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A girl named Lane Bailey from 1953, Great Britain, whose parents are extremely protective, does not listen to her family and goes to a fair in London, "Flower Fair", her parents told her that in that fair they people disappeared, but she did not pay attention to what her parents said, and when she arrives at the Fair she has a real surprise.

Fantasy / Drama
Giza Marama
4.8 4 reviews
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Lane Bailey, the daughter of Mayor Marc Bailey, a young lover of travel, new things and freedom, stuck in her own bitterness by her authoritarian and gullible parents, sick of lies and followers of deception, forced to endure their childish behavior, but in love with mystery , you never know what's in a box if you don't open it.
With a real desire to change the world and discover things never seen before, a 19-year-old girl as gentle as a rabbit but cunning as a fox, brunette with gray eyes, just like a fairytale princess, but not the princess she finds the prince on a white horse, but the free and determined princess, the princess who does not depend on anyone to live, a beautiful bird locked in a cage, could fly away, could see the corners of the world, could cross mountains and waters, but like any migratory bird, it finds no place anywhere because its place is in the air, with its wings outstretched to the unseen, but even less so in a cage, in an old mansion, bound and urged to suffer by its own parents. , a bird locked in a cage is a wilted plant, the other birds fly over her cage trying to help her, but the only person who can help her is herself.
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