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Taken by the Beast

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This is the story of two scarred souls. One tormented by suffering and abuse, the other torn with memories of another life and revenge. In the world they live, one rule and the other is ruled. Submission and endurance are the only ways for the humans, or lowers- how they are called. What will happen when the thirst of revenge is the only thing that's left to live for? What will happen when the two souls will meet halfway through their dried tears and silenced screams? Will they mend one another, or will the darkness swallow them?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Mirabeth’s life has not been an easy one. Shunned and mistreated all her life because of her ‘curse’, her only dreams are those of a peaceful, happy life. Given by her uncaring father to a abusive man in marriage, she tries to accept her fate and does her best to cope with everything.

But fate had another plans.
He came for her. The beast, the exiled, the killer. And he took her.
She struggled, she cried and she begged. All in vain.
She prayed to the Sun and the Moon that at least he will give her a quick death. But her prayers vanished in thin air. He had other plans.
He hated her kind with all his soul. Or, at least what was left of it.
He waited, endured and suffered for years, waiting for his revenge. And the payback was in his grasp.
His sick, twisted laughter filled the grim path of the forest as he dragged her further away from the only home she ever knew, her sobs and prayers falling on deaf ears.
The time for peace ended.
The time of reckoning has begun.


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