Foundations of Infinity: Conflict of Concepts (Book 2)

By AmberIsabelleDorr All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama

Pep Talk


Luck had suggested they give the other Infinities fighting with them some motivation to try harder. They had come to a compromise with Demise agreeing to tell them what was going on in Ineôcâ with the humans, but pep talks weren’t really her strongest suit.

When they returned to the Coincidence’s land, Demise followed Luck up to the big tree in the center. He made some of the spiraling stairs regrow from the trunk, just enough so that they could climb and be tall enough to be seen. Demise hardly had time to cover her ears before Luck blew an air horn, successfully gathering the attention of all their team members.

“Okay losers, listen up!” Demise hollered when everyone had gathered around. “We were doomed from the beginning, but now even more so.”

“Ease up, you don’t tell your army there is no hope.”

“Even if it’s true?”

“Especially if it’s true.”

“The human’s lives are falling apart without us there to influence them. So we need to train hard in the time we have left. That is all.” Before Demise could walk down and join the others, a man and little girl started jogging up the steps.

“No offense dear child, but that speech was most dreadful. Would you mind if we gave it a go?” The man asked.

Demise recognised the man, they had a long history. With his salt and pepper hair, neatly shaved face, and black priest robes, who else could it be except Faith? He was older than Demise, but not by enough for him to call her a child. He had asked her from the beginning to repent to her Creator for her Test of Classification, believing that a mere apology would be enough to chance the Divine Provenance’s mind. She had done her best to avoid him, but one way or another he always managed to bump into her.

“Be my guest.” Thank goodness that was all he wanted. Demise pushed past him on her way down the stairs, giving him the ‘stage’ to make an ‘appropriate’ speech.

Faith nudged the girl, urging her to speak. Her Rouhk looked to be no more than seven, but Demise knew better than to judge age based on looks. She had dark hair pulled into two braids, had a rather large gap between her front teeth, and wore overalls.

“I’m Hope! This is Faith!” She greeted the crowd with a toothy smile. Oh Kouva no, she was way too cheerful. Make her stop talking. “You all have done so great! I have seen so much improvement! Just keep up the hard work and we can do this!” She punched the air triumphantly, as if she had accomplished a great feat by saying those few words.

Faith whispered a word of congratulations in her ear. “We still have plenty of time to get better, so don’t stress. Just work hard and keep praying.”

“As if.” Demise nearly snorted, pleased that she had gotten Luck to smile as well.

“We will win! Good guys always win!” Hope cheered and ran down the steps, hugging her twin brother who was waiting for her at the bottom.

Good guys always win, that’s what all the books and movies taught children. This wasn’t a fairytale though, this was real life. In real life not everything was as easy as good or bad, it was more complicated than that. Everyone was doing the right thing in their own heads, fighting for what they believed to be true.

Faith and Hope seemed to know what they were doing though, the crowed cheered and went back to practicing. Maybe it wasn’t that much of a lost cause after all.

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