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Chosen By Death

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In a world where there are Gods and Goddesses, mortals are chosen to be claimed to the 12 Gods. Coming from Religious, strict parents 16-year-old Kryan was taught to never sin in his life for the God of Light...well that's what he thought Being invited to Celestial Academy he will learn and control his powers and use them for good that's until his left went into a downward spiral...

Fantasy / Action
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The Gods

These are the Gods and Goddesses (I used real Gods names from other mythologies) The characters in this story is purely fictional

Primary Gods

The Original Gods

Savitor: God of the Sun/Fire followers of this God can Create and Manipulate Fire

Oceanus: Goddess of the Ocean/Water followers of this Goddess can manipulate any type of liquid and can breathe, see, and control all sea life.

Raiden: God of Lightning followers of this God can manipulate lightning and have enhanced speed

Gaia: Goddess of Earth/Rock followers of this God can manipulate the environment around them and have enhanced durability

Zephyrus: God of Sky/Wind followers of this God can manipulate wind, fly, and have enhanced stamina

Nero: God of Nature/Life followers of this God can control nature and communicate with all living creatures

Secondary Gods

Gods who were once Mortal but was chosen by the primary Gods

Psyke: God of mind/Psychic: Disciples of this God have telekinesis, emotion manipulation, and enhance Telepathy

Eos: God of Light/good/creation: Followers of this God can manipulate/Create Light and have Enhanced speed and flight

Yami: God of Darkness/Destruction: Disciples of this God can Manipulate/Control Darkness, Night vision.

Kratos: God of Power/Space: Disciples of this God have enhanced magical power and can manipulate space

Artemis god of time: Followers of this God can see way into the past and into the future and can erase memories.

Kane: God of evil/infinity: Curse of Kane disciples of this God die in 1 hour after being chosen by this God; Powers of this god is Unkown.

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