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Dare To Make A Difference

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Tracy is born into a family of doctors, both parents are doctors, elder brother a doctor and a little sister also a doctor but she decided to trend different path regardless her parents deprecation.Tracy had relationship phobia and has never been in relationship for the past 25years until she finally met Daniel a business tycoon who also vowed never to be in relationship again due to unsuccessful relationship experiences in the past. Let's dive into the story and find out how Tracy delt with her family and Daniel.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter One

It's not the number of people you know, that matters. It's about the people ready to pull-up when you need them.

Your uncle can be the president and you will remain unemployed.

What you can do for yourself Matters. Be your own star.


Tracy looked into her watch, and It's exactly 3pm.
She shutdown her computer.
She stood up, adjust the
dress on her body perfectly well. She removed her jacket behind the serta chair, and put it on. She released her long blonde hair from ponytail position, making it falls and sleeps on her shoulders, down her back.
She shook her head vigorously, using her hand to
brush through her-hair together to fit.

She picked up her handbag,
and some few documents on
the table, together with some files. She grabbed her car keys and, making sure nothing was left behind, walked out of the office.

She forgot to take her laptop.
She returned to the office to pick up the laptop.

She entered and realized it was left opened and on, she dropped the stuff in her hand onto the table, and quickly pressed the power button to shutdown the laptop.

She sat beside to make sure the laptop is completely shutdown, before she put it inside its bag. As she seated patiently waiting for her laptop to shutdown, the office line rang and she picked up, but the line dropped and she puts the cellphone down.
The phone rang again, and the line dropped again.
This happened continuously for three times repeatedly.
After she put down the cellphone for the third time, unable to connect with the caller, the laptop was ready to go with. She quickly put it in its bag, grabbing the previous stuff from the table,and walked out of the office, down to her P.A office. She asked her to cancel all her appointments for tomorrow, she wouldn't be available in the office for work or meet anybody.

'I have some business to take care of tonight'. She said to her P.A.

"Okay ma'am". The P. A said and nodded.
The P.A helped her with the files, the laptop bag and the handbag she carried on her hands.

'In case Mr. Andy showed up looking for me, tell him to call me tomorrow morning at 9am. The offer and proposals is a plus for our company, prioritizing a big win for our company and, we have nothing to lose. This is exigency requirements.
Maybe I could meet him home or coffee shop, since he said the deadline for the contract is next week, and apparently, we are in the middle of the week.
We can't afford to miss this opportunity'.

'But ma'am, tomorrow is the day with Mr.Gordon appointment. Tomorrow makes the 7th times, he's booking an appointment with you'. The P.A interjected.

'I'm sorry about
7th times disappointment.
If whatever he wants to see me for is very important, then he must keep pushing harder and never give up. We don't give up on most important things until we succeed'.
Tracy simpered and smirked.

They walked towards the elevator.
The elevator door opened.
They both entered and the door closed.
They conversed inside the elevator, and after some
few minutes and seconds, they are out of the elevator, to the car park and into her car.

Tracy opened her Mercedes benz, the very latest in town obviously.
The P.A opened the back seat door puts her handbag, the files and the laptop on the back seat, and closed the door gently.
Tracy sat in her car and started to drive away.
The P.A walked to the front door, with a gentle knock on the glass.
Tracy rolled down the glass softly, with her attention on her to hear her-out.

'So when should I book the next appointment with the clients especially Mr. Gordon?'
We would reschedule and set different dates, but it mustn't be this week please.
Answered Tracy.

"Okay ma'am" The P. A said.

'And, yeah.
Tell the communication department to fix my line,
and find out who was try to get in touch with me earlier and update me. I think there's some technical issues with my line'. Tracy said.

'Okay ma'am".
Bye ma'am.

Enjoy the rest of day. Tracy said.
She reversed her car and drove off. She drove through the highway, stopping at every necessary traffic point.
She tune up to her favorite music play station, to enjoy her drive as always.

A little background.
Tracy is 25years with
two siblings an elderly brother and a
little sister.
Her dad is cardiologist, mom was pediatrician.
Yes, was!
Her mom died a year ago.
God loves her the most, and decided to call her up. Believers and
Christianity will say.
But religion can't emphasize that enough.

James her elderly brother is a plastic surgeon, parents decision obviously.
And Erica her little sister had always maintained a servile attitude.
I mean, she had always wanted to be like mom, thus, become a pediatrician.
She had saved her parents the stress of "child rights denial"
Or should I say supposedly "imposing"

So, ahead of the plan knowing her parents would opprobrium whatever she decided on, she already bought the idea of becoming pediatrician. That's just stress reliever, no imposition sound coming from parents. Of course, had she chosen another field, her parents
will definitely disagree with her.

