Foundations of Infinity: Conflict of Concepts (Book 2)

By AmberIsabelleDorr All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama

Creators Day


Karma let out a long overly exaggerated dramatic sigh. He was wandering around the hedge maze on the Fate’s property, getting hopelessly lost. After about an hour he gave up, just stepping over the bushes until he made it to their front door.

The Fate Mansion was pretty cool from the outside, the architecture was nifty anyways. Inside was another story, it was all victorian themed. It reminded Karma of a house for a little old lady who never left home and talked to her plants. Seriously, it seemed like every room of the mansion had at least one aloevera or cactus. It was all just too calm and organized. Not that there was anything wrong with calm, Karma had been know to relax at a water park or go skydiving to de-stress.

But Fortune didn’t like the so called chaoticness of his treehouses, so if he wanted to spend time with her he would have to suffer the poperii and taking his shoes off at the front door. He sighed and sat on the porch swing, using his legs to gently sway him back and forth. Last night they had been with the humans on top of that shop of theirs, sitting in a circle and roasting marshmallows over the firepit, trying to relax. Eventually the humans had headed off to bed, but the Infinities stayed out all night until the sun rose.

Even Karma had been silent that morning, and he had a feeling that it was unsettling to the others. He couldn’t help it; no matter how much he wanted to crack a joke or do something stupid for the others to laugh at, nothing came to him. Today was June twelfth, Creators day.

Today the Divine Provenance wouldn’t show up with the other Creators, and the cat would be out of the bag. The other Infinities would find out what had happened and start choosing sides. A war was coming.

So of course the only logical thing to do when facing your immediate doom was to go back home and get all dolled up. At least in Fortune’s mind that made sense. Apparently she had gotten some special makeup from this boutique in Òrìsà that would stay on for a full day, no matter how many time she switched between her Abbaxa and Rouhk form. She had looked fine on the roof, so Karma didn’t really get the point of whatever she was doing, but whatever made the lady happy. How did that saying go — happy wife, happy life — or something like that. Karma always thought it would be fun to get married, just a huge party to tell everyone how much you loved someone else. Parties were great, Karma went to as many as he could. Although he usually got roped into working when he went to large get togethers, there was always at least one person who had a bright red aura.

“We should get going soon.” Chance checked his watch, pausing his dice game he was playing with Luck on the other end of the porch.

Luck nodded and looked up. “Yes, judging by the position of the colorlessness in the void it’s nearly noon.”

“Eh, the Creators don’t show up till noon thirty.”

Luck rolled his eyes. “That isn’t a real time idiot.”

“Sure it is.” Karma insisted. “Just like last night, Lust showed up and took Felix to bed at around midnight thirty.”

He saw Luck go slack jawed and clench his fists till his knuckles turned white. Karma smirked at him in response, daring him to say something.

“Can you two please not?” Chance groaned, and stood up, stretching his arms above his head. “Everyone else will want to fight us today, we can’t fight each other as well.”

Karma shrugged and pushed himself off the swing. He walked to the door and raised his hand to knock. “What is taking those girls so long?”

“Don’t pretend like you don’t take forever to get ready.” Luck grumbled.

“Well yeah, perfection like mine takes time to be maintained.”

The door swung open with a bang, hitting Karma hard in the nose.

“Ow!” He grumbled and frowned.

Demise rolled her eyes and stepped outside. “It wasn’t that hard. Stop complaining.”

“Well it hurts my feelings that you would hurt me like this Demmie. And here I thought like we were making progress in our friendship.”

Luck snorted. “You keep making a big deal about small things and no one will believe you when something bad actually happens.”

“Ah, the boy who cried wolf. Yes I know the story, I’m not completely illiterate.”

“Oh please, you only look at the pictures.”

“Brothers please,” Chance sighed and rubbed his eyes. “Just shut up.”

Karma walked over to Chance and put a hand on his shoulder, his eyebrows scrunching together in concern. It was normal for him to want to break up fights, but usually he didn’t have such an agitated undertone. “You’re exhausted. When was the last time you slept?”

