Sight through courage

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Chapter 4

P.O.V. Ascian

My eyes were burning while my brains were making extra hours, I felt a migraine coming up.

We just finished the meeting, which took about 6 hours. I never felt so tired but so alive at the same time.

I stood up, yawning, cracking my neck and stretching my whole body.

While walking over to the cabinet to pour myself some Whiskey that would keep me awake, I passed my jacket that I disregarded in the middle of the meeting when things got a little frustrating.

When I put the lid on the bottle again, my eyes caught sight of my reflection. I laughed to my self, unable to keep it in. “God, if mother saw me like this….” I said shaking my head while running my tongue over my teeth and wetting my lips. I gave up trying to fix my hair because I knew within time my hair would still end up like this. The reason being the millions of times I would run my hands through my hair.

While sipping from the glass of Whisky, I was deep in thought, going through every piece of information that was said. Making sure I didn’t forget anything.

I loosened my tie, pulling it over my head, throwing it on the nearby side table. I walked back to the meeting table, while in the meantime loosening the first few buttons from my dress-shirt, hoping that it would get rid off of the caged in feeling I had experienced the past couple minutes.

“Ascian?” I turned around, seeing if Kieran had some news. “This is all the documents I could gather from the others.” He said while letting the documents fall with a loud smack on the table in front of my nose.

A tired sign left my mouth. “Thank you Kieran” I said, giving myself a good smack in the face to keep me awake.

“Do you have any idea what time it is?” Kieran asked after he also got rid of his jacket and tie.

I looked up from the document I was reading.
“It is around 02:30 A.M. “ I answered his question, while running my hands through my hair again. I heard him yawn.

“You can go to your room and catch some sleep” I said to him while standing up and walking around the table.

“Yeah right, you are so funny” He said chuckling. While handing me the notes he took from the meeting. “Let me help you” he said with a slight smile.

Seeing right through him, I nodded while furrowing my brows. Why was he so eager to help me? There is no way that he is just curious. His eyes tell me a different story.

After a silence from about 20 minutes, I saw in the corners of my eyes that Kieran opened his mouth to say something, but closed it soon after.

I chuckled, hearing Kieran clear his throat. I looked at him but he didn’t notice it. When he finally looked up I saw him slightly jump.

I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my seat. I saw him blush slightly in embarrassment. He coughed. “Why do you do this?” He asked.

My smile faltered. I shrugged. “I don’t know” I said standing up, turning my back to him.

When I turned back around to say something to Kieran, he wasn’t there anymore. I furrowed my brows. Did I hurt him with my actions? Is that the reason why he left? But in the middle of my thoughts I heard a bonk coming from under the table.

“Auwtch”I heard Kieran groan while he came from under the table, while holding his head.

I tried to hold in my laughter. But when he looked at me I felt tears running down my cheek from laughing.

“Are you alright?” I managed to bring out. Trying my best to compose my self. But when I saw Kieran rolling around on the floor from laughing I couldn’t hold it in anymore, and let myself fall on my knees holding my stomach.

“Oh man, let’s go” Kieran said composing himself. Which I agreed with.

“O wait, I forgot something.” He said while throwing a black folder towards me. I could catch it just before it could hit me in the head.

“Where’d you get this?” I said looking at the folder in my hand.

“I saw it laying on the floor. That is why I was under the table. So don’t think other things.” He said with a straight face.

“Other things huh?”I said chuckling, wiggling my eyebrows.

“Oh god, stop it already. You know what I mean” he said while holding the bridge of his nose.

“Yeh sure” I said jokingly.

He rolled his eyes. “Well go on, open it”.

I opened the folder, but there was only one paper in it. I scrunched my brows together. It was weird because the other folder all contained at least 4 full papers with a picture and a family tree.

“What is this? Another missing case?” Kieran asked while reading over my shoulder.

I shrugged. “I think so. But its shorter than the other folders.”

“Do you have a picture?” He asked.

“Nope” I shook my head.

“Family tree?”

“Not even a name” I answered him.

“Yes, there is. Right here” He said pointing on the paper.

“Ephione” I whispered, testing out how her name rolled of my tongue. I could almost taste it. I felt a weird feeling rest into the pit of my stomach.

“Interesting huh?” Kieran said while walking to the arm chair that stoot in the corner of the room.

I hummed a reply while being deep in thought.

Then out of nowhere Kieran jumped out of the chair. Walking to the white board while searching for a marker. He started explaining his thought process.

I nodded every now and then. Focussing my eyes on the board where he started scribbling things. Wildly gesturing with his arms.

I smiled when I saw his eyes light up when he actually put things together.

When I saw a lead. I jumped up searching hysterically through the folders. Hoping to find the information that I had read earlier today.

I ran my hands through my hair reading out loud what I found in the folder.

Kieran’s eyes widened, his mouth agape. He quickly turned around writhing down more.

Time went down, before we knew it we had been in the room for 3 hours. Our energy levels were significantly lower and even the booze didn’t keep us energetic.

While I was in deep thoughts, going over every single information. But we were stuck on a dead end.

Kieran fell asleep in the meantime, while I was pacing the room. Getting frustrated, I groaned closing my eyes. But then…

I shot up. Almost running to the table. Opening every single folder. Reading every folder again and again and again.

I lost count how may times I scribbled something on the board or how many times I erased it just as fast.

There were laying a few balls of paper on the floor from when I scribbled something down but later on didn’t really find it important anymore.

My hair was tousled to no end and my dress-shirt had never shown so much wrinkles as it had right now.

But the name Ephione still wandered around in my head. As if she was the missing clue. But I could figure it out for the life of it, it only frustrated me more.

But at the end I am still glad with what I found out. I was proud of myself. I was proud of us because I knew that I needed Kieran in this adventure.

Because I had a feeling that he knew more about her than that he led on, I just need to get him to trust me so he would tell me.

But until then I had patience….

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