Foundations of Infinity: Conflict of Concepts (Book 2)

By AmberIsabelleDorr All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama

Annihilation Day


Per Fortune’s orders the newest unnamed Fate was to be stuck home alone watching training videos today. The youngest sister didn’t know anything about the drama with the Creators, there was no need to tell her. And Fortune was dead set on protecting her as long as possible.

Demise always looked forward to November twenty third, Annihilation day was always entertaining. Findias was Demise’s favorite out of all the Creator lands in Òrìṣà. Falias just seemed to be showing off too much, Muirias was totally outside her element, and Goirias was a tad boring.

When everyone arrived in Findias, Demise couldn’t help but smile a little as she tied her hair up out of her face. She was seriously considering what Specky had said about the Pool of Perfection, if only to make her hair less of an annoyance.

Findias was simple, as far as lands in Òrìṣà tended to be. It could have passed for a place in Ineôcâ, if you didn’t look too close. There was a forest with tall thin trees that grew dense the further you traveled into it. Just outside the forest was a vast lake with a reflection of the full moon shimmering on it’s surface despite there not being a moon in the sky. On the beach were several campfires already started blazing away.

Demise led her sisters to the campfire where Luck and his brothers had saved them some seats. It would have been ideal for it to just be the six of them; but each fire had four log benches surrounding it that could hold four bodies each. So Karma sat with Sloth, Survival, and Wrath. On the one across from him sat Luck, Demise joined him and saved the other two spots for Specky and Gender when they showed up. Destiny joined Chance who was with one of the hippies from the Environment Concept. Fortune sat on the last bench with two Infinities Demise didn’t know.

“Oh my gosh!” Oh god no. No no no. Why? Of all the infinities to come prancing over, why did Fortune have to be friends with that one? Demise would never, ever, understand why Loyalty and Fortune hit it off so well. “Fortune! Bestie! We are totes sitting together.”

“Oh Jesus.” Demise groaned. Oh well, as long as Loyalty stayed away Demise could try to ignore her.

“Where? The guy owes me two camels.”

Demise turned to face Luck with a look of astonishment. After a moment of him not giving any indication that he was joking, Demise shook her head. “Are you serious?”

Luck shrugged and glanced over to Chance. “I was a gambler back in the day. Who did you think tought him to play poker?”

Demise rolled her eyes and tried to repress a chuckle. “Well depending how lucky you are, we might have to take a trip to Vegas.”

Luck smiled, his green eyes sparkling in the firelight. “Count me in. This weekend work for you?”

Demise pursed her lips and looked between her sisters. It was supposed to be Demise’s job to do lessons for the newest Fate this weekend. Hopefully Destiny wouldn’t mind covering for her. “Sure, why not?”

“Don’t mind me, I just saw an extra seat.” It was that new Infinity Destiny had been talking to lately. His name was C, or some other ridiculous letter.

A memory flashed across Demise’s mind, something about Chance punching him right in the face. Even though demise knew that had never happened, the daydream did lift her spirits a little.

Destiny smiled up at him, her face nearly as red as her hair. “Yeah, sure. Whatever you want T. You are always welcome.”

T pushed Chace out of the way to sit by Destiny, even though there was an empty seat to her right. “Good, because I plan to stay a while.”

Demise couldn’t help it, she groaned out loud. “Don’t tell me you are planning on being a permanent member of our group.”

T glanced around the campfire at each disapproving look ~ even from Infinities like Sloth that they hardly ever saw ~ and smirked like it didn’t bother him one bit. “Tiny and I have a special connection. I wouldn’t expect any of you to understand that.”

Demise watched as Chance visibly tensed at that, turning slowly to face T head on. Normally Demise avoided drama, she wasn’t a theatre nerd like Karma, but this directly affected a member of her Concept. It seemed to take a tremendous effort for Chance to keep his voice polite. “How well do you really know her?”

“Does it matter? You lost your chance, she belongs to me now.” He held her tight, showing he wouldn’t let go easily.

Fortune snapped at that, nobody was going to treat her sister like that. “Listen to him sister. You can’t keep letting him talk to you as if you are an object.”

