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Love Dies Young || Afterlife

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|| ROMEO AND JULIET RETELLING/CONTINUATION || Rosabelle Pierce and Cyrus Hathaway fell in love at first sight. Being a witch, Rosabelle's mother was against their union and plotted to separate them. After catching word that the love of her life was dead, Rosabelle took her own life with the slight chance that they'd meet again in the afterlife but quickly learned that everything was a lie concocted by her malicious mother but it was too late and the damage was already done. She must now navigate the depths of hell in hopes that Lucifer will reunite her with the man she loves. Will she find Cyrus in the end or will someone else she met along the way take his place as the one she loves?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1- Love Dies Young

“No!” I screeched in horror as I ran to the altar where my beloved laid lifelessly on the cold marble floor of the church. I cradled his head in my lap as tears poured from my eyes. Time seems to stop as I took in his pale form, a dagger protruding from his chest.

“You said you’d wait for me Cyrus,” I whispered. We had plans to get married tonight at this very church but I don’t know what happened.

“R-Rosie?” I watched in shock and relief when his eyes slowly fluttered open.

“Cyrus! Stay with me I can fix this!” I positioned my hands around the dagger and was about to cast a spell to heal him but he removed it and shook his head.

“T-the Pastor told me that you had died. I-I was c-coming to meet you in the a-afterlife.”

“It doesn’t make any sense, I’m right here my beloved please let me heal you,” I cried.

“It’s too late f-for me now my love, I want you to live on w-without me,”

“I can’t! What’s the point of life if you’re not here with me?”

“I love you,” was his final words before his eyes closed for the last time and I lost him forever. I choked on my sorrows, mourning the death of the love of my life.

My family was against our love because I am a witch and he is human, and we could never mix in their eyes. I met Cyrus in the marketplace one day and ever since then as cheesy as it sounds it was love at first sight. My mother, the head of the Coven, saw our relationship as a hindrance because I am to be head of the coven when she steps down so, therefore, I must marry someone as powerful as I am to have an heir to take over the Coven when I do the same. But I don’t want to if it means I can’t be with the one I love. I rather die than be in the arms of another.

Without a second thought, I whispered a forbidden spell I stole from my mother’s grimoire. It will ensure that Cyrus and I would meet in the afterlife. In the end, love will win for us. The wind swirled around me even though all the windows were shut. All the candles that brought light to the church went out and that let me know that I was doing something right.

Without hesitation, I took the dagger that impaled Cyrus and drove it into my own chest. Time slowed as I heard the sound of people frantically running towards us, screaming bloody murder. I instantly recognize them as my parents and fellow coven members. They probably used a location spell to find me but it doesn’t matter now. I offered a small smile before my eyes grew heavier before they inevitably closed shut for the last time.

My eyes jolted open and I breathe heavily into the sunrise sky. I was in a clear opening all alone. Everything was bright and vibrant as if it were some sort of heaven. I scanned the field and frowned when I confirmed that I was indeed all alone.

“Rosabelle Pierce.” A bold voice called. I whipped my head in the direction of the sound but saw nothing. My name was repeated several times before a light manifested before me. Fear raced down my spine as I stared anxiously at the glowing orb. Out of nowhere, it split into 5 and the orbs all began circulating me at full speed. I raised my hands to my eyes to shelter them from the burning light.

“We are the Five Hallowed Spirits, the overseers of Judgement. It is now time to atone for your sins!” A thunderous voice bellowed.

“My sins? But I did nothing wrong!” I argued.

“While that was the case a few days ago, you have created the most heinous act of killing oneself!”

“But it’s my body, surely I can decide what happens to it!”

" do you dear think yourself a god? Are you the one that granted yourself life so you yourself can take it away so easily? I think not, now human I will ask again are you ready to atone for your sins?”

" What’s gonna happen to me? It doesn’t make sense, the spell was to take us both to the afterlife,” I said.

“You dare talk about your witchcraft in the presence of the holy ones? We know nothing about your unpredictable powers of sin but what we do know is that tampering with the course of the afterlife is forbidden and unheard of.” Another ball of light chastised.

“Cyrus, his name is Cyrus Hathaway. We were supposed to be together in the afterlife,”

“Sad to say the person that you speak of is alive and in good health”

My heart stopped. My breathing became ragged. Everything went silent.

“It can’t be, I saw him take his last breath!”

“I cannot explain what you saw but I know for certain that the person whom you speak has never crossed our path,”

“I need to go back to earth then!”

“I cannot allow that but what I can allow is for you a chance to see your beloved before you are cast down to hell if you please, but take note you cannot interact with anything around you while in the spirit realm.”

I nodded frantically and in an instant, light consumed me and I was transported to a dark room. The only light source was from a hole in the dirt wall that highlighted a figure chained to the wall. I walked closer to the figure and gasped as my eyes settled over the beaten body of Cyrus, His head hanging low in sorrow and defeat. Tears stung my eyes as I looked at his broken appearance. The worst part is I can’t do a thing about it. Suddenly the door was kicked open and I watched in utter shock as the light that poured from the outside revealed my mother gracefully figure walking in displaying nothing but elegance as always.

“Are you here to torture me some more, you witch?” He rasped.

“Now why would I waste my time on the likes of you?” She sneered in disgust, ” Rosabelle was supposed to see your lifeless illusion at the alter and come home not killer herself!” His face went pale.

“She died?”

“Are you daft? I just said that. You just cost me an heir now what am I to do with you in return.” She tapped her chin mockingly as a wicked smile spread across her face, showing off rows of perfect white teeth.

“I know, an eye for an eye, yes?” In one swift motion, she flicked her wrist and his neck snapped to the side. I let out a blood-curdling scream before I was ripped out from the room and I was back in the presence of the Five Hallowed Spirits. I was sick to my stomach. It wasn’t the first time I witness a murder, being a witch I see my fair share of dead bodies. Never have I the misfortune to witness the person I love most die at the hands of someone I care about.

“It's time for us to continue your judgement.”

“Wait! Does it mean I can find him in hell?”

“No, hell is for those who committed unforgivable crimes, he is destined for the afterlife.”

“So I’ll never be reunited with him...ever?” I broke.

“Fret not mortal, to reunite with the one you love most, you most past through the holder of the gate key, the ruler of the domain.”

“Do you mean-”

“Yes, Lucifer who oversees the underworld is the only way to get back to your loved one.”

“Okay, where can I find him?”

“He takes many forms, rules his domain however he sees fit. We see all but not what goes on down below. ”

“It’s time for you to carry on mortal, until then.” instantly a hole opened up from below and swallowed me straight down to hell. The plan is to find the devil and convince him to send me to the afterlife. But finding him is going to be harder than I ever imagine and faith has a funny way of playing wicked games that I might not be able to win.

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