Chance shook his head and pushed Karma’s hand off. “Not important, I don’t need it.”

Even Demise frowned at that. “Still, you need to take care of yourself, ya know?”

He shrugged in response. “Where’s Des?”

“My little sister did what she always does when things get tough, she ran away.”

Karma almost choked on his own saliva. “She can’t do that! Not today. We need our Dessie.”

Demise pursed her lips. “I know.”

“If Destiny can run away does this mean we don’t have to go to this part either?” Luck stood up to greet Demise and immediately tripped over his shoelaces that Karma had tied together an hour ago.

Chance shot Karma a disapproving look and shook his head. He put his hands up in surrender. “Okay okay, last one for today. Promise.”

Demise chuckled at Luck before offering a hand to help him up. “She’s still in the house, we can feel her presence. Fortune says she will take care of it and they will meet us there.

Chance looked unsure about leaving without Dessie. Karma couldn’t care less, he wasn’t dating Fortune so why should he care that he wouldn’t be going with her.

“Great. Let’s go then. Everyone ready?” Karma grabbed Demise and Chance before anyone could object.

“Like we had a choice.” Demise grumbled and glanced around to make sure she had grabbed Luck in time for him to hitch a ride. Darn, he had. Karma had hoped to leave him behind.

Creators Day was held in a club this year, one of Karma’s favorites. The Community Concept had made a bunch of colorful little flyers and posted them nearly everywhere else in Òrìsà , making sure everyone got the memo.

It was an open bar as always, Karma loved how money wasn’t a thing in Òrìsà. The power of the Creators kept everything running smoothly, letting Infinities enjoy themselves without emptying their wallets. Karma clapped his hands together and headed towards the bar, glancing back at Luck. “You may not be able to drink brother, but I plan on having a pretty darn good night. Toodles!”

He pulled up a stool and the bar started serving him a blue hawaiian with an extra cherry, complete with a cute little pink flower. Some might call the drink ‘girly’ but it tasted good. Unlike Luck, Karma drank for the taste, not to get drunk. He sipped it and smiled, the color of the drink reminded Karma of Fortune’s sparkling eyes.

Karma’s smile widened as he felt a familiar Abbaxa appear appear behind him and he waved a hand, ordering a shot of fireball as his friend slid onto the stool next to him.

“So,” Sloth grabbed the glass and drank, “is blue pineapple over with?”

Karma shook his head as his smile faded. Blue pineapple was a code word he had created with Sloth ages ago; it meant crisis, something has to belt with right away. “No. In fact I think it begins today. Have you told your concept yet?”

“Not everything, but they are on board to help. The girls were harder to convince, but once Pride gave in so did Wrath and Envy.

“Awesome possum. Got the Sin’s on my side. Now we just need every other Infinity to understand.”

“Good luck with that.”

Karma gave his friend an odd look. “Why so sarcastic?”

Sloth pushed his glasses up his nose, glancing around to make sure no one was listening in. “When I came in I heard Loyalty talking. Now everyone in that corner knows about Destiny’s scar.”

Karma glanced over to where Sloth was gesturing to. “Fortune made it! And Dessie!”

Sloth raised his eyebrows. “That’s what you care about? Not the fact that everyone is talking about the mark of Crëwr?”

“Well, Nexxis will do that to you. Demise would have a scar too, only she didn’t have a body when she was infected. What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that it takes a lot to scar an Infinity. And a scar in the shape of the mark of Crëwr means it was done by a Creator, using Nexxis. Meaning that Infinity did something wrong, broke the rules. Your friend is a creation of The Divine Provenance, her Infinities are not supposed to break the rules.”

“Oh.” If Dessie’s Abbaxa had been jacinthe, orange color, instead of purple she probably could have gotten away with it. Of course Karma was smart enough not to say that outloud where Sloth would hear him and get all offended.

“Yeah.” Sloth sounded slightly agitated, probably because he was tired of being the smartest one all the time. “Oh.”

