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Second chance life at 40

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All jayne Manders wanted was a life away from her ex husband and the abuse for the past 12 years.she wasn't looking for love until she meets Dominic Blake All Dominic Blake wanted was a life of love and happiness but for a 41 year old lycan king he has to take a chosen mate .even when he longs for his soul mate,his true mate. But she is nowhere to be found

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Second chance life at 40

CHAPTER 1 JAYNE I had just got my dvoice papers through the post saying that I was free at last. My x husband was the kind of man that punched first and ask questions later, more so with me. If dinner wasn't on the table for when he got home punch, if the washing wasn't done by the end of the day punch. If I refused sex, punch. See where i am going with this. So the day i got those lovely papers to say i was free. I packed everything that i wanted to take with me and it wasn't a lot and left the house that has been my prison for the last 12 years my x husband was in jail for the assault on me. I got in my car and drove and drove, I had no idea where i was going just that i was away from that house. As i hit the motorway i turn on the music and sang at the top of my lungs until the tears stared and wouldn't stop. I was crying for all the pain i had been put through, crying for the last 12 years that i have lost in a hated relationship. But this was the new me i had to get myself together and stop being a sap and crying over what cannot be changed. I saw a sign for a petrol station at the next junction with a hotel next door. I needed to stop and make a game plan, I realized i have been driving for six hours and i haven't a clue where i was. As i pulled in to the petrol station i looked across to the hotel there was a lot of cars pulling up into the car park and men and women getting out dressed in tux's and evening gowns. I hope there is still a room available must be some kind of wedding or function going on. I decided to fill the tank up tomorrow be for i head out and try and get a room first. As i pulled my car into the parking lot I move in to the one of two lots left ,lucky for me, a car pulls up at the side of me taking the last lot. That was lucky. I was just reaching for my handbag when the passenger door of the other car hit mine with a thud . Hey i shouted and got out of my car to face the woman that was stood next to my door, Could you be more careful next time please i said to the her, Well you shouldn't be in my way then should you, the woman said to me. Excuse me what did you say ? Who do you think you are. Better than some pathetic human like you that's who. DINA i heard a mans voice say what the hell have you done now?. Nothing just putting the trash in its place, come on we are going to be late for our own engagement party. I stood there not knowing what to say did she just call me a pathetic human? How rude. As i watch the man and woman walk away with the woman pulling the mans arm i heard them arguing with each other. I couldn't help but over here what was being said. I have had it with your attitude Dina how can i marry a woman that speaks to people like that you act like a child. I know you are a good few years younger than me but i would have thought you would have grown up in the time we were together but I was wrong i can never take you as my chosen mate. As he waked off i could her the woman shout get your butt back here Dominic we have to get to our engagement party stamping her foot. The engagement is off. i hear him shout. Oh dear well good for you man. As i grabbed my bag and suitcase out of the car and closed the door i saw the large dint in side, Crap. I headed for the reception desk hoping that there was still room. Hello how may i help you today, said the receptionist, I would like a room if you can it looks like you are really busy, Yes we are we have a function for Mr Blake the billionaire tonight. Oh i was not interested in other peoples business i just wanted a room i have had enough for one day, i was tired i needed a shower food then bed before hitting the road tomorrow morning. Here we are we have a room on the top floor its a double with a balcony it is £125.00 per night how long will you be staying with us? Just for one night. At that price it was all i could afford. Very good would you like to pay by cash are card?. Cash please i said i don't what to use my card as it is easy to trace. I know i have divorced my x husband but doesn't mean he will be happy about it and when he gets out he will find me and kick ten kinds of shit out of me just for the fun of it. Well here you go top floor room 1325. dinner will be served in the dinning room at 7.30 if you are hungry. I thanked her and headed to the lifts. As i was waiting i heard some guy say hey beautiful want to come to a party tonight?. Then another one say what the hell man she is human. So the first guy said she is cute and one hell of a bod on her. That was it i turn around and smiled at the to young men barely out of there teens and said sorry guys I'm a bit busy tonight but i am sure you can find some non human lady to keep you entertain for the night. Shit she heard you dipshit now what are we going to do. If Dom finds out he will kill us. With that the lift came and i hoped in as i turned around i saw one of the young men talking to the guy i saw in the carpark he looked pissed and then he turned to look my way and froze. I didn't see him up close before outside but now he stood there looking right at me like he was in shock he had jet black hair that fell to the side in front of his eyes the most brilliant blue eyes i have ever seen and he had the body of a god that i could see under his black tuxedo, muscle everywhere. I was willing the doors close. Got to get those eyes off me it felt like he was looking into my soul. As he started to walk towards me in long strides. Finally the lift doors close and i lent back on the wall what the hell had got me so nervous there was something about that man that screamed danger but my god i wanted it.
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