom.

I glanced to the side looking at the girl right beside me, seeing she was white as a ghost. Knowing she also saw what I had seen.
I heard people quietly gagging, trying to stop themselves from vomiting.

I heard the girl pleading with the men. And when they didn’t acknowledge her. She was all of a sudden very quiet. I saw her body tense up. She was vaguely murmuring something in a different language, while looking at the sky.

I felt the people around me getting antsy. They were scared of the young girl. She already violated 3 rules. Firstly she pleaded to the men, then looked up and lastly she was now speaking in forbidden language.

I jumped when I heard her screaming and instinctively looked at my feet and noticed that I had blisters all over them and even some of them started bleeding.

When her screaming abruptly ended, I dared to slightly lift my head to see if she was dead. But instead gazed into the half eaten eyes of her mother. I suppressed the urge to scream.

They had tied the young women and forced her to sit and watch the sick puppetshow the men preformed. As you can guess they used her mom as the puppet.

I felt the bile rise in my throat, quickly looking the other way. But that wasn’t really what made me tear up and nauseous.

The young girl surprised us all. She threw her head back and laughed. She laughed while the hot tears streamed down her ill-looking face.
She trashed harshly trying to escape from the chains that kept her tied down, leaving a nasty red rim on her skin were the shackles were.

I looked away when I saw that she got slapped in her face by one of the men. She got eerily quiet again, which made us al hold in our breath. What she did next could determine if she would live another day or if she would be dead.

Then she did the unthinkable.
“Why, father?” She said softly but with such pure hatred. She slowly lifted her head to look the man in his eyes.

My heart pounded in my throat. My eyes darted from her to him and then back to her. So she knew all the time? I think back to the night a few months ago were the mother told me that her daughter didn’t know that one if the men actually was her father.

She was a result of rape. But never unwanted by her mother. The mother fought for her unborn daughter, because usually they won’t let the slaves be pregnant. They would abort the fetus in an inhumane way while hoping the mother would survive.

What the mother actually did to let them keep her daughter was still unknown and would probably stay that way forever. The man standing now in front of her daughter was actually indeed the father.

Years ago before the woman give birth, he stepped up, acknowledging the unborn fetus as his baby. Making it illegal for the other men to let the pregnant woman abort her fetus.
Thus giving the baby a right to live and he would probably also be the one to take that away.

I looked into his eyes, I saw a flash of pain but before his eyes met his daughters they were void of any emotion, making her gulp and look at her hands that were pressed into the hot sand.
He reached his hand out lifting his daughters chin up gently making her look at him. He bend down while he pressed his forehead to hers. I saw tears in the corner of the young girls eyes, she squeezed them shut trying to prevent the tears from falling out. He slightly moved his nose against hers while softly blowing in her face.

He slowly stood up and on accident I made eye contact with him. I gulped but he ever so slightly tilted his head, letting me know that I was forgiven for seeing the intimate moment.

Turned around and looked towards the half decomposed woman. Squeezing the bridge of his nose he took a deep breath while softly shaking his head. He looked up when on of the other man called him, giving one last look to the mother and mumbling something in a different language before slowly walking away.

I looked at the broken young woman on the ground. Feeling my heart ache for her, she probably as so many questions but no one was going to give her answers.

Normally when someone dies they would be left behind while the whole karavan would go on the move again. But this time we were ordered to rest for the night, this let us all tense up, scared for what might come.

We were al standing in a long row, two by two. Everyone was chained to another long chain that ran through the middel so there were people of the left of the chain and people on the right. Also our feet were shackled up so we could only take small steps while also dragging a heavy chain making us shuffle instead of actually taking steps.

Everybody sat in the sand once the sun has starting to go under and the sand started to cool off. Some inspecting their wounds and trying to kind of clean them to avoid infections.

I laid myself down to try to get as much sleep as possible. Later that night I got waken up by a young man. He quickly put his hand over my mouth before I could scream.

“Hey, calm down please. Otherwise the others will wake up and then the leaders would also be mad” he softly shushed me.

I looked into his eyes. And saw them looking back at me with a soft expression. I nodded.
“Do they need me again?” I whispered. He looked at me with a sad expression. “Yes”

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