So they knew about Dessie’s mark, wonderful. “But she was at the other two holidays this year. Why didn’t they notice then?”

Sloth sighed and rubbed his temples before ordering another drink for himself. “She is still new. She just had her Test of Classification. Nobody knows who she is. What they do know is a purple essence showed up with Fortune with the mark of Crëwr.”

Karma closed his eyes, focusing on Fortune and Dessie. “Try and hide that scar on your hand. Others are noticing.” And then, before he forgot, he sent out a message to his brothers and the Fate’s. “Slothy and his crew are on board.”

“Gret. With the sins to back us up, what could go wrong?” Luck responded sarcastically while Demise groaned rather obnoxiously.

“Yeah,” Sloth tapped the side of Karma’s head. “That’s another thing I should probably bring up.”

Karma tilted his head and blinked innocently at his friend. “Whatdoya mean?”

“Your telepathic thing.” Sloth paused a moment, waiting for Karma to understand. When he didn’t the Sin rolled his eyes and elaborated. “You might have gotten better with choosing which ones of your group you want to hear certain things. But you have spent so many years with me listening to you that you haven’t quite managed to block me out yet. Granted I only hear half of the conversation, but when you are talking to a certain blonde Fate it is enough for me to guess what is happening.I know more than I ever wanted to know about your… Private affairs.”

“Oh.” Karma nodded, finally understanding. he didn’t blush, he wasn’t ashamed of being with her. so he was disappointed that she seemed hesitant to admit there is anything there when they were out of the bedroom.

“ yeah. Oh.” probably thinking about what he heard. it wasn’t like Karma and Fortune ever said anything to dirty over mental messages, Sloth was just that much of a prude. “ I love you boomerang, but not enough to want to know every detail. Though I wouldn’t of minded you telling me first-hand. A simple “ hey I’m banging this chick that is like totally out of my league” would suffice.”

Karma huffed and crossed his arms leaning his weight on the bar table. “Jabberwock, I do not talk like that. Second, the only one out of my league is you. I can never match that brilliant brain of yours.”

Sloth looked a bit smug like that, he always did like getting credit for his work. Those humans never understood just how important Sloth is. “Well, not to brag, but —”

“Yeah right. You always like to brag about —”

“Not the point.” Sloth shook his head, though he was smiling and laughing. “Either way, Creators are showing in a few minutes. You sitting with my Concept or am I joining your gang?”

Karma loved how they were good enough friends to assume they would be together during this without having to ask. He gulped down the rest of his drink and popped the last cherry in his mouth as he stood up. “Both, it’s about time they met each other. They are already sitting close enough, we will just push their tables together.”


Fortune loved her little sisters with everything she had, but even so she wasn’t as good as dealing with them as they were with dealing with each other. Destiny was always the one to comfort Demise, and visa versa. Fortune wasn’t all that good with talking through emotions, she would rather just go destroy whatever was hurting her Concept. But there was no one to destroy today, they had already killed the Divine Provenance. So dealing with emotions it was.

Destiny had started off today with running away and hiding, as she always did when things got difficult. It wasn’t hard to find her, she almost always went to the same place in their labyrinth of a library, a hidden room behind a tapestry of the symbol of the Fate concept; a thick purple continuous line that swirled into an Infinity and ended in a spiral against a teal background.

It was difficult to convince Destiny to come out and join everyone at the holiday, but not impossible. The others had already left for Creator’s day by the time Fortune had coaxed Destiny out of the room and convinced her she had to show up today.

When they got to the club Fortune grabbed a table as far away from the small stage as possible, near the Sin Concept. She waved at Sloth and Lust as she sat down, perfect posture and back as straight as possible. Today was all about appearances. Act how everyone expected and they had a better chance of making it out in one piece.

“Fortune darling!” Fortune’s smile wavered as she heard Loyalty’s voice coming closer. Loyalty was Fortune’s longest friend and she was incredible, however she had a rather loud voice that carried halfway across the club despite the obnoxious music that was playing. “I’ve missed you! Like, your like my hashtag BFFL.”

