Broken Dagger

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Duel In The Dark

Duel in the Dark

Back at the Frolin’s lair they worked diligently to remove the copper sphere and using thick leather, they insulated the different connections, then reassembled the device. It was well after dark, by the time they got the device reassembled and ready to try it yet again. Frolin gathered everyone together. He lit some incense and handed Sarnay a piece of large copper tube and a small hammer.

“I don’t know what sort of connection either of you have with the gods, but I think we may need some help with this. We’ve got only one shot to get this right.” The other two just shrugged their shoulders and Sarnay hit the pipe with the hammer making a high-pitched pinging sound. They all joined hands. “Lord Lunarri I know you’re out there. I’m much more a man of science, but I could sure use your help on this one. We pray to you as the god of justice to help us get to the truth.” After a short moment of silence he stepped behind his device. Sarnay and Darvin got together and grabbed the handle of the lever to operate the generator pump. Darvin kept the dial as it was then signaled to Darvin and Sarnay who again started to pump up the energy generator until the device powered up. Frolin saw through the eyes of the golem once more. With no real light in the chamber he had to move the golem forward more by a sense of feel. He pulled a small lever back a few clicks and the golem stepped forward.

He moved the golem straight into a wall. The golem lifted its arm in the dark chamber and pressed it flat against the wall, but it made no indication it was going to pass through the wall as they believed it would.

“Wait something’s wrong. We can’t pass through the wall!” Frolin declared.

Outside the lair in the mesa the bright green smooth moon that represented Lunarri the god of justice was peeking out from behind some heavy dark clouds, as Frolin and the others worked on the device below. The moon’s bright green glow pierced the black night and a focused beam of energy streamed down toward the building behind the dozen Shrkai soldiers standing guard. Millaney sat outside the tent watching and waiting for any sign of the golem to appear, as the brief beam of light drilled its way through the stone, but left no hole. It shot down to the tiny chamber lighting up the golem so that Frolin could not only see within the chamber, the golem could pass through the wall.

“Something’s happening!” Frolin shouted out, as he saw the room light up with his goggles. “It’s working we’re passing through the wall! I’m in the priest’s chambers!” Outside the beam of light faded once more as quickly as it appeared and Only Millaney seemed to see it as she sat her turn at watch by the tent with Otis inside sleeping. “Alright all I have to do now is guide the golem up and out of this building. Back at the tent Millaney simply leaned in and said quietly to Otis.

“I think something is about to happen,” she spoke into the tent and stood up to be ready herself, as Otis rolled over already dressed and grabbed two staves.

Frolin anxiously guided the golem toward the door leading out of the priest’s room and out toward the set of stairs leading up. Sarnay and Darvin continued to pump the hand generator to keep his device powered, as the golem steadily walked up the curved stairwell and up to the first landing. Ahead of him was a door and across from the door another set of stairs that led up to the cells where Millorny was being held. Frolin guided the golem to the door.

Soldiers outside the building moved back when they heard the handle of the door turn and waited for whatever was behind it to come out. The half-dozen guards stood speechless as a naked man that was a twin for Sahn stepped out of the building and stood there motionless. One of the soldiers was sure to signal the camp just a short distance from the building they guarded. One of the guards at the camp went to arouse the rest of the camp and, as Otis and Millaney stood poised near their tent the area began to fill with Shrkai soldiers that charged out of the camp and formed ranks in the field. The half-dozen soldiers who stood guard parted, as the golem looked around and Frolin could see Otis and Millaney standing on the opposite side of the dark field.

The dark clouds overhead continued to fill the night sky blotting out what little moonlight was present, as the golem took steps away from the building. The naked golem took very unusual stiff movements, as it placed one foot in front of the other and proceeded across the field. Three soldiers mounted on velociraptors trotted forward, as the golem stepped away from the soldiers on guard duty and continued to move toward Otis and Millaney who walked steadily toward it. The lead soldier of the Shrkai walked out in front of the large formation of soldiers armed with a long guisarme with a blade that reflected the trickle of moonlight that escaped the cloud cover overhead.

The golem pivoted its head in a stiff motion to look at the formation of soldiers on the left, then turned back in the direction it was walking as, it continued across the field. The lead soldier walked forward, but made no effort to stop the golem with his three mounted soldiers right beside him. As the golem neared about halfway across the field it stopped.

“Something’s wrong again,” Frolin shouted out. “I’ve lost control. Quick summon the dragons!” Frolin directed, as he flipped his lenses back so he could see and stepped away from the device. Sarnay let go of the lever and grabbed for her horn. She blasted on it as loud as she could, as she ran toward the back of the lair.

High on top of dragon castle three dragons lay resting together in one of the tower rooms with other dragons resting nearby. The three dragons who were raised by Millaney and Sarnay, opened their eyes and lifted their heads. Dahvy, Tralla and Patrahleera walked to different large openings in the tower wall and stepped out onto the platform. They spread their wings and one after the other took flight away from the tall tower and out into the dark cloudy sky. Haze the large male dragon that was always perched outside the tower on the top floor of the building near a statue of his likeness, lifted his head and looked toward the three dragons flying out into the dark sky headed to the city far below.