Destiny squirmed under all the eyes around the fire, caught between her friends or some guy she wanted to jump her. “He probably didn’t mean it like that…”

“You are defending him?” Luck gaped at her. The guy had made him uneasy from the get go. Demise remembered a side comment from Luck a few weeks back when he said T was more than he let on, watch out for him.

T smiled and Destiny relaxed, apparently comforted by this. “It was an honest mistake. Oops.”

Demise glared daggers at him. “Apologize to my sister C, or else —”

“It’s T, not C. What would my name even be if it was C?”

“Oh I’ll give you a C name that is fairly accurate for you.” Demise stood up and started charging at him, only to be held back by Loyalty. Demise was fairly strong, but she was no match for the body builder type Loyalty. That Infinity was a beast. After a few seconds of intense glaring, Demise gave up struggling and sat down, though Loyalty stayed standing in front of her just in case.

“Holy shi—”

“Mmering flames!” Fortune cut off Karma — how dare he try and say such words in front of her younger sisters — even though she had jumped along with the rest of them.

There, in the center of the fire, was the Compelling Annihilator’s face, his hair blending in with the rest of the flames. Looking around at all the other fires, his face was in all of them. Demise glanced to the edge of the beach where the Creator sat alone, his hands cupped to hold a small fire, reflecting it to every pit in Findias.

Obayana wasted no time with small talk, he got right to the point. “Findias is my land, the land of truth. Truth is a special thing. No one has escaped it, no one can resist it.”

His voice was deep as always, but it sounded healthier than it did before. No more wheezing like smokers often did. That transformation on Creator’s Day must have done so much more for the Creators than anyone realized.

“As the Creator of Truth, it is my duty to tell you all some unpleasant things.”

“Don’t do it you philalethist. Don’t do it.” Karma really needed to work on his whispering skills. Demise could hear him perfectly and he was clear across the fire from her!

“You going to be okay? I don’t blame you if you say no.”

Demise shot Luck a small smile and patted his knee. “I think so, thanks. It had to happen eventually, so let’s just get this over with.”

“Couldn’t agree more.”

The crackling fire and burning embers suddenly seemed to grow cold, no longer providing the heat and comfort a fire should. Or maybe it was just nervousness, yeah, let’s go with that. Obayana was quck to explain the situation to everyone, he took less than a minute to cover the basics. Ziarre went bonkers, she was killed by the Fate and Coincidence Concepts, she came back, this is where we are now.

Dead silence followed. Even the lake, which had been splashing a few feet onto the beach, seemed to still itself in anticipation.

Loyalty broke the silence after a minute, her voice an annoying octave higher than her usual screech. “You did WHAT to MY CREATOR?!?”

Without blinking Loyalty reached into the fire and grabbed a long stick with a decently sharp edge and held it against Fortune’s throat. Fortune went pale instantly. Yes, an Infinity could heal their body easily by switching from Rouhk form to Abbax; but if the body died before they had time to heal then the Rouhk would be gone forever. If Loyalty’s hand were to twitch, she would cut Fortune’s carotid artery and that would be it. “Loy, please. You are my friend. My best friend. You’re supposed to be loyal to me.”

“I am loyal. To my Creator. SHE is the one who gave us life. SHE is our mother. And YOU killed her!”

Apparently something about what Fortune said about friendship struck Loyalty and made her change her mind. In the blink of an eye she had taken her smoldering stick away from the eldest Fate’s throat and threw it towards Demise. She hardly had time to process what was happening before Luck jumped in front of Demise. Loyalty had thrown with enough force that the stick completely impaled him, the pointy part ripping through his spinal cord and barely touching Demise’s belly.

Demise caught him in her arms as he sank to the ground, not caring about the blood. One second felt like ten. Her stomach dropped and her mouth went dry. She could feel her hands shaking and knew her palms were probably sweaty. Demise knew this feeling, she had experienced it enough. When she was buried in Pompeii, when the nightmares plagued her sleep, when they went to the bottom of the ocean. This was fear, in it’s most pure and unyielding form.

Luck glanced down at the stick and back up to Loyalty. “Well that’s fair, I suppose.”

