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short fantasy stories thrown togheter and inspired by real events or roleplay events that i have lived through

Fantasy / Adventure
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The bard of elves

The bard of the elves

There once was an elf who sang so beautifully that no one could withstand his singing. The woods would sprout new trees every time he played. His instrument was a homemade loute where he could play it as a flute to create wondrous melodies. This elf did not only play but also sing. The legend of his beginnings as told by many but never by him. Why does someone may ask that one so great at playing and singing never told his own story. Well he was always alone except for the trees and the animals that listened to him sing and play.

In his youth this elf had been blessed by the mother, the father and Artha. His blessing was to become the greatest bard in the world. Unfortunately this attracted lots of attention and he was famous, everybody loved him. Soon a old warlock came by his music and stories, this was the cruelest of all the dark mages and he hated the happy cheerful singing and talking, especially the dancing. The Dark mage decided to give the bard a bowl, an enchanted bowl which would give endless berries. However the bowl was also cursed, the one who ate from the bowl would forever be uggly. The bard accepted the bowl and during the night you could hear the horrendous screams coming from the crowd as the bard stepped forward to start his show.

He now resides in the deepest of woods, feeding by what nature gives and the bowl of course. He protects the world from the bowl and the legend is told about his golden music which no mortal ear longer hears.

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