Sight through courage

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Chapter 2

Male p.o.v.

I quickly scanned the room when I walked in behind other people trying to blend in.

I was very bored and still didn’t really know why I let my father persuade me into coming to this meeting of some sort.

I heard people mumbling and gossiping about people disappearing and weird sightings.

I rolled my eyes, biting the inside of my cheek while harshly breathing out. I really didn’t wanna be here.

I harshly turned around and grapped the hand that was placed on my shoulder. When I made eye contact with my mom, I let her hand go while giving her a judging look. She knew better than to approach me from behind.

“Sorry dear” she smiled softly, giving her crows feet around her eyes. I softly nodded, giving her a weak smile.

“Reason?” I said wel looking straight ahead eyeing anything that made me feel a little uneasy.

“Oh, I was trying to get your at-” she started.
“Don’t” I said a bit harsher than I wanted, so I softly said “please. You know what I meant”

She kept quiet, fumbling with her necklace.
“Okay” I said, having read her body language.
She wasn’t going to tell me anything.

“Your dad requested you at the table” she said before walking away while never letting her eyes meet mine.

I grimaced before turning around and heading to the meeting where my dad was. I slowly wandered the halls while in the meantime fixing my jacket and composing myself.

I cracked my neck just before opening the grand doors. The doors slightly creaked, letting everybody know that someone entered te room

I made sure to look everybody in the eye with a stone cold expression. Even when I met my father’s eyes I didn’t change my expression.
Making him scrape his throat.

I looked around for an empty spot and saw that the head of the table was actually free, the opposite from where my father sat.

I sat down, throwing my leg over the other and leaning back in the chair. People gave me looks for being so disrespectful but I made sure to look them straight in the eyes, challenging them to actually say something.

I pretended not to listen for hours and hours about all the difficulties and problems some people had with their domains etc until I heard something that catches my attention.

They were talking about the disappearances and the missing persons from years ago. I’ve read all the files that my dad had from this matter but I still remembered all the vague information. My gut was telling me then that there was something not right. And right now I had the same feeling again.

The room bursted out in people talking and yelling about what they heard or what they know about the disappearing people.

I tried to take in as much information as possible. While skimming the room I made eye contact with my dad who was slightly grinning at me. He knew all along that this meeting would be about the reported missing person files, just like he knew that this would peak my interest.

“My Katherina is still missing!” A man yelled while slamming his fist on the wooden table, silencing the whole room.

“Calm down, Charles” the man beside him said softly while patting the man named Charles on his back trying to calm him down.

“What do you mean calm down?! I only have been with her for a year before she got taken away!” Charles boomed, breathing harshly while the white in his eyes were showing.

“Charles, do I need to remind you that she is my daughter?” The man said sharply in reply.

Charles gritted his teeth while giving his father in law an angry look.

My dad looked around before clearing his throat. “Do we have the amount of the people that were missing?” He asked.

“36 were missing, from the first disappearing girl, eighteen years ago till most recently the one from seven moths ago.” Someone answered.

“Are all 36 related to this case or is there also non-related reported missings?” Someone else asked.

“All related” the other man confirmed while nodding his head.

A young man on the left side of me whistled softly. “Thats not nothing” he spoke softly while shaking his head in disbelief.

“Do we have all the names?” My dad asked, looking around the room with his eyebrows raised.

A few murmurs where heard but except that it stayed quiet. I shook my head in disappointment. Shooting a look to my dad.
He shrugged his shoulders lightly while shooting a small smile so only I could see it.

The room started to get chaotic again. People talking and some were yelling because they wanted to be heard.

I cleared my throat, but to no surprise nobody heard me. “Could you all please listen?” I asked politely but with a firm undertone.

I bit the inside of my cheek in irritation, when the people actually started to speak louder instead of being quiet. I looked right into my dads eyes who gave me a smirk in return.

“Enough!” I snarled when I slammed my fist so hard on the table that it made a dangerous cracking noise.

Everybody looked with wide eyes in my direction, some even catching flies with their mouth agape.

“Now, when you all are finally quiet, we can continue the case. Shall we now?” I said with a dark look in my eyes.

They all nodded their heads and looked away from me. Some clearing their throats others fixing their hair.

I rolled my eyes. “Are all of you, that are here tonight, in any way related to this case?” I asked, while rolling up the sleeves from my dress shirt.

When I didn’t hear anything being said, I looked up with one of my eyebrow raised. “Well? Cat got all of your tongues?” I said irritated. I heard my dad chuckle.

Someone clear their throat. I expectantly looked at her.

“Well my oldest sister got taken” she said quietly.

“How long ago?” I said with a smile trying to encourage her to talk more.

“She got taken when she was 29 and that was more than 11 years ago” she said shyly with a blush on her cheeks.

I nodded standing up to search for pen and paper, but some young man interrupted me.

“I will take the notes” he said determined while sending me a small smirk.

I raised a brow, ready to question him.

“You do the interrogation, I’ll do the writing. Because right now you are the only one who ever took action on this case” he said while shrugging his shoulders, but he kept looking me in the eyes. I saw some sort of a cry for help in his eyes.

I nodded letting a grin show on my face. I had a feeling that we were getting somewhere now.

“Name” I said scanning him over, trying to read his body language.

“Kieran, Kieran Zalana Marosov” he said with a knowing look. “You?” he replied.

Ascian Roman Norton, but you my friend can call me Ascian” I said with a grin.

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