“Brother,” Karma had ran over instantly, reaching Luck before even Chance. He gripped the edge of the stick as firmly as he could despite it being slick with blood. “Theatrics are my thing, not yours. Change as soon as you can.”

Demise held his body while Karma pulled on the stick. It was a longer process than Demise would have liked. As soon as the log started coming out the bleeding got worse. Demise couldn’t help but think of the worst case scenario. A flash of white and Luck was back, completely healed.

Luck snatched the bloody stick from Karma and turned to Loyalty. “Did you want this back or can I keep it?”

Demise hardly ever showed physical affection in public, PDA just wasn’t her thing. Though, all things considered, she didn’t care at the moment. She was just glad her Luck was okay. Without hardly thinking about it she pushed Karma out of the way and threw her arms around the Coincidence, making him drop the stick in the sand. It was a fast hug, Demise sat down quickly after and avoided eye contact with everyone.

Luck and Karma stood facing each other for a moment in silence. Luck was rubbing at his stomach, still slightly in shock of how quickly things had escalated. “You called me brother.”

“Yeah, so?” Karma picked up the stick and handed it back before wiping the blood on his dark pants.

“So you haven’t called me that sense Memory Lane.”

“Shut up Lick.” Karma’s words didn’t hold as much venom as they usually did when he addressed his brother. “Just because we don’t get along anymore doesn’t mean I want you dead.”

The corner of Luck’s mouth twitched up in a smile, and a second later Karma’s face copied the movement. They nodded at each other and went back to their original seats.

“What’s done is done, no use fighting about it now. Ziarre is back, that’s what counts.” The Compelling Annihilator had apparently been watching them from his place on the beach, because his face in the fire shook his head. Demise let go of Luck quickly and tDemise had nearly forgotten he was there. His face flickered before the fire went back to just a regular fire.

There were murmurs and complains throughout the beach and forest, but no other attacks broke out. Apparently the other Infinities agreed to some degree. Besides, they all had jobs with the humans in Ineôcâ, they couldn’t just quit that. Demise wasn’t as close to the Tavera’s as some of the others, but even she didn’t want to think about what would happen to Felix and Lilian if Infinities were to abandon their posts for prolonged periods of time.

The atmosphere in Findias was tense for about an hour as the news digested in the minds of everyone. Simultaneously they all decided it was time to go, and Findias was cleared within minutes.

Unfortunately the end of Annihilation Day didn’t mean the end of C. When Demise arrived at home, he and Destiny were on the front porch swing. They were sitting grossly close to each other, Destiny was practically on his lap.

Demise had had enough today, the last thing she was going to deal with was some random Infinity trying to get in her little sisters pants. She stomped over and practically ripped her sister from C’s grip. “You need to leave. Get off our property.”

“Woah, chill. No need to get all feisty, I can take a hint. See you soon babe.” He laughed like Demise’s glare didn’t bother him, and that just made her glare harder. He took his sweet time walking to the edge of the property through the hedge maze.

As soon as he was out of earshot Demise turned to her sister and shook her roughly by the shoulders. “What is wrong with you? You took him to the house without anyone’s permission!”

Destiny was very clearly avoiding eye contact as she took Demise’s hands off her. “I couldn’t help it. He invited himself over, I couldn’t say no. I don’t get what the big deal is.”

“The big deal? The big deal? Destiny you can’t just do that.” He knew the exa ct location of their house now. Demise took a deep breath, she knew she didn’t want to end up saying something she would regret to her favorite sister. At least she wasn’t a fool enough to tell him her real name.

Destiny glanced at her sister through her bangs, her brown eyes bright with tears of regret. “You… you won’t tell Fortune will you?”

“Course not. You don’t deserve to be grounded over this.”Demise shook her head and brought her sister in for a hug. She spared a glance to the gates, just to make sure he really was gone. “Get inside, you are scheduled to teach today. It’s been three months and I don’t think you have even introduced yourself to her yet.”

Destiny nodded and pulled away, reaching for the door. “Hey Demise?”



Demise smiled and nodded. Her sister had always been there for her, it was the least she could do. “Any time ’Lil Bit.”

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