Sight through courage

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Chapter 6

P.O.V Ascian

I stirred when I vaguely heard a irritating noise.
I grumbled before turning around and trying to dose of again. But my head gained consciousness and I got confused.

I slowly opened my eyes but closed them just as fast. “Damn…. That’s brighter than my future” I grumbled snarky. After a few minutes I opened one eye and looked beside me. I nodded my head, checking off in my head that I didn’t wake up with someone.

The more I woke up, the more my head pounded with a headache. I stared at the ceiling for what felt like an hour.

A knocking sound was heard on my door.
“Sir Norton? Your mother would like you to accompany a lunch with her.”

I groaned while looking through the window to see if it was really almost lunch time.
“Thank you, Judah. Could you tell my mother that I will be ready in a few to accompany her for lunch?”

“Ofcourse Sir.” Judah said while walking down the hall. I chuckled, he would never call me Ascian again. Even though he knew me since my birth, he was dead set to call me “Sir” since I turned 18. Something about etiquettes, he said. After years, I just gave up the fight.

I sat up while yawning, and rubbing my hands in my eyes to rub the sleep out of them. Goosebumps formed on my skin as soon as my feet hit the cold wooden floorboards.

Knowing my mother I probably didn’t have time to take a quick bath so, I ran my hands trough my hair to make a weak attempt to style my hair. I quickly threw on black pants and a old raggy “white” loose fitting shirt. By all means it wasn’t white anymore, it was my favorite shirt and I wore it as much as possible, I am still suprised it hasn’t fallen apart.

While I ascended the stairs I already heard my mother laughing while talking to someone. I also heard the sounds of busy maids setting the table.

I was on my way to the kitchen to ask of they needed help but Judah intervened. “Sir! Your mother is waiting.”

I looked at him with a mischievous look. “I just wanted to see of the kitchen needed my help.” I explained with as much innocence I could muster.

Judah rolled his eyes. “Ofcourse, I wouldn’t dare to think that you just tried to get a look of the beautiful cook.” He joked.

I fake sighed. “You got me there.” I said trying to hold a straight face. “I heard her hand was already taken.”

“Yes, by a fine gentleman I heard” he replied playing along. “Well shoo now sir, your mother is waiting.”

I laughed while slapping my hand on Judah’s shoulder. “Ofcourse. Tell your wife I said hi. Don’t forget to tell her that it was you who wouldn’t let me say hi to her!” I said jokingly, while turning to walk toward the dining room.

I opened the door for a maid who was carrying 2 silver plates stacked with food. When she thanked me for holding the door, I swiftly grabbed one of the plates. Giving the woman a wink when she started protesting. She shook her head still a bit mad at me but continued walking into the dining room.

“Mornin- mother?” I said while the smile fell from my face. I looked at her as if she had two heads.

Mom looked up with her face stuffed with all kinds of sweets that was probably meant for dessert. How weird it may sound that wasn’t the reason for my shocked reaction.

My father chuckled. When I met his gaze he shrugged. But seeing the smile and the look in his eyes he didn’t mind this situation one bit.

While my mother was very kind and loving she still was dead set on the etiquettes and she was quite strong headed. All the things my father admitted to love about her.

But she was sitting in his lap at the dinner table while she had her face full with desserts.

I knew my father and mother really loved each other. And it wasn’t strange to see them holding hands openly in the house or seeing my dad peck my moms forehead when he had to leave for work. But never this kind of PDA.

I shook my head. “You guys want a moment?” I said while already turning to the door.
But before I could make it my mother yelled something.

My eyes grew wide. Did she just?

“My sweet, don’t talk with your mouth full” said my dad while flicking her nose.

A shudder went down my spine. I knew that they still were quite young, but that didn’t make it less weird. Seeing your parents being so lovey dovey as if they are one of my friends with their girlfriends in the bar.

“What is going on?” I mumbled. Scratching the back of my head in confusion. I heard my dad grunt when my mom turned her body in his lap to look at me.

My fathers arms quickly wrapped around her to hold her still while he hissed. And if that wasn’t a dead give away of what happened. It was my moms reaction. Her eyes almost fell out of the sockets as she started blushing, trying to stand up. Only making the grip from my dad around her tighter.

I closed my eyes. Breathing deeply in and out. Trying to prevent myself from throwing up.
“Please god, release me from this hell.”

I already knew what was going on. And I sure as hell wanted to leave this castle as fast as possible.

I walked out of the dining room as fast as possible. Almost running Judah over.

I saw him opening his mouth but seeing how quickly I walked, he let me go without calling me back.

Just when I got in the hot steaming bath, I heard Judah walking down the hall. Knowing that he probably knew I was in the bathroom, I relaxed in the bath.

“Sir Norton?” He called out from behind the curtain that separated my room with the bathroom.

“Hmm?” I mumbled with my eyes closed.

“Your mother requested you” he replied.

“They didn’t leave the castle grounds? Maybe I will have to leave this time.” mumbling the last part more to myself.

Judah chuckled. “I see that I don’t have to remind you that the season has started?”

I groaned. “Normally they leave on time. Why did she even invite me for lunch?”

“I am not sure my kind sir. Maybe it wasn’t planned for today?” Judah replied laughing softly.

I crunched my nose. “Glad that I haven’t found my mate yet” I muttered.

“With due time you will find her sir. And then you will find out that you start looking forward to the season.” Judah laughed.

I hummed.

“Found anything new?” Judah asked slowly.

I kept silent. Before signing. “Yes, we found a file. With another missing persons info. Well, its not really much information. Just her sex and a name.” I felt something in me stir and almost lurching forward by the thought of her name.

Judah walked in while hanging two towels on the wall. He looked at me with a sly smile.

I squeezed my eyes shut, while clenching my teeth together. Reeling the thing inside me back to his place in the back of my head.

“I am going to get her. Even if its going to take me years.” I said with determination.

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