Foundations of Infinity: Conflict of Concepts (Book 2)

By AmberIsabelleDorr All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama



With the Fate Concept and the Coincidence Concept working together, they made quick work of moving everyone from the mansion to the field below the treehouses. Karma agreed almost instantly that his house would be better for pretending to be a warzone. Luck didn’t seem to care one way or another. In fact the only one who was bothered and protested was Chance, and that was probably only because he didn’t like fighting in the first place.

So here they stood, all six of them, near the base of the biging h tree and facing all the Infinities who had decided to fight with them. It was silent, everyone was staring as if they expected a speech of some sort. Karma was used to all eyes on him, but usually when that happened he was on a stage and knew lines that he had spent memorizing for ages. Improv was fun in front of a small group, but he was no good with this many.

“Ereyesterday a huge thing happened. You all know that. The whole death of a Creator, choosing sides, impending doom—”

“Get on with it!” Ah yes, Karma could always count on Sloth so intervene before he made things worse.

“Thanks bae.”

“I thought we agreed. Never again. I don’t do those kinds of nicknames.”

“Anyways,” Karma gestured to Luck, “We have a few rules. Take it away Lick!”

Luck sent his brother a glare, but otherwise ignored the insulting name. He waved his hand and the spiraling stairs around the trunk that were carved into the big tree disappeared, filling in with bark. The branches of the big tree didn’t start until way above the tops of the regular trees, now it was impossible to get to the treehouses. “Rule number one: my things are not your things. No snooping.”

Surprisingly enough Chance had a command for the others as well. “Rule number two: the forest is off limits. No one is to enter.” He waved his hand and a tall iron fence built itself around the cluster of trees to the right, blocking them off.

“Rule three: have fun!” Karma clapped his hands together excitedly, getting over his unusual stage fright. He pointed to the edge of the property, making everyone turn around. A line of brightly cabins were under construction, popping up within seconds. Karma always was amazed by how the power of Òrìsà always complied to an Infinities demands. “Housing is thatta way, first come first serve. All identical, no need to squabble over them.”

“Cabins? Like for long term stay?” Chance tried not to look bothered by this, though his inner voice was telling a different story.

Luck, though he seemed to hate the idea of siding with Karma, came to his brothers rescue. “Unless you’d rather waste precious time dragging them here every day. Or telling them your real names, but that’s too dangerous. It’s more practical to just leave them here.”

Karma tried to hide his smile unsuccessfully. Finally, Luck was warming up to him. It was just a small thing, but the fact that he had sided with him at all made Karma unbelievably happy. Before Luck could notice and take it back, Karma turned his thoughts to Fortune. “Anything to add before they go their separate ways?”

She loved to be in control, Karma knew that firsthand. Even if it was just saying some meaningless rule, it would give Fortune the illusion that everything was going according to plan. She addressed the crowd, her voice echoing off the surrounding trees. “To answer Lust’s question from earlier; you all start your training now. But just because this is our fault,” she gestured to the six of them, “does not mean it is our job to teach you anything. You will be in charge of training yourselves. All clear?”

There was a grumbling of protests amongst some of them, but eventually they all agreed and split off into pairs or groups. It would take effort, but things could work out.

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