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The Alvacron Files: a VERY big project.

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a story of epic proportions, if you have an Idea, then just tell me and I'll see if I can fit it in.

Fantasy / Scifi
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“in the beginning, there were the alcaravis, the beings that watch over entire Exoverses, now we have only two left, in constant war with each other.”– Delta Dubstep, the first of the Plix Guardians

“we don’t know how good we have it. Only that it could be worse.”- Bill Cipher, the Chaos god, Dream Demon King, and Last Defence from Dalvacron.

“when will it ever be safe? Only I know.”- Arkron, Great Construct of The Allverse, Avatar of Alvacron, Keeper of The Ark and Last Neomancer of The Ark.


Chapter one: truth and explanation.

In all myths, there are a select few that know of even higher beings then gods… but are there? This is the answer to that everlasting question. Yes, more than anyone can possibly imagine. However, there were once beings above even these, once, before the Avatars fell, the Allgods were so powerful that not even the Arkravi could defeat them. But how are you, the person/thing/computer program/spirit entity going to understand this if you know nothing about how this convoluted event happened? Easy, I’ll tell you.

Once, before time began, or time as we know it, long before our universe, or even our Allverse, existed, there were countless Exoverses, and even more of the beings that made them. These were the Alcaravis, and WOW they were strong. Even with the combined forces of the Allgods, they were near infinite. However, they weren’t always like this. Once, there were only six, the Allking Lords: Alvacron the Endless, Dalvacron the Dark, Levicron the All-knowing, Ovyzivon the Overshield, Selrevon the Selfless, and Thetavon the Elder. These were the strongest of the Alcaravis, charged by the Allflame, the last of the Allknowing Elementals, to defend all of existence. And so, the Allking Lords created Avatars of themselves to watch over the 26 dimensions for all eternity. However, these were only the beginning.

Over 1000000’s of aeons, the Alcaravis grew through sheer willpower and might, growing from six all-powerful guardians to ten million Utopian Idealists with no problems, Ecological, Philosophical, Existential, or otherwise. However, this was not to be, as slowly, at a snail’s pace, one of The Allking Lords was having second thoughts, “why should we answer to someone who has nothing left? We could make anything we want, and still do all this.”

“oh, fuck your tiny ass we could,” Levicron wanted only his Palace of Avarok, and was content with his position in life, he wasn’t going to risk everything for one idiot who couldn’t do his own Matter Generation spells without help.” Why risk it? Just learn not to depend on Ex, or manipulate yourself a machine to help you. Or, you could get a life, that might help.”

“no one can sustain that line of thought without going to the suicide cubicles. Lev, just let it go. No one cares what narcissists like you guys think, so shut up.” Alvacron wasn’t on board with anything his brother said anyway, so why should he be a part of this?

“well, if we can’t reach consensus, we’ll have to convene the Avatars and try again tomorrow.” Thetavon only wanted to lead a worthwhile life, and wouldn’t be persuaded by anyone without evidence showing their proposal would help the Allking council’s hold on true Utopia being certain. “shall we dismiss this argument and move on to the subject of our expansion of the council?”

“no. first we settle who needs the Torch this Neocycle,” Ovyzivon was not going to have the Avatars hold the Torch of Allflame longer than they could stay safe. “I motion we let Thetavon carry our old friend, seeing that he made the Torch with his own heart and soul, anyone second?”

“I motion that my dear old brother, the Senator of our great council, hold the Torch so he can grant his Avatar the independence he was promised. Anyone second?” Dalvacron didn’t want the Torch, he wanted to go home and train his already formidable powers and improve his Matter Generation more.

“I second Ovyzivon’s motion, as Thetavon has more need than any of us.” Alvacron will hate me for this, Levicron thought, smirking under his Cloak of Arium.

“I second Dalvacron’s motion, as he is the Plix, for now.” Anything but Thetavon having it, Selrevon couldn’t stand having him ring the Bell of Convention with that thing in his possession, it would mean his mind would grow stronger still, and he almost killed the last one to renounce the Torch after being chosen to carry it for a whole Neocycle.

“no, no, I couldn’t. the rules say no Lord may hold the Torch for more than 5 Neocycles, I second, with great exuberance, Dalvacron’s generous motion to allow our Senator the Torch of the Last Elemental, the Allflame.”

In unison, the Allking Lords droned” we have reached consensus, the Torch will be held by Alvacron the Endless. May Allflame live long with the Torch’s strength.” And so, it was the first of many events leadings up to the Dalvacron rebellion was concluded.

“now may we assess the applications for the Allking Council’s expansion? I would like to reach an acceptable conclusion to the day’s convention,” all Thetavon wanted was to continue the assessment of the documents put forward to the Council and finish the day in a respectable manner. “first, we have Klevalo’s application for Council representative of the Felkarn sector.”

“engage transport beams, let him explain to us why he should be one of us,” while he hated most applicants, he knew this one, and knew him well. ”I feel he will put forward an acceptable explanation.”

The beams sliced through space and time, reaching their target as they always did. “huh? Where am I?”

Thetavon was astounded; everyone knew the Council’s base of operations, didn’t they? ”Alvacron?”

“what? Yes?” Alvacron wasn’t in a good mood; his brother just made his life hell for another Neocycle, he wouldn’t let his brother table ANYTHING while he had the Torch. ”what is it? I’m busy thinking, but if you need to talk-“

Thetavon had an acid tongue when he needed it ”did you not enlighten all your provinces, and your brother’s, of our headquarters?”

Oh, shit, he told Arkron to do it, didn’t he? ”I told my Avatars to handle it while I took care of a small insurgency in the Clokreb sector.”

“there was an insurgency and you did WHAT?” this couldn’t stand! They had rules! ”We have rules! WHAT. DID. YOU. DO?”

I’m dead, ”I took it down. I didn’t use my own power, I helped people! What else could I do? Use Alvacron’s Wrath on them? All I did was help the rebels and the other guys sort out their problems.”

Everyone was astonished; Alvacron never did ANYTHING for himself, let alone for others. “wait, am I in the Council HQ? have I been considered for application?” Klevalo had expected to be rejected; this was amazing! Almost no-one was even considered for application, let alone given the chance to prove themselves worthy of the honour.

“let the evaluation of Klevalo of the Felkarn sector begin!” Levicron always loved to say that sort of thing.

“first question: what do you think you can bring to this Council?”

“well, I’ve been going around, and I think I can relate to the people of the Felkarn sector, seeing as they made this possible.”

“second question: what is your Alva, and what does it do?”

“Eye of Truth. I can see the true nature of certain events.”

“then use it on Dalvacron.”

Oh, no. Dalvacron didn’t want this. He was ALWAYS the test dummy. “make it quick, I have a meeting with my Avatars in ten minutes.”

“ok, but it won’t hurt, it will only feel like water”

They all felt the flowing sensation that signalled an Alva being activated.

“holy SHIT, that is just WRONG!”

“what? Is there a problem, Klevalo?”

“yes. Dalvacron is NOT going to let the Torch stay lit. he must NOT hold it!”

“FUCK YOU, you lying piece of crap”

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