Broken Dagger

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A few days later back at the Schilling home on the north side of Schilling Harbor, Otis and Millaney were carrying a large wooden table they just unloaded off a wagon, toward the back of the house. Sarnay, Frolin and Lash each grabbed some of the matching set of ten cushioned dining chairs with solid backs and buttoned down cushions on the back as well. Krasna, Millorny's assistant/girlfriend guided them where to position the table on the stone patio behind the house near the cliffs that overlooked the western ocean.

“Ya know my leg is feeling better, I could probably carry the table,” Lash mentioned to Millaney after setting down the chairs he was carrying.

“There ya go again trying to look out for us poor helpless females,” Millaney added with a great deal of sarcasm before pulling his face to her and kissing him. Otis lifted his upper lip slightly exposing his jagged yellow teeth and let out a quiet growl. “My father is a pussycat, or rather he trusts my judgment. This is the one you have to watch out for.” Millaney laughed, as she held Lash's hand and pulled him away, while he smiled fearfully at Otis. They walked back to the wagon and a man on the wagon eased a second table toward the back edge of the large railed wagon pulled by a rooghon cow. Millaney and Otis grabbed the second table, as Sarnay, Frolin and Lash grabbed the last five chairs, Frolin carrying one to their stacked two each.

They set the other table with one end butted up to an end of the first table and Krasna threw a golden colored cloth over the two tables. Nearby servants quickly set the table with plates, a floral centerpiece and other wares, as the cook carried out a large roast in a steaming pot and set it on an unclothed table further away. Millorny came out of the house dressed casually and leaning on his canes. He walked over to one end of the table and Krasna directed the others where she wanted them seated. Otis sat at the other end of the joined tables with his wife to his left and their five year old son next to her, their eldest son who was now eight sat next to him. Krasna directed Millaney to sit at her father's left with Lash next to her, then Sarnay and Frolin, she came over o sit at the final spot at Millorny's right.

Otis picked up his fork and peered toward the food sitting at the other table with the cook standing next to it.

“Before we begin,” Millaney stood and started to speak. Otis frowned and set down his fork. “I'd like for my father, the head of this family and now our newest Prime Minister to speak.” Millaney sat down and everyone clapped quietly. Otis's sons fidgeted in their chairs, as Millorny stood to Krasna's coaxing.

“Well like Millaney said, the council posted their decision and by a narrow margin, I was appointed to be the new Prime Minister.” Millorny announced.

“Narrow margin? It was twenty to five,” Millaney interrupted.

“Well true the only people that voted against me were the Currencia Representative and the new seats filled by the humans from his region. I really have all of you and the citizens of Annuvin to thank.” Millorny paused and Otis looked again toward the food seeming to be dreaming of the taste. “Like my good friend Otis who has been my loyal and trusted right arm ever since I met him.” When Otis heard his name he turned back to look at Millorny not really knowing what had been said. “I mean all of you have supported me over the years. I'd also like to welcome Lash as the newest member of our family,” he raised his chalice to Lash. “We are truly a great example of what a diverse group of people can do when they work together. Three of us are Shrkai,” he said referring to Otis's wife Nava, Sarnay and Frolin. “We also have a half moon-dwarf and his children, well Otis is the only half moon-dwarf. Thank goodness.” he chuckled a bit. “Well before I prattle on too long,”

“Too late,” Otis snickered.

“I love you all and wish for us to continue to be the beacon of goodness and strength through diversity our nation needs.” Millorny sat down to cheers from everyone, especially Otis who knew now that he could finally eat. Krasna nodded and the servants brought over the food and served Millorny and Otis first. Otis and his elder son seemed to have a race as to who could eat the fastest, as his wife Nava cut up the meat for his youngest. Millaney held Lash's hand with one hand while she stuck a two-pronged fork into her slice of meat.

Elsewhere along a quiet path through the high prairie grass Darvin and Sahn walked together toward a small home that was still under construction. They turned to walk up toward the stone home with Shrkai workmen moving stone from a pile to continue to build the walls of the home. Shareena was out clearing back the thick prairie grass with her daughter Katarosa by her side. Shareena stopped and wiped the sweat from her brow, when she saw Darvin and Sahn approach. She stood there with a gratifying smile on his face when Katarosa saw what she was looking at and ran forward. Darvin lifted the young girl off her feet and gave her a big hug with Katarosa's legs wrapped around his waist. Sahn stayed standing where he was, as Darvin stepped forward and gave Shareena a kiss while he still held Katarosa in his arms.

“Who did you bring with you?” Katarosa asked not recognizing the man that she swam with in the underground lake more than two years ago.

“Why you remember Sahn don't you dear?” Shareena asked, after Darvin set the young Shrkai girl back on her feet.

“Sahn? OH SAHN!” the girl shouted out then raced toward him. She hugged Sahn around his waist. “You finally came to stay with us didn't you Sahn?” the girl looked up to him with a tiny tear clinging to the corner of her eye.

“Yes Sahn. Welcome home.” Shareena said to him, as she and Darvin stood together in the cleared grass with their stone home behind them. Sahn bent down to look at the young girl who welcomed him in such a loving friendly manner and simply said, “Yes. Yes I'm here to stay.” Sahn lifted Katarosa up and carried over to the half-built home and smiled because he knew at long last he truly was home.

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