Foundations of Infinity: Conflict of Concepts (Book 2)

By AmberIsabelleDorr All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama



It had taken quite a while to get these results. Alas, after several tries and fails, he had managed to find a solution that would work for the time being. Some thanks should be given to Deja Vu, he was useful through this whole ordeal. As for the other three… well they were all but useless. But they hadn’t screwed up yet, so the Initiator would keep them around until they became inconvenient.

Bringing Ziarre back was the only way to resolve the conflict between Infinities and make sure the humans were restored to their original health. Yes it would raise questions with the Infinities and probably with the Creators as well, but that was a relatively small price to pay. Hopefully they would all just consider it to be a miracle and move on with their lives. Besides, the universe relied on a careful balance. If they got all bent out of shape about Ziarre, then they were in for a shock at what had to happen next.

Either way, what’s done is done. At least sometimes that’s how it worked out, there were a few instances where things would have to be edited. For now it was an ideal situation, if that changed later then arrangements could be arranged. That could always wait though, as for now Deja Vu had earned some vacation time. The Initiator felt compelled to relax a bit as well, but last time he slacked off the humans broke into the second World War.

The Initiator loved those humans, such small beings capable of so much. He hated watching them destroy each other, but he knew it must happen. It was the path the Earth had chosen, he must let it run it’s course. Besides, it took out enough bodies to lower the threat of overpopulation.

Yes, out of all the Initiator’s experiments the humans were by far his favorite. It had taken a while to get them perfect, there were lots of failed attempts where they strongly resembled an ape, but that’s not important. Humans were exciting Unlike Infinities ~ who were all made from one of four Creators and all impeccably similar ~ there were millions of humans coming from billions of other humans. There was so much room for improvement.

The Initiator had tried to improve the human’s himself at first, he did a few tests with an ordinary man, but that hadn’t turned out so well. It took him a few years to perfect his theory. That and a couple new brains to help him out. Deja Vu of course, and the other three. They had created the first Barzakh. The next human they tried to alter, a woman, worked a little too well. When they sent her through the Barzakh she ended up being hardly human at all.

Human souls should not be twisted in such a way, Deja Vu and the Initiator both saw it. But the other three didn’t, they just saw an opportunity for progress and got more than a little carried away.

The only option was to kick the three out of his entourage, they couldn’t be trusted. They were smart when they all worked together though and they had been working with the Initiator for centuries. They knew all his tricks, enough to know to run before they got caught. He found and destroyed most of the Barzakh’s, but the Initiator had yet to find the three.

Maybe it was because they were clever Infinities, maybe it was because the Initiator was lonely; but they had convinced him twice after all that to let them back in and he had accepted. No more of that, next time the Initiator saw those three they would pay for all they had done to the humans.

Either way, there were other things to worry about at the moment.

Throughout Ineôcâ the humans continued to live their carefree lives. The Infinities in Òrìṣà went about their usual business. The Creators celebrated in Crëwr for both the return of Ziarre and their restored glory. For the moment all dimensions existed in harmony. Good, let them have this time of peace.

The Initiator went to Quiçia, the dimension he had all to himself. From there he could see everything that was or is to be. Images flashed around too fast for a human or even a Creator to comprehend. In Quiçia the Initiator could tell what was done and what still needed to be.

He was, in many ways, like the Fate Concept. Or at least Deja Vu had mentioned that once, but he didn’t know the half of it. The Fates lived in the moment, doing small side jobs to keep things in line. It was the Initiator who made sure the roads led to the right destination.

The dimensions and all the beings were at peace for the time being, though that could change at any given moment. The Initiator would have to stay in Quiçia to keep a vigilant eye on everything else. There was always something that had to be changed. There was always work to be done.

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