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dream no.1

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Dream no1

at first I was going into a broken building. A teacher or councilor was letting me see it even though no one was aloud. To get up to see it you had to walk up bleachers but I couldn’t get up.


the broken building was the new 7th grade school, so me and my friend (he had no name)
snuck in a few weeks before school. He had a bad feeling about this but we went in anyway. We saw the bleachers placed in the cafeteria waiting to be put away in the gym. I walked up one and when I got to the top I saw it was unstable and I almost fell. My friend started to get nervous about how school would be. I re assured him that every thing will be fine.


It’s the first day of school. Me and my friend looked around and found and empty table. It was a flat bench on one side and a curved booth seat on the other end. We sat down in the cafeteria for some reason we have lunch first. The Lunch lady was a tall Chinese woman with a bob cut and a big smile. I saw flashes of things we would have for lunch followed with pictures of people but then a picture of the person up close and staring creepily at the camera. After a few more times of it happening, I snapped out of it and looked over at my friend “did you see the flashing faces?” “uh no?” “Never mind then.” the lunch lady passed out hamburgers she made and they were pretty good! As we were eating I noticed my friend staring at the boys, the athletic ones that play foot ball. even though I didn’t like them one was mildly attractive so I just looked over and said “I know right.” and then the dream ended
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