Sight through courage

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Chapter 5

P.O.V. Ephione

My eyes were closed while I felt the soft nightly wind gaze my cheeks. A shiver went down my spine. I was not just sitting outside to gaze at the stars, I was actually waiting. I was waiting for him. Because I knew, I sensed him, he had questions but had trouble wrapping his mind around it. I understand that, but I knew he would come to ask questions.

“What does it mean?!” He yelled frantically, while bolting out of his fathers tent.

A grin formed on my face. Bingo.
“That took you longer that I thought.” I said while still looking in front of me, not once meeting his eyes.

“Wha-“ he said confused. He shook his head dismissively. “You need to stop talking like this!” He yelled out again but quickly lowered his volume when he realized he was going to wake people up if he kept yelling.

I looked around, checking if he had actually woken up some people. When he saw that everything still looked peaceful, he turned to me again. But he was met with my questioning eyes.

“You always talk in riddles” he began, but when I saw him searching for words to say next. I interrupted him.

“Those aren’t riddles” I pointed out.
He violently shook his head.

“You know what I mean!” He said harshly. But when I stayed silent his strong facade wavered.
“You point things out, as if it clears up all and everything. But it doesn’t! It only raises more questions and it gets me more confused! You always seem to know everything!” He exclaims frustrated.

I smilingly nod my head while looking down.
“Use your eyes and ears instead of your mouth”
I said lowly.

“What?” He said while looking at me.

I turned my head for the first time to look into his eyes. “Exactly”

He kept looking as if he saw water burning, so I continued. “You would have heard it, if you used your eyes and ears more and your mouth less.”

He looked taken back. And I knew that I was brutally honest, but I also knew that that was the reason why people kept coming to me for advice or any other thing they needed help with.

It stayed quiet for awhile. I smiled, there was a change in the atmosphere and that could mean one thing. I reached my arm out and pulled Theo against me. He was breaking down in front of me after being so strong for a long period of time. A pang of hurt shot through me, he is such a strong man. He reminded me of someone very dear to me, while thinking about that I squeezed Theo firmly into me. I felt his tears on my neck. I smiled with a pained look while silent tears ran down my own cheeks.

I softly murmured sweet nothings into his ear while gently swaying from side to side, just like my mom used to do when I was sad.

I heard Theo mumble something incoherent into my top. I stopped swaying him while crunching my eyebrows together. “Hmm?”

I heard him trying to calm his breathing down so I gently started rocking him again. “Calmly” I said.

He pulled his head from my shoulder and took a deep breath in. “That’s her” he whispered slowly.

I kept quiet, knowing he wasn’t done talking yet.

“In the tent. Its her.” He started hiccuping again. “My dad’s daughter”

I made a confirming noise, so he knew that I was listening.

“My half-“ he shook his head while clearing his throat. “My sister.” He finished.

“She is sick, she also needs your help.” He said softly.

I averted my gaze to something for away.
“I can’t help her” I said.

He let me go, hurt flashed into his eyes.

I interrupted him “I am not a doctor Theo. I have told you that many times now. And besides, she is mourning the loss of her mom.
Give her some time.”

I stood up while dusting of my clothes from any sand or mud particles. “Just be there for her, thats the only thing you can do.” I said while turning around and walking away.

Weird wasn’t it? This whole situation.
My thoughts went back to just a few minutes ago, how Theo completely broke down. How I had consoled him like I was his mom. If people would have seen us, they would laugh…
The men in this camp shouldn’t cry, they needed to be strong and hard headed. Theo was maybe one of the younger men here but he was already twenty-four. An adult in the eyes of the leaders.

We had taken a risk, a young adult male broken down in the arms of a young girl? That’s absurd. But throw the slave part into the mix and we had the death punishment on our heads. Well actually above my head. I was sure Theo would be saved by Archibald.

But knowing the story of his so called daughter I wasn’t so sure anymore. I knew Nancy, she would always get punished just like the rest of us. But when I think about it now. Archibald never ever punished someone….

But if he really cared about them then he could pull them any minute out of the line and they could live with him in his tent a better life.
But he didn’t…. He left them in the line, letting them rot with the rest of us.

When you were one of the shackled you were always prepared for a loss, because you never knew who would wake up tomorrow morning and who wouldn’t.

We, the ones in line, were all slaves. You had cooking slaves, cleaning slaves, slaves for desires, or for beating them up or slaves like me. We didn’t really have a job, we were used where ever we were needed. Because in the end most of us would die or would be sold…

I was just lucky that I always wanted to be a doctor, to help other people. So before I got kidnapped I was interested in medicine so I knew a bit about it. And thats why I am now someone who helps people get on their feet again…

By now I was back with the others. My freedom was over now. I breathed a deep breath in. Before as quietly as possible sitting down in the sad. Shackling myself to my place in line…

I was not a free women anymore, Now I was a caged little birdy…

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