Broken Dagger

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Sweet Rain

Sweet Rain

Deep below the surface out in the remote desert, Sahn waited a long time before emerging from the shadows. He looked toward the rope ladder then slid in the water and dove down for his crab dinner. He swam to shore and sat quietly eating his dinner. After he finished he sat still looking at the raft across the lake, then picked up his spear. He ran his thumb along the edge of the sharp spearhead noticing how easy it made a small thin cut on the skin of his thumb. He examined the spear very close, then with a trickle of blood dripping along his thumb, he pointed the spear at his heart pressing the point against his chest.

“What the hell are you doing?” Darvin screamed out, after he finally re-appeared.

“There’s no place for me in this world! Can’t you see that?”

“No I don’t see that!” Darvin shouted back. “All I see is a man feeling sorry for himself.”

“You don’t understand!”

“What? I’ve been with you for years. I know what you’ve been through more than anyone. This is not the answer.”

“I killed three people that day and later I killed your parents! How can you say I deserve to live?” Sahn shouted out with tears forming in his eyes and the spear-point still pressed against his chest.

“Look,” Darvin began in a much quieter voice. “As you yourself once said, you snapped. I’m not going to blow sunshine up your ass and say you were right in what you did, but it’s become clear to me that you’re really not like that and if you ever have such a catalyst again, I think you’d react differently.”

“And what of your parents? I killed them too. Surely I can’t be forgiven for that.”

“Actually you can. I forgave you a long time ago. My parents served a chaotic god. If they were able to harness your spirit that day, who knows how many people they might have killed with that golem. You can’t continue blaming yourself for that.”

Sahn remained still. His hands shook, as he continued to hold the spear point against his chest with blood dripping out of a small cut in his skin, when he suddenly heard something outside. He lowered the spear and stood up. He walked through the dark cavern toward a nearby manhole. He stopped beneath it and peered upwards at the sky above with dark black clouds blotting out the sun. He heard the thunder roar up in the sky and the heavy rains burst out of the clouds and fell down upon the thirsty soil. Sahn continued to look up as rain washed over his face.

“Ammaline,” he spoke quietly up towards the sky and thrust his arm up into the air. “Ammaline, my sweet rain, you’ve come for me.”

Back at Shrkai city, in the depths of the temple mound, the priests washed off Millorny and carried him to a bed to take a closer look at his burns. He made no sign of movement, as he was flipped over on his stomach and a healing priest put some salve on him.

“What are his chances?” Patrah asked of the priest.

“I can’t say for certain. He’s been burned on his back very badly. We can treat his wounds, but if he regains consciousness or not, no one can say. Only time will tell.” The priest had Millorny flipped gently over after finishing wrapping bandages around his torso.

“This is all your fault!” Millaney screamed at Patrah. “We could have saved him sooner, but you didn’t want to start a war, well congratulations.” Millaney dropped her head onto her father’s chest and hugged him tight. The rest of the people left the room leaving the two of them together.

The suns shined the next day with a procession of merchant sailors carrying the stretcher with Millorny’s body on it up a gangplank onto one of the galleys. Otis and Millaney stood on the decks of the ship watching, as Millaney’s father was carried into a cabin at the aft of the single-mast galley.

“Frolin and I are going to stay for a short time to help Patrah until a new Grand Chancellor can be appointed,” Sarnay said, after they carried Millaney’s father into the cabin. “Darvin said something about wanting to find his friend Sahn. We’ll be up with you soon Millaney I promise.”

“Yes, uhh thank you,” Millaney moved forward hardly hearing Sarnay’s words, as she followed the men carrying her father into the cabin. Sarnay turned and quietly stepped off the ship, as the sail was raised and the gangplank was brought in.

Millaney stayed at her father’s side for days that turned into weeks. Otis and his family moved into the house with Millaney and her father on the cliffs of the west coast on the north side of the city of Schilling Harbor so they could help take care of Millorny. The winter season soon was upon them, but even the northern region was much warmer than usual and the snow that usually fell was replaced by heavy rain. Patrah soon arrived with Sarnay after he handed the duties of Grand Chancellor over. The council had asked him to remain on, but he refused. When Millaney saw him walk into the room, she ran over to hug him.

“I’m so sorry I yelled at you Patrah,” She said to him, as she held him in an embrace. Patrah just held her in his arms, as he looked over at Millorny laying there on a bed.

Winter faded away with only a trace of snow falling across the muddy region and the flowers of spring opened their colorful petals, as Millaney sat on a chair sleeping nearby her father. Millorny opened his eyes and looked out the window nearby, then looked over to his daughter sitting sleeping in the chair nearby.

“You’re going to hurt your back sleeping like that.” Millorny spoke with a surprisingly strong voice.

“Father! Father you’re awake!” Millaney screamed, as she fell out of her chair and rushed to his side. “Come quick everyone! He’s awake!” His room soon filled with people. Patrah, Otis, Sarnay, Otis’ Shrkai wife Nava and their two young sons all piled into the room.

“How are you feeling?” Patrah asked of the newly awakened patient.

“Starving.” Millorny responded. Nava laughed and turned to leave the room. “Wow what happened to me?”

“How much do you remember?” Patrah asked, as he rolled Millorny over a bit to look at how his burns on his back had healed.

“Nothing really, other than going on a hunting trip down to the Shrkai territory or something.” He then looked down at Millaney who was kneeling on the floor by his bed. He lifted her face and saw the tears In her eyes. “And why are you crying little one?”

“Oh no reason father. I’m just glad that you’re awake.” Millaney stood and helped her father sit up, as Nava carried in a plate of food and set it down for Millorny to eat.

“Well what is this? Let a man eat in peace,” Millorny said in a very jovial manner and waved everyone out. Millaney remained behind and pulled a chair up to sit near him. She reached over to pick a piece of potato from his plate and bit down on it. “Hey get your own food.” Millaney ignored him and reached out to grab some more with a devilish smile on her face.

Outside his room Sarnay looked to Patrah and asked. “Will we ever learn to respect each other?”

“In time perhaps, but racism and hatred never truly dies. Often times such ignorant thoughts can hibernate for long periods of times, but it only takes the right spark to rekindle the flame.” Inside the room, they heard Millaney laughing as her father looked under his covers he shouted out.

“Hey why am I wearing a diaper? Some body bring me my clothes,” Millorny shouted out, as his daughter couldn’t keep from laughing out loud.

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