Foundations of Infinity: Conflict of Concepts (Book 2)

By AmberIsabelleDorr All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama



Fortune wasn’t at all surprised when they reached the Tranquil Sovereign and the Creator acted like they had never met. The eldest Fate couldn’t imagine the pain of losing her longest friend, Loyalty. So she totally understood when Ajayla greeted them the same as everyone else and sent them on their way. She noticed her little sister Destiny looked a little disappointed about it, but said nothing. She was most likely just nervous about facing a Creator so soon after they had killed Ziarre.

Fortune smiled sadly, it broke her heart to see her Concept in distress. Destiny was the perfect height for Fortune to comfortably give her youngest sister a one-armed hug. “It’ll be okay sister, just wait and see. There is always hope that things will work out.”

Destiny gave her sister a half smile and Fortune was pleased, she loved making things better. Considering how dull and sort of sad her existence had been before her Test of Classification, she was grateful everyday to have two perfect little sisters to watch over and protect from the harm of the world.

Someone was whistling nearby, causing the group the whip their heads around. Fortune knew what it meant instantly, she had been wolf-whistles at plenty of times just from walking down the street. Though it pissed her off, she generally ignored it and kept moving. She had nothing to fear from turning down those disgusting pigs, if they chased her she could just disappear and make sure bad fortune happened to find them. Of course, no matter what she did, they never seemed to learn a lesson and they continued to make the same mistake day after day. She was used to hearing this from human’s, not so much from Infinities. Typically Infinities had more respect for a living person, but apparently not this one.

Fortune pushed their group forward, not wanting her sisters to be a part of this. She knew Demise was probably all too familiar with perverts, from watching people hit on other people of course not from being hit on herself; but Destiny was still a sweet innocent thing, and Fortune was trying to make sure her little sister didn’t get corrupted.

“Hey,” Karma laughed, pointing the guy out to Luck. “Remember when you used to dress like that?”

Luck shuddered. “I’ve been trying to forget. Worst mistake ever.”

“Even worse that that time you licked-”

“Shut up.”

He persisted though, and even started following them after a minute. He was an Infinity with basketball shorts, knee high socks, clean white sports shoes, and a backwards basketball cap. Fortune knew his type; though his face could be considered attractive to some, he was up to no good. “Hey, babe with the red hair, do you own a chicken farm? Because you sure know how to raise a -”

Karma gasped and covered Destiny’s ears before she could hear the rest of his sentence. Fortune turned around, outraged, and stalked towards the Infinity, Chance, Demise, and Luck at her sides while Karma was still protecting cute little Destiny.

“How DARE you? That is my SISTER you tool!” Fortune got all up in his face, glaring menacingly at him.

“That isn’t how you talk to a lady. No, scratch that. That isn’t how you talk to anybody.” Luck didn’t raise his voice, but there was a clear underlying threat in his tone.

Demise said nothing, she just stood a few feet away glaring at him with those black eyes of hers. She was more menacing that way. Some hair had come undone from her hair tie, falling to cover her face. For once Fortune was thankful for Demise’s looks and beamed at her little sister. Chance gently put a hand on Fortune’s shoulder and she moved out of the way. If anyone deserved the opportunity to hurt this guy it was Chance, considering everything he had done for Destiny recently.

“Normally I don’t like to fight, but,” he punched the Infinity as hard as he could in the throat, causing him to gag probably on blood. “You made me make an exception.”

Karma skipped up to them, his arm looped around Destiny’s as he dragged her along. “Yes well that was very fun to watch. But look at the crowd, we should get going.”

Fortune glanced around, just to be sure, she didn’t mistrust Karma or anything. Indeed he was right, there were a few Infinities and Abbaxa’s that had gathered to see if anyone else would throw a punch. Normally Fortune didn’t mind attention, but today was not one of those days. “Old Stuff?”

The others nodded and they went to the familiar roof.

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