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The Cursed Hunter

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This is the story of a legend, a myth no one thought existed as nothing more than a story to scare little kids but his real, so real only a few people know he existed and for good reasons. They say his cursed but little did they know he was made from a mixture of black magic, demon's blood, hunter's blood and the late alpha king's blood. One of a kind, cursed kind of creature. You could say he was a prince. They are scared of him and he knows but he is a necessary means to balance the powers of the realm to avoid another tyrant from emerging, since the last blood wars which lasted for 8 years and he ended the war single handedly or so they thought. Some of the gods saw him as an abomination but the others saw him as a means to keep the peace and so they decided to help him help them fulfil their own plans so the moon goddess took him in, trained him with the help of some the gods and goddesses to help him became powerful and formidable and feared by all species and he killed some gods to make a point. He and the moon goddess's daughter Lana become best friends and a bastard Demi-god Tristan build brother like bond and they become inseparable until the day his powers almost killed him and everything he came to love so the moon goddess sealed half of his powers to give him more time until he finds his mate. Two centuries later with 60 days left to live the unexpected happens.

Fantasy / Romance
King Arthur
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I am James Halcyon

James POV

My name is James, James Halcyon. I know a funny last name right? Thanks to my idiot demigod of brother Tristan who is an illegitimate son of the primordial deity Erebus who was born of chaos, he's is a scary dude, and Kara Martins, a female werewolf with alpha genes who died giving birth to him and our goddess for a sister Lana who is the daughter of the moon goddess or Luna as her creations Oh! I mean werewolves/children call her who apparently helped in raising me with the help of some gods and goddesses. So they picked the name and we agreed on it as our last name Halcyon, it means kingfisher in Greek but I'm not really a fan of fish; I'm more of a meat guy myself.
Who would have guessed? I, an abomination as some would say but I call BS on that crap. Made of some crazy strong black magic which made me immortal at some point in my life I don't really age much still look 24 but I'm dying and I'm not really worried about the dying part or so I thought.
I'm part demon but not any demon blood was used but the blood of an archdemon who I don't give an ass hat about, his name is Mephisto. We've met a few times and he's an annoying asshat. The last time we spoke he was like "You need to embrace your powers, your true powers" and gave me that I could be doing more crap speech. What a pain in my ass. I got some cool powers like summoning demons and stuff. The rest you'll find out later in my story.
Part hunter; hunter blood is usually silver and have cool tattoos that grow each time they kill a supernatural creature like a vampire or werewolf and so on you get the point but in my case, my blood is almost a combination of gold and black ink plus my tattoos are only on my left arm, halfway across my back and a little on my left peck. It looks like the drawing of vines with thorns, blue flowers, and a tribal tattoo in the mix, with my body count it should have covered my entire body just saying.
Part werewolf but not just any werewolf I'm the last descendant of the late alpha king Darius Cole who was a power-hungry tyrant whom I killed two centuries ago but it feels like yesterday to me every single day of my existence. That's a story I'll get into later.
I have 60 days left to live before I die from my bloodlust and powers I stole from some gods I killed with the help of Tristan back in our fun havoc-wrecking days.
Good times.
I was or still am feared as the most dangerous creature in the whole realm. People don't mention my name because they think I'd appear and kill them all LOL funny people, it gives me a good laugh every now and then but in the past 100 years I lived among the humans and amassed wealth and decided to live my last days in peace with Tristan handling our business he might be seriously looking but he is a big softy very compassionate unlike me I'm quite the opposite I look cute and cuddly but I'm as deadly as they come as Lana would say.
I decided to take a road trip back to where I was created or born Caltrax, in my favorite car Ford Shelby Mustang GT navy blue with black stripes, man I love this car even with my enhanced speed nothing compared to the sound this car makes is so sweet to my ears American muscle doing 140 km/h on the freeway while listening to one of my favorite band's starset antigravity.
Almost close to my private land which is huge by the I can't really remember the landmarks but I left it in the care of a wolf I saved Eric Collins he has some alpha blood in him and I trained and almost killed him during training at one time; give him a little of my blood to heal him and in the process, he got crazy powered up like the kind that you see in movies, long story short he became the first Direwolf. I may have done that to save him and myself from another guilt I don't want on my conscience and Luna was kinda skeptical at first but she was later cool with it. Turns out I made him sort of immortal with few of my powers and he found his mate Mara White who is a werewolf with some crazy skills with the sword; that woman loves her katana and knives. I also trained with her. Eric had a tough time with her, he has scars to prove it just don't piss her off or you lose a body part if you are a man you'll understand what I mean.
I helped them secure the lands my father owned, with the help of Lana and her mom along with the help of Tristan and the council knew better not to come at me with their BS. We gathered pack members from all over the realms. Mostly, those who were displaced and have no family or home because of the blood wars. I mean not just werewolves, vampires, humans, witches and warlocks, hybrids, demigods, hunters, and lycans with this kind of mix we renamed the pack to Black Onyx the name was Lana's idea but it sounded cool at the time, don't blame me if it sounds weird or strange.