When we obey our parents, it makes them proud and happy, I mean, it's obvious everyone would be happy if you honor his or her decision wholeheartedly, without argufying endlessly, and,
that's every parents wish for their children. But that is another phylogenetic no parent is ever ready to adapt to, obviously not with Tracy's parents.

I mean they were so old fashioned, living in outmoded, and outdated philosophies, and failed to see the beautiful reality that lies in the future. When children are allowed to explore their fantasies, and do whatever they wished to do, and become. What they're heart so desired. That beautiful field they'd slay in effortlessly and would make them in reality like lyrics of ever-fading-ever-ending song.
Rhythm of life in paradise.

Children are designed to test limits, and parents' role is to guide the children, and help the child make sense of the world around them and that is just, and right.
Other than that, parents don't know what the future holds. And we can't predict just what technologies, and
what skills, would be needed in the future,when these children are grown.

This is why, as a parent or parents, you don't have to impose the course your child should read. Protect the child and guide the child to make the right decision, and then just get out of the child's way and let your child explore things.

Your knowledge, and your experience, should allow you to pay the bills and enable the child to have access to tools such as education and some extracurricular activities, but other than that, you should be powerless to help out, with the future. Because you can't predict it.

Don't let your child be like you but let your child be better off than you.

"Children obey" your parents doesn't mean sacrifice your future, and live a life full of regret for the rest of your life.

Only youngsters like Tracy, are bold enough to break the rules, and propel innovation.
Tracy exhibits these
qualities, and has proven that the world is advancing and children should be allowed to explore their fantasies.

Although it is their parents
desire, to see their children
grow up, to become doctors just like them.
It is not in their thesis to change the
innermost nature and instinct openly.
Especially when you have that burning desire
in you, to let your dream come true and see your
imaginations turn into reality.

James and Erica blatantly embraced their parents
decision obviously because they wanted to.
They followed their parents footsteps but not with

Tracy is a different package altogether, and she had decided to trend different path, regardless
her parents deprecation.

Tracy choose her own career. After college graduation, she shifted her career to
business spheres.

She's having greater value and desirability in
business over
Working on human wellbeing. She own one of the
biggest companies, in the country, and she's currently one of the biggest, and most successful business
woman, in the country at the moment.

Her willingness to take full responsibility for her wins,
and losses in her business and life, has helped her use everything for her growth.

Rather than getting stuck
with blaming her parents
or situations for any perceived setbacks.
Already she dared to
challenge her parents deprecation, and follow her own career.
So she invested everything to prove herself worth her decision.
Of course with the help and support of her parents.
Oh yeah!

Her parents once threatened to disown her, if she didn't go back to school, when she decided to quit schooling, and go onto business directly.

But that was the right thing, and the best they could have done, to put her on track, and get her back in school.

But parents can't repudiate any connection, or identification with your child. Just because you think what might be the best for her is what you think .

Children should be allowed, to utilize their talent, rather than imposing motives.

About an hour drive, she arrived home.
She pressed the gate button inside her car and, automatically, the gate opened.
She drove into her garage
and parked her car.

She stretched her hand to the back seat and grabbed her bag, laptop and files.
She got down, closed her car and locked it up.

She walked into the main entrance, dropped the laptop and the file on the floor, puts her hand into her bag, removed her keys and opened the door.
After opening the door, she picked up the stuff from the floor, and walked inside.
She dropped her stuff on the couch, walked back to the door, removed the keys from the front door, and put in side, locking herself indoors.

She came back, picked up her handbag, leaving the rest of the things on the couch, walk upstairs into her bedroom.
She entered her bedroom, puts her bag on the bed, sat down to remove her shoes.

She removed one shoe, and her phone rang.
She quickly opened her bag, but the call ended before she could reach the phone.

She puts the phone on the bed, and continued to undress herself.
After she undressed herself, she wrapped a towel around her chest. She wore her shower cap, and flip-flop head into the washroom, to shower herself up. She wiped the make up off her face, with a wiper. Cleansed her lipstick.
She entered the shower.

After some few minutes, she was done with shower.
She dried clean herself, puts on black loose shorts, with small tank top.

She threw herself on the bed.
She reached out for her alarm, and set an alarm to 6pm .

NOTE: a lot is said about parenthood in this chapter because Tracy's parents didn't want her to become a business woman rather a doctor just like them.

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