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A Vampire's Lie

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Katy is a 153 year old vampire, she moves every few years so people don't realize she doesn't age. Many think vampires, werewolves, and witches lurk in the shadows. But many hide in the daylight.

Fantasy / Romance
Sadie Wolf
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I sat on my bed and shut the curtains. I didn't have many neighbors but the few I did have couldn't know I was a vampire. I pulled my hair out of the braid it was in and my black hair tumbled down my back. Tomorrow I started school, again. I didn't bother counting how many times I'd gone to school, due to the fact I looked eighteen I would have to continue going to school. I ran my fingers through my hair to get any tangles out. I dreaded school, no matter how many times I went it was still a living Hell. I scoffed to myself, my whole life was a living Hell. I sat down in the spinning chair I had and propped my feet up on my desk. My laptop sat on my desk, the screen dark. I swung my feet off the desk after a few moment and rolled the chair up to the desk. I turned on my laptop and facetimed my friend Rebecca. We both had phones but she preferred to use her laptop, so we always talked to each other on our laptops.

After a few moment her face popped up on the screen. Her red curls a mess around her angular face and her green eyes bright. A smear of blood on her lip, she was a vampire like me so we could be ourselves around each other. I hummed to myself while she wiped the blood off and pulled a brush through her messy hair. I saw her pull on a sweatshirt before she focused back on me.

"Have a midnight snack?" I hummed out.

"Yeah. He was good in bed too." She answered.

"Spare me the details." I groaned, I loved her but she had no filter.

"Fine. Didn't want to tell you anyway." She stuck her tongue out. "How's the new place?"

I hummed quietly to myself before answering. "Quiet, small, the normal."

"Venture out a little, you always get the same type of place." She laughed at the obvious disapproval on my face at the thought. "At least get a better vehicle."

A frown took over my face. "Be nice, my truck is amazing."

"That thing barely has any paint left and it sound like an elephant." She argued.

"So? I love my truck." I crossed my arms.

"Fine, but when it breaks down don't come crying to me." She replied with a roll of her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. Well, I should go. I've got a nosy Nate neighbor." She laughed.

"Bye then, have fun at school tomorrow, Katy." I groaned.

"Don't remind me." I hung up, cutting off her laugh.

I closed my laptop and stretched in the chair, glancing out the gap in the curtains to where my neighbors' eight year old son was watching my window. I spun in the chair for a bit before standing and walking over to my bed. I layed down and grabbed a book out of the bag by my bed. I didn't bother too look what book it was, I'd read them all. I opened the book and began reading, propping my feet up on the suitcase that was sitting on the foot of my bed. I'd finished the book by the time the sunlight peeked through the curtains. I sighed and placed the book back in the bag, opening the suitcase, putting on black jeans and a dark green shirt. The sleeves were long, so they covered the bite on my wrist. I brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun. I grabbed my bag and walked out to my truck.

My truck was a faded red color and had chips on the paint, I hated to admit it but Rebecca was right. My truck was getting old. I got in a started my truck, the loud rumbling sound blasting my ears as it started. Rebecca was right about that, too. I sighed and drove to the school, my truck wasn't too loud when I was driving it, but it could bust an eardrum whenever I started it. I stopped in the parking lot, being a vampire sucked sometimes. I was the only one in the parking lot aside from the teachers' cars. I sat in my truck until other cars began to show up. I waited until multiple people had gone in the building before I went in.

I stiffened as the smell hit my nose, werewolves. I refrained from turning and running out of the school. A few of the other students gave me glares, it seemed almost a quarter of the school were werewolves. I walked to the office, pretending not to notice the glares. I got my schedule and walked to class. Luckily, none of the teachers were werewolves. However, half of my class was. A sat at a table in the corner at lunch, the table was empty luckily. After a few moment of slowly eating the school food, a girl with blond hair and brown eyes came up to me. She had a light blue dress on the stopped just below her knees.

She sat down with her tray. "My name's Emily. What's yours?" I didn't answer for a bit, taking another bite of food.

"Katy." I answered and she smiled. She didn't smell like a werewolf, more like a witch.

"Nice to meet you!" I nodded.

I ate in silence while she talked about the people in our class. Luckily she seemed to be fine with my silence. I walked back as the bell rang, she walked by me, chattering the whole way. I sat down, slightly relieved to know we weren't sitting by each other. The guy beside me was her brother, he smelled like a werewolf though. He has dirty blond hair and blue eyes, he may have been good looking if not for the glare he steadily sent my way. I ignored him and focused on the teacher, teaching something I'd heard way too many times. The day dragged on slowly, by the end of the day I was short-tempered and tired. I stood and started to walk out when a hand grabbed my arm. I held back a hiss and turned to face who had grabbed me, seeing Emily's brother.

"What do you want?" I snapped, trying to pull my arm out of his grip.

"Stay away from my sister, bloodsucker." A growl had entered his voice and something about him made me want to cower and retreat.

"I'd prefer to stay away from everyone. She spoke to me, and I'm not so cruel as to ignore her." I ripped my arm away from his grip and walked out. A growl was heard behind me as I stepped outside and went to my truck.

I had to force myself not to run to my truck and then drive away full speed. By the time I was home I hissing to myself and gripping the steering wheel. I stopped my truck and got out, leaving my bag in the truck and tossing my keys on the table by the door. I went to my room, no longer bothering to go at a human pace. I took my hair down and glared at my reflection in the mirror. I hated werewolves and I hated how Emily's brother had made me feel. I felt weak. I had wanted to cower to a dog. I had just began to calm when a knock echoed through the house.

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