“What in the world is a BFFL?”

Fortune almost laughed at Destiny’s comment. Her sister was learning the ways of the world, but she was still so young and new. “Best friend for life.”

“BFFL sounds so weird though.”

“Loyalty.” Fortune smiled and stood up to greet her friend with a hug. It would have been easier if Loyalty weren’t so freaking huge in every way. She was over six feet tall and had the muscles of a body builder. Her gaze was fierce and direct and she had a strong jaw. Her eyes, like Demise’s, were nearly black. Loyalty’s dark hair was cut military style. Just looking at her anyone could tell she was not someone to be messed with because she could easily take you down. “I see you have discovered the joys of social media.”

“Like toats, it’s so fab. You just need to get one so you can follow me!”

Fortune giggled and shook her head. While Loyalty’s appearance might have been more on the masculine side, her voice was anything but. High pitched to the point of being shrill, her voice would fit better with a Barbie. “I have so much work to do, I don’t think I’ll have time to learn all the internet slang.”

Loyalty shrugged and grabbed a chair, spinning it around so a leg was on either side and her arms were resting on the back. “So this must be your baby sister. Hashtag Concept goals!”

Destiny’s lips turned up as she introduced herself, but Fortune could tell the smile was forced. Loyalty was a lot to take in, she took some getting used too. Fortune caught sight of Luck and Demise heading over, but when Demise saw Loyalty was there she turned around and walked away, dragging Luck behind her. Fortune resisted the urge to roll her eyes, Demise had no place to be judging choice of friends. If anyone was weird it was that Speculation chick, always talking in riddles.

Loyalty finally caught sight of Destiny, and greeted her in a bone crushing hug. Fortune laughed, her friend didn’t know her own strength. “Careful with my sister now Loy. Destiny is shorter and less muscular than you. Heck, I think that applies for everyone in this place.”

Loyalty let Destiny go, only then seeming to realize she had lifted the Fate off her feet. At least she looked somewhat ashamed. “Sorry. I get a little excited sometimes.”

“I can tell.” Destiny gasped.

“Oh my goodness. What. Is. That?” Loyalty reached for Destiny’s left hand, trying to get a better look.

Destiny snatched her hand back and Fortune jumped between them. “It’s just a temporary tattoo she was trying out. You know, one of the ones that lasts for five changes from your Abbaxa to your Rouhk.”

Fortune was a good liar when she wanted to get out of trouble, but it wasn’t enough this time. Loyalty had already seen the mark. Her face hardened and her eyes went black, suddenly making her look a lot more threatening than before.

“That was no temporary tattoo. That was a permanent mark of Crëwr. What did your sister do?” Fortune wished Loyalty would keep her voice down, other Infinities were beginning to stare. Having the mark of Crëwr was not something to be taken lightly.

“Still here.” Destiny bit her lip. “Just saying, you can talk to me instead of about me. I exist, literally only a few feet from you.”

Loyalty paid her no mind, her gaze was only for Fortune. The eldest Fate swallowed the lump in her throat and took a step back. “What did she do?”

“Loy, do you trust me?” Fortune sure hoped so, they had been friends forever. Humans had a rule that had been scientifically proven; if you have been friends with someone for seven years of more that friendship would last forever. Well Fortune and Loyalty had been friends for seven, seventy, seven hundred years. That meant that this would have to work out right?

“How bad was it?”

“Pretty bad.”

“Well tell your sister that whatever it was, she had better hope it isn’t too awful.”

“I am still right here.” There was an undertone of annoyance to her voice. It must suck to be the youngest and have no one listen to you.

“Loyal —” Fortune tried to call after her friend, but Loyalty was already gone. Fortune took a deep breath, her lower lip trembling. She blinked back the burn in her eyes, she would not cry. This was her best friend she was talking about, there was no way Loyalty could just abandon her after everything they went through together. No, she just needed a break to calm down. Then she would come back and everything would work out. They would face this together, like they had faced so many things before.

Fortune would fight the war she knew was coming, but she would not lose her best friend.