Sarnay, Darvin and Frolin gathered their gear and headed to the hidden door behind the fireplace in the back of the lair. Frolin opened the hidden panel and he sat down and Sarnay sat in his lap with her arms around his neck. Frolin couldn’t help but pause as he felt her soft body snuggle up to him and her arms wrap around his neck, but he quickly recovered and pulled the lever to send the chair up the shaft in the mesa. Darvin grabbed the three saddles and waited at the bottom of the shaft.

Back at the field the lead soldier and his three mounted comrades moved in closer on the golem which stood as still as the statue it once was. Otis and Millaney also moved in closer, when the eyes of the golem opened showing the now glowing red eyes that were within. The golem straightened suddenly in a much smoother motion than before. It looked around then pointed its right arm at a soldier mounted nearby. A long sharp sword protruded out of the golem’s hand piercing the mounted soldier in the chest. The golem held up its other hand and charmed the raptor, before climbing up and mounting it as the soldier’s body slid off the other side. Before anyone could react, the golem sped off on the beast.

Otis and Millaney both turned together and charged over to their animals.

“Your rooghon isn’t fast enough,” Millaney shouted out, as she leaped up onto the klaatu. “I’ll have to summon the dragons.”

“Do as you wish,” Otis responded, as he too mounted his rooghon. “I’ll keep it in sight.” The two of them hollered to each other, as they raced off into the desert after the mounted golem.

“Go with them!” The lead soldier ordered of the two remaining mounted soldiers. The men turned their beasts and followed after the golem as well.

Millaney lifted the horn strapped to the side of her klaatu and blew into it as loud as she could, as she and Otis chased after the dust trail into the dark night. Millaney led the pack on her klaatu leaving Otis a short distance behind her and the other two soldiers soon caught up to Otis and rode on either side of him. Flying out over the city, Dahvy heard Millaney’s call as did everyone since she was easily in range for the sound to travel. Dahvy flew out ahead of the other two dragons with Frolin riding on her saddled back. Frolin soon flew out over the top of the riders below and he shouted down to Millaney.

“Do you want me to land so that we can switch places?”

“No. There’s not enough time. We have to catch it before it finds a new place to hide. Fly out ahead and divert it back to us.”

Frolin nodded his understanding and coaxed his dragon to fly faster. The other two dragons were only a short distance behind and Millaney just waved them on ahead, as she easily distanced herself from Otis and the two soldiers on her faster animal. Millaney was gaining ground on the dust trail in front of her, as Dahvy flew down in front of the fleeing golem. The golem diverted its path, but headed more to its left to avoid the dragon ahead, as two more dragons soon flew down in front of it and kept it from going in any direction except back.

With Millaney pursuing at a short distance behind, the golem pulled up and dismounted. Millaney leaped off her speeding golem and pulled her bow while she flipped in the air. She made a soft landing on the ground in front of the golem, as Sarnay Frolin and Darvin landed their dragons and dismounted as well. With Otis and the soldiers still far behind, Millaney loaded her bow and fired two arrows into the golem’s chest, but the arrows just stuck there not harming the clay golem in the least. She then tossed her bow and quiver aside and pulled her sword.

With a fierce battle cry spilling out of her screaming lungs and her sword held up high, Millaney charged the golem on her own before anyone else could get near. In the darkness and the dust that the battle kicked up no one could really see what was happening in the fight, as they approached from all sides. Otis and the two mounted soldiers finally arrived and Otis dismounted a grabbed his halberd, as Sarnay came up from behind the scene. They stopped near the action and waited for the dust to settle to see what had happened. The moon drifted out from behind a cloud and shined down on the dust, as it settled around the two. The golem stood motionless with both arms cut off and Millaney was a short distance behind it in a crouched position her sword drawn and held to the side. After a short moment with much of the dust still crowded around the golem, its head slide off and onto the ground and a red gaseous cloud seeped out of its opened neck and the body toppled soon after.

Hearing the body hit the ground, Millaney re-sheathed her sword and stood straight, just as Sarnay came up to greet her. She almost didn’t recognize her Shrkai sister, as she stood there her breasts heaving with each deep breath of cooler night air. Otis came over and picked up the golems head which now looked like clay again with no similarities to Sahn remaining. He tossed the head to one of the two mounted soldiers.

“Take this back to your commander. This is what killed your comrade and high priest. The other parts are mine, as we have an execution to stop.” The soldiers nodded their understanding and sped off with the clay head. Otis gathered up the rest of the body parts and tied them to his rooghon. He then walked over to Millaney who still stood near her Shrkai sister.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to catch my klaatu, so I’ll fly back on Dahvy,” she said when the half-dwarf stood before her. For a long moment neither of them said a word. Otis just stood their smiling then finally said.

“I proud of you and I’m sure your father would be too if he were here.”

Millaney finally broke down and let out some tears, as she leaned forward to hug Otis tight.

“It’s finally over isn’t it?” she whispered in his ear.

“Yes I believe it is,” Otis said to her after they let go of their short embrace. “I know these soldiers, they’ll release your father to me now and we can all go home.”

“If I don’t come back here for a hundred years it’ll still be too soon,” Millaney commented, as Otis walked her to her dragon. Millaney climbed up onto the saddle of her dragon and took the reins from Frolin who remained strapped into the saddle behind her. She looked one last time at Otis who stood there watching and waved to him before taking flight with the other two dragons right behind her. Otis walked over to his rooghon and climbed onto the saddle. He turned his beast back toward the city and trotted off, as the suns’ rays were just piercing the dark cloudy sky over his right shoulder.

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