I left the lands after I had an episode again a century ago which lead to the moon goddess sealing half my powers which she said would eventually kill me in the next century and a half which was so close but I didn't care if I died but seeing Lana's and Tristan's tears made me think otherwise to find a way to live, so Aphrodite the goddess who is so hot and sexy by the way said that the only way to keep my powers in check and live the rest of my immortal life is to find a MATE which I thought was gonna be easy but Luna said there is no one for me among her children who could handle me and my powers. A mate is supposed to help you balance out your powers and stuff like that. I spent most of my time searching for her which I did for a couple of decades and lost hope but Lana keeps encouraging me to never lose hope so I tried to look hopeful as long as I can but I'm just prolonging the inevitable.
Until something strange happened; my wolf was on edge and he spoke which he hasn't done in a century since she died at the hands of rouges. By she I mean Kara Lin, my first love, we'll talk about her later on.
Axel was seriously on edge and pacing in my mind until the wind carried the scent to my nose Rouges! I sent my shadow demon Drax to find a location and how many they are. Drax "They are a dozen of them and they are moving fast, south-east of pack land" With that info I sped up, doing 210 Km/h in my car when I was off road I popped open my trunk and geared up with my twin katana blade made of adamantine and silver, some knives laced with silver nitrate and two desert eagles which I called brave and bold with bullets laced in wolfsbane and my favorite trench coat to hide the blades behind me. What? You'll always have to be prepared you don't know when shit going to happen, that's life and I'm always prepared on all occasions.
I started running in the direction the rouges were heading, I'm faster than some wolves in my human form thanks to my demon blood. Dashing through the thick dense forest and vegetation in record time. Drax "They are heading for the pack which is not less than a mile from your location and also the orphanage home is closet to our current location" At the mention of that my eyes flashed deep orange almost close to losing myself to my bloodlust but the sealing spell keeping it at bay.
I get to the point at the edge of the boundary waiting for the rouges with a sword in my left hand and a gun in my right. I didn't waste time before the rouges could smell me, nature was with me today. Shot two bullets; headshots, each killing two rouges and rendering the third unable to fight because of the wolfsbane. My gun is custom-made and packs a punch. I love fighting, when the rouges knew what was going it was already too late for them anyways LOL and they were face to face with their death which was not going to be a quick one. Rouge "Who the hell are you?
"Answer me?"
One of them spoke I didn't really care my hands were just itching for a massacre.
The rouge yells attack and I wait until they are all in the open then I attacked with both my blades and keeping my gun because I wanted to enjoy this fight if you could call it that.
The first came clawing at me half shifted but loses his left arm and then later his head, the next I swung sideways cutting him in half but failed to block the blow coming from my right and the fucker punched my jaw and I didn't even feel it but I took a step back giving the rouge and opportunity to get a clean strike which he took and to his death, he came I sliced him so fast he was dead before he landed. The others are now in Shock and panicking thinking of retreating. Like I'd let them escape or live here alive. I didn't even let them think I just killed all of them or so I thought.
I was so engrossed in the massacre before me that I forgot about the two who peeled off from the fight and headed towards the orphanage.
The remaining two fools left to kill so Axel spoke to me again which was strange.
Axel "Keep that one with the blonde hair alive until we get some answers."
I agreed so I pulled out my gun so fast none of them could react in time I shot the blonde one's leg and he screamed which was music to my ears.
The other one tried to run but it was nice to know that my knife-throwing skill is still sharp as ever. Like I said not going to be a quick death, so I go to the other rogue and left him off the ground by his throat and I chop off his right arm for good measure. He screamed and tried to attack me again smiles I must say I was impressed he didn't give up but that didn't matter he was dead anyway so I chopped him down to size literally.
I picked up the blonde rogue by his throat "What are you guys doing here? What was your plan if you managed to get into the pack lands?"
Blonde Rogue "we we we were asked to kidnap some of the kids and bring them back to our alpha for an experiment" That pissed me off more.
James "What experiment?"
I squeeze his throat a bit.
He chokes
Blonde rogue "I don't know but i-it was to create something like an abomination like you." He chuckled at the statement and my eyes flashed crimson almost bloodred.
James "Well I was going to let you live but your tongue just cost you your life." I increased the force I was using to squeeze his neck and snapped his neck and I watched as his body dropped from my hand but what came next took me by surprise.
Drax "Some wolves are heading here six of them all warriors led by a bloodhound". I decided to wait but I smelt something sweet and tasty. Oh boy! The scent was delicious. Chocolate rose with a hint of caramel. I was a little bit covered in blood but not my blood.
I put back my blade in its sheath.

My first instinct along with Axel's was to track down that scent and I was also scared at the same time. Part of me knew what it was and the other part wanted to run as far as possible but it was a bit too late for that until I heard footsteps behind me one in human form and the rest in wolf form which was weird but I could smell her and feel her steering at my back as she came to a halt observing her surroundings and wondering who the hell is that? I turned to face her and the wolves.

Axel screamed in my head, MATE! MATE! MATE! and the demon part of me had my blood boiling. It made me flinch a little but I masked my facial expression quickly I tried to walk away or so I thought until I was only three steps away from her and she knew what was going on but before I could ask for her name,

Drax "Two of the rouges escaped us and are heading for the orphanage" Rouge "you didn't kill us all and you are too late, we've won."

I was about to shoot the fvcker but she beat me to it, a clean shot in between the brows, and the funny thing is that it was my gun she used. I didn't have time to be surprised by her I Just let Axel take over and darted in the direction of the rouges.

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