Chance had just managed to drag Luck away from staring mournfully at Lust when he caught sight of Karma and sloth pushing some tables together. Guess the Sin’s were joining them today. Chance just hoped that Luck could hold it together in front of Demise. “Right, remember what we talked about?”

“The past is over, future yet to come, deep philosophical meaningful stuff. How could I forget?”

Chance sighed and steered his brother towards the others. “I’ll sit between you two if you want. I know how much he meant to you and —”

“Just drop it okay? You aren’t supposed to have to take care of me. I can do this.”

Chance was proud of his brother. There was a time when Luck used to be all smiles and fun times, but that part of him had died with his relationship with Lust. But he was healing, albite slowly, self-improvement was always the most important thing to Luck. They grabbed some open seats at the table; Chance across from Destiny and Luck next to Karma.

“Lick! I was wondering if you would have the guts to show!” Karma grabbed Luck in a headlock and messed up his neatly combed hair.

Luck grumbled and pushed Karma off. He might not look like he had muscles but he could be strong when he wanted. That and Karma wasn’t trying too hard to keep him still. “I told you to stop calling me that.”

“Nah, you’re my brother. This is a thing brothers do.”

“This is a thing brothers do.” Luck mocked in a rather high pitched voice while making an attractive face at Karma.

“Don’t reduplicate me! I’m offended.”

“I’m offended!” Luck seemed thrilled to finally be getting under Karma’s skin.

“Both of you!” Chance nearly yelled, interrupting Pride who was working on introducing everyone. “Just hush. Besides, the show is starting.”

The lights had all dimmed except for the spotlights that were swirling around the stage. The music had silenced, replaced by all the Infinities chanting in unision.

“Ten! Nine!” Chance glanced to Destiny first, she seemed to be trying to remember how to breath normally.

“Eight! Seven!” Fortune chanted along with everyone else, but she looked a bit uneasy.

“Six! Five!” Chance felt his own hand shaking before Destiny reached across the table to comfort them both.

“Four! Three!” Demise seemed paler than usual, though it could have just been her dramatic makeup washing all color out of her face.

“Two!” Karma sat perfectly still except for his fingers tapping against his leg.

“One!” Luck had his eyes closed and chin tilted up, as if her were praying or making a wish on an invisible star.

“Happy Creators Day!” And now the moment of truth.

They came in the same order as they always did, one after another. The Tranquil Sovereign appeared first, blooming from her usual flower as grass sprung up all over the stage. Then was The Luminary Virtuoso, a rain cloud dripped into a puddle that the Creator climbed out of, perfectly dry. A moment of silence, stillness. Then last came The Compelling Annihilator, a wisp of smoke slowly solidifying into his burnt skin and fiery hair.

The cheering had stopped, the club was dead silent. The Divine Provenance was supposed to come between The Compelling Annihilator and The Luminary Virtuoso. The Infinities waited and waited, thinking it was just Tranquil day all over and The Divine Provenance was simply late. A crash to Chance’s left brought everyone out of their trance and they all started yelling, finally realizing The Divine Provenance would not be coming.

“Oops.” Demise started to scoop the broken shards of glass up, she must have been the one to knock it off the table.

A purple Abbaxa walked up to the stage, though it did not get on. A Rouhk formed and Chance recognized her as one of the Law Concept, though he couldn’t remember which one. “What is going on here? Where is my Creator? Someone tell me! I demand it!”

A woman — tall, black, and bald — clothed in a purple and orange cloak, approached The Compelling Annihilator. Obayana shared a look with the other Creators and nodded. He couldn’t lie so he was the designated spokesperson. He gently pushed the other Infinity out of the way and looked at the one from the Law Concept. “Ziarre will not be joining us today Judgement. I am sorry to tell all of you, you will not be seeing The Divine Provenance.”

A white Abbaxa formed a short girl in a uniform and a black belt tied around her waist. Chance knew her as Martial from the Arts Concept, Karma used to be her practice dummy way back when they had a thing. “Whyever not?”

