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The Fallen- Legend of chaos star

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" your birth is of no ordinary thing, dear child " The seeress looks down to two curious amethyst gems blinking back at her..unique, Indeed! In a world where the essense of stars would decide ones fate, this child's arrival is not a mere coincidence. If only this little creature knew what awaited her ! Closing her eyes, the seeress made her decision. xxx " Aayi, what is that star that shines so bright?" 11yr old Lucia question her grandmother. A woman, of wise eyes and a kind smile, takes her grandaughter's hand , pointing it to the exact location of star that the girl had asked her of.. " Dearest, that one, is the Star of Chaos" "Star of chaos?" The girl giggled, " tell me , Aayi, why is it called so?? How can a star cause chaos??" " Oh Dearest, " the old lady chuckles, continuing " from chaos, comes the order"

Fantasy / Romance
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Order of birth

" you Bitch , get the hell up now!" Angry baritone accompanied with generous amount of thudding on her creeky wooden door woke Lucia out of whatever sleep she decided to grab before her body died of exhaustion.

What do they want now?? It's barely past 6 A.M . while she was very tempted to not part from her bed, if she could even call it a bed,

Well, beggars can't be choosers

The thudding increased, and Lucia shot out of her bed, swiftly opening the door before one more thud .

She was greated with a red and angry Freya
"Well, what do we have here?
Why is the prim and proper lady Freya
Visiting my humble abode??" Lucia smirked sarcastically, still irked at being woke up so early

"You bitch, " Freya seethed " you spoiled my favourite yellow dress!the one I was supposed to wear for the awakening ceremony!"
Did she wake her up from precious sleep just so she could whine about her dress??

Lucia fake gasped," oh, my lady, why would you accuse me of such a thing"

Freya seethed more, and Lucia found it amusing that a person's face could contort to that degree out of anger.

" Well, surely, you could afford another dress,my lady." Lucia smirked, infuriating Freya some more.

Unable to contain her anger anymore, Freya raised her hand, deciding to strike and Lucia is more than prepared to dodge it.
Freya's hand comically froze mid air and Lucia swore under her breathe
" Madam Embla," Lucia sunk low to her knees. She wouldn't want to irk that woman.
" What's happening here?" A masculine voice joined the fray.
" Lord Gael" " Father"
" Freya, why are you here ?" Gael frowned at his daughter in disapproval." Your awakening ceremony starts in a few. Why were you creating ruckus at Lucia's chamber instead of preparing yourself!?"
Madam Embla looked at her daughter pointedly, silently commanding her for an explanation.
" F-father, M-mother, the dress the seamstress designed for me was burned up by her!"
" Oh , is that so, Lucia?" Embla's cold grey eyes scrutinized Lucia, making her shiver internally.
" Of course not, I was not aware of it, not in the slightest. My humble apologies if I somehow displeased lady Freya with my actions."
" You Bitch, stop lying, you are jealous that I would be eligible to attend the celestial palace once I received power from my mother star. You couldn't stop it happening and you are petty as they come. Just you wait until I obtain my soul energy, I shall shred you into pieces-"
" Freya, enough" Lord Gael uttered, pinching his nose , as sign of annoyance." Stop arguing with your cousin and get ready before the auspicious time to depart slips away"
Freya, giving one last seething look at Lucia, exited her room. Lord Gael left with his bratty daughter, leaving Madam Embla with Lucia.
Lucia felt her skin crawling as a pair of cold grey eyes scrutinized her
" Aunt I-"
Embla rose her hand, signaling Lucia to stop
" Child , I donot want your explanation. ", Cold eyes gleamed under the now rising sun that shone through her windows "And you are to address me properly"

Lucia breathed in sharply . mentally berating herself for slipping up.

"yes, Madam Embla"

Madam Embla gave a satisfactory look at her address, and decided to spare herself from Lucia's presence.

Lucia stood up, wincing slight from sitting on her knees.

Walking to her small bath area, seperate by a Screen from her living quarters, she rinced her face off, trying to get off this clammy feeling that her skin is giving off right now.

Looking around her room, she took in her tiny creaky bed, a tiny closet that had near little to no amount of clothes in it.

Well this is better than nothing, she mused to herself. Atleast they weren't abusing her physically.

She had resigned to herself that she shouldn't expect more.

'It wasn't like I could escape this place' Lucia thought to herself morosely.

What could she do?

Lucia has no spiritual essence to her.
Gies..that is what they are known in this world. People with no spiritual essence.
And they are to live their lives by offering their servitude to the ones with Power.

Lucia lives in a world of spiritual wonder.
Your spiritual essence decides your social standing.It decides your destiny.
A person is born with spiritual essence coursing through their veins. This slumbering power within them,which goes by the name soul power, would be awakened in their prime, when they attain the age of 18years.

Their energy is bestowed upon to them by their birth star ,secret only known to oneself .
Their energy is drawn from the cosmos itself.
The more powerful your star is, the more power you are bestowed upon with.

Lucia always wished she were not a Gies.

Freedom is what she have always longed for.
Too bad that fate has other plans for her.
If only Aayi was here….
Lucia idly fingered her silver necklace, with small lapis lazuli locket hanging on to it.
The necklace reminds her of her Aayi.It was a special gift from her Aayi, The old lady claiming that the chain would protect her from the evil.
Miss you, Aayi….

Lucia sighed sadly as she put back her necklace into her robes.

She have long decided to accept her fate as a Gies.serving her Aunt and her family is way better that serving some concieted, powerful beings that would treat Gies as scum on the earth.

Even though she crosses Freya from time to time, Her Aunt never gave her a hard time. Just.. some more chores for her to do as a little punishment.

Well, that's way better than being hurt physically or getting flogged like other servants.

She shouldn't be feeling low for being a Gies..
She is still alive and healthy.
She couldn't thank cosmos more for that..

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