Sight through courage

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Hi everyone,

As some of you might have noticed,
I have been struggling to upload chapters.

I have had to rewrite chapter 5 for 7 times now, because Inkitt sometimes doesn’t save the progress I make while writing in draft.

(Even though I also work with Raws)

Also I have noticed that some chapters miss like a whole part at the end of the chapters. It is weird because I always save and check the chapter before publishing, and afterwards I always view the chapter but then I see the whole chapter but a few days after I see only a part of it. Almost as if the progress didn’t save correctly.

I will always put the amount of words there are at the end of every chapter.
I will always write about 1000 words. (Cuz thats my goal)

So when you notice something wrong, like a very short chapter. Please notify me please! :D I would hate it when you guys abruptly have to stop reading.

Feedback is always welcome and if people have any ideas, feel free to tell me…
Maybe I can put it in the story! :)

Thank you so much!


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