The Tranquil Sovereign had tears in her eyes and her lower lip trembled. This loss had affected her more than the others, probably because she was the Creator of family. “Ziarre will not be with us today because… well because she is dead.”

Shrieks of bewilderment and horror filled the room instantly. One Infinities voice rose above all others, he was one from the Society Concept. “Who is responsible for this?”

“Good question Change.” Winchell silenced the crowd with his voice in an instant. “We are not at liberty to say.”

Before another uproar could happen, Chance noticed Destiny moving forward through the croud. “Des, what are you doing?”

“I have to do this, I have to take responsibility.”

She jumped up on stage, between Winchell and Ajayla. “It was me. I killed Ziarre.”

“All of us.” Chance pointed to the other Fates and Coincidences. “We all took part.”

“I’m not letting you take all the blame.”

“Thank you.”

Loyalty walked straight up to Fortune and slapped her across the face. Fortune’s head whipped around from the force, Loyalty was strong. “You would dare to kill your own Creator?”

The eldest Fate looked crushed, her blue eyes shone more brightly than usual. Chance had a feeling it wasn’t just because of the slap. “We are friends Loy. Remember? Best friends. Best friends are supposed to be loyal to each other.”

“I am loyal.” Loyalty sneered, looking at Fortune like she was a bug who deserved to be squashed. “To my Creator, our mother. Because of what you did to her, you are dead to me.”

She stomped away and Fortune reached a hand out after her, as if she wanted to go after her lifelong friend. Instead she dragged Destiny off the stage and over to the corner of friends.

All the other Infinities had moved away from the back corner, giving the table Chance was at plenty of space. The six of them and the seven Sins, they didn’t stand a chance. Even then one of the Sins, Wrath, was glaring at her brother and whisper yelling at Sloth about how he should have told her what they were signing up for.

“Give them a chance to explain themselves.” A voice boomed over all the others. Chance glanced around for their defender and caught the eye of Habitat, who winked at him. Chance was suddenly thankful he had helped out that Concept on multiple occasions.

The crowd parted, leaving them a path to climb onto the stage. Destiny, Demise, and Luck seemed unable to meet the judgemental eyes of the bystanders while Fortune kept her head high and Karma just stared straight ahead. It was a relatively short walk but it seemed to take all the time in the world. Demise started humming a funeral tune quietly in everyone’s head.

The Law Concept had gathered at the base of the stage, like a jury, ready to hear their defense. There was grumbling of protest from other Infinities who didn’t want a trial, they just wanted the criminals to be dealt with.

Winchell helped them up on stage and Obayana passed them the microphone.

“Everyone be quiet.” Fortune ordered, not taking her eyes off the crowd. “Let me do the talking. We can’t mess this up and I’ve been planning this speech for a while.”

Fortune did good, Chance had to admit. She had a clear, confident voice that made others want to believe her. She must have picked up a few acting tips from Karma because she actually sounded regretful when she spoke, not like the revenge driven Infinity that she had been when she suggested The Divine Provenance should die. When she was done some the crowd seemed to be leaning toward their story. Though some of them still only cared about their actions and not the reasons, they did seem to have a few supporters.

“Well? Is this true?” A man spoke to The Compelling Annihilator, putting all his faith in the Creator of truth.

Obayana sighed and ran a hand through his fire hair, small bits of burnt skin falling off and landing near his feet. He looked so tired in that moment, as if all he wanted was for the drama to be over. “Yes Faith, they tell it as it is. It had to be done. And I helped them.”

The crowd gasped in unison, almost comically. Simultaneously all of Obayana’s Concepts put on their orange Abbaxa and moved to one side of the room. The man, Faith, kept his body so he could speak for the group. “Sometimes things work out in mysterious ways. If you believe that it was for the greater good, then we will stand behind you.”

Ziarre’s Concepts had a different idea. They took the other side of the room, glowing a fierce purple. One of them put on their bodies, giving her voice back.

“That’s Leadership.” Fortune’s voice rang out in all their heads. “She’s part of the Value Concept, one of Loyalties siblings.”

“If you expect us to rest easy knowing you killed our Creator, then you are dead wrong.”

Concepts from Ajayla and Winchell still stood in the middle of the room, torn between an impossible choice. They all started whispering to each other, deciding what side to take. No one wanted to go against their own Concept, they were trying to find something they could all agree on. They were being too wishy-washy in Chance’s opinion. Some of them could make a powerful ally, but if their heart wasn’t a hundred percent into it then what was the point? There was already a significantly less crowded than there had been to begin with, several Infinities had left to go home, not wanting to deal with a fight. But there were enough remaining to still have a decent battle.

Eventually, most of the browns when to join the oranges and most of the whites went to the side of the purples. Chance, Luck, and Karma all stiffened. Now both the Fates and the Coincidences would be up against Infinities of their own Creator.

One Infinity was left in the center, the tall woman with the orange and purple robe. Demise narrowed her eyes skeptically, a smile half forming on her lips. The Infinity turned to her purple Abbaxa and stepped to the side of their supporters. “Good ol’ Specky. I knew I could count on you.”

An orange Infinity put on his Rouhk and addressed the crowd in a gravely voice. “So this is what it has come to. It seems we have no choice, a war must happen.”

Chance tried to laugh it off as he stepped off the stage to clap the guy on the back, though he knew he sounded more awkward than anything. “Now hold up just one moment. That’s a little rash, don’t you think? I mean what’s done is done, no point fighting about it now, right?”

“I think Necessity has a point. This war is unavoidable.” A man with dark hair and broad shoulders was formed from a purple Abbaxa.

Necessity grinned, a cold look in his eyes as he glared across the gap in the room. “For once Honor, I must agree.”

A white Abbaxa slung a drum around its neck and began playing the same tune Demise had been humming earlier. The drums of war.

The Infinities began putting on their Rouhk’s and started shouting insults at each other and raising fists. Chance watched half in horror, half in awe. He had known from the beginning there would be some sort of fight, and even The Compelling Annihilator had warned them of the consequences from using the Azarze. Even so, Chance could hardly believe how quickly everyone had decided what side to choose.

With all the commotion it was hard to make out any one Infinities voice, but Chance could still hear the Creators whispering behind him.

“I hope they don’t expect us to participate in this little quarrel.” Ajayla seemed uncomfortable, Chance could see her twiddling her thumbs.

“We won’t.” Obayana patted her shoulder reassuringly. “No more fighting for us, not anymore. We have lost enough Creators as it is.”

“Ironic, isn’t it?” Though he was blind, Winchell looked around the club like how an artist would watch a wildfire, trying to find the perfect blend of colors to accurately paint the pain. “You two who were most hurt by a loss of a Creator are the ones whose Concept’s think it’s for the best.”

“We agreed not to talk about her anymore.” Obayana huffed and Chance could hear footsteps, as if The compelling annihilator was planning on leaving the stage.

“Pause!” A woman shouted, shutting up the commotion and redirecting all eyes to her. “This is a waste of time. We can’t have a war now.”

Finally someone had some common sense. Chance’s faith in Infinities was starting to be restored but was shattered again when a man walked up and joined the woman, nudging her out of the spotlight.

“The Divine Provenance wouldn’t want this. This is chaos. We need order. And time to prepare. We shall meet on the battlefield on August eighth, Divine Day. We will fight then in honor of our fallen Creator. Whoever wins the battle will have been right about this ordeal.”

The woman nodded. “That’s more than fair. All in favor?”

It was silent for a moment and then everyone seemed to agree and shot their hands up.

Fortune shook her head. “leave it to Ziarre’s Infinities to plan the actual date of the war.”

Demise agreed. “I knew there was a reason I was never a fan of the Logic Concept.”

At least with the date set most Infinities seemed content to leave the club and get on with their jobs. The humans still needed them after all. Chance left too, grabbing on to Destiny who had grabbed hold of Fortune. Chance didn’t see what happened to the others. All he knew was that the truth was out and a war was in motion, and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

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