Some Mate You Are...

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Some Mate You Are

He climbed on top of me as I laid back against the leather sofa. I could feel his hard member pressing against me. I knew that he was ready for me just as I was for him. I knew that it was very normal for mates to meet and make love in the very same night. What was happening between us was not an anomaly, so I did not feel shame. I had set out tonight to have good sex anyway, there was no one better that I could think to do that with than my mate.

There was only one thing that nagged at the back of my mind. One item that caused my pause as his hands began to roam my body, making their way downwards. I still had yet to see his face. His hands were groping and reaching for my most tender parts, but my eyes still had not beheld his.

I had to see who it was that I was giving myself to before I gave in completely. Even if I did not recognize him, as I assumed that I would not, I still, at the very least, wanted to be able to put a face to the intense feelings that he was stirring within me.

I made an immediate decision. Before anything would go any further, I would look at his face. I had to take control of the situation before he had me marked and I did not even know his name. I may have been a bit of a party girl, but I was not going to be THAT bad.

So, I used all my strength and flipped him off me, rolling us off the couch and onto the fluffy accent rug sprawled across the floor. I positioned myself on top of him, straddling his waist. I pinned his shoulders to the floor, using my weight to control the situation. I was a trained warrior after all, I knew how to take down another.

I looked down at his face, my gaze locking with his. I stared down into his beautiful green orbs, ones that I knew fairly well. I gasped, shocked at the realization of who my mate was and where he had been all this time.

I did not know how to process the information. I felt a range of emotions swirling, violently, throughout my being. Excitement. Betrayal. Confusion. I had no idea how to feel in the moment. A plethora of feelings swirled inside me. All I managed was one word…


“Marvel.” He growled back.

I could hardly believe my ears as he spoke. This was the first time since we were children that he had called me by my first name. I felt a moan threatening to escape from my lips, but I fought to suppress it. I was not going to give in to the bond that easily. Not now that I knew that he had been hiding right under my nose for months.

Enzo did not hesitate, he began to lean towards me, attempting to join our lips together again. For a moment, my own throbbing core had me considering giving in to his request. But I denied myself as I wanted answers more than I wanted sex. I pushed him back down, pinning him to the floor, keeping the small amount of space that existed between us intact.

“You are my mate?” I questioned, still in disbelief.

“I should think that much is obvious.” He replied, sarcastically.

“Now is really not the time to cop an attitude with me.”

“What’s the matter, mate? Not as hot and bothered as you were a minute ago.”

He began to grind his hips underneath me. Rubbing his center against my core. Only his jeans and the thin fabric of my panties separating our parts. I squeezed my thighs around him, attempting to stop his movements, but it only spurred him further. I lifted myself up, so that our bodies no longer met in that sensitive area. However, he countered the action by lifting himself into me.

“Stop it, Enzo!” I growled.

“What is wrong? You wanted it a moment ago.”

“That was before I realized that my mate has been lying to me since my birthday.”

He groaned out in frustration, pausing his movements.

“Can we not make a big deal about this, Marvel? Please?”

I pushed myself off of him. I stared at him in disbelief, my mouth hanging open.

“You have been hiding the fact that we are mates since my birthday. And you do not want me to make a big deal out of it? I thought my mate was a rogue who was rejecting me!”

“Well, I’m not a rogue. I’m your Alpha and, if you remember, your oldest friend. Can we just get past this already?”

“You are a real ass, Enzo.” I huffed.

I stood up and began to straighten my outfit, fixing myself.

“Come on, Marvel. It’s not a big deal. I’m just not ready for a mate.” He groaned.

“Not ready for a mate?! You are twenty-two, how can you not be ready for a mate? You had two years to prepare for this moment.”

“Look, it is not just about the whole mate thing, alright? I just don’t know if I am ready for any of it. You know that once we reveal that we are mates, I have to take over, immediately, as Alpha. You will have time to ease into your duties as Luna, but I have to act as Alpha right away. Then there is the whole idea of being tied down all together. I just don’t know if I am built for it.”

“So, are you rejecting me?” I asked, pointedly, forcing my voice to remain steady as I spoke.

My jaw clenched, tightly, so that it did not quiver. I did not want him to know how much he was affecting me.

“No! I just…uh…I don’t know.” He shrugged, looking pathetic, still sitting on the floor, pouting.

His behavior over the years and his treatment towards me had left a lot of distaste for Enzo in my mind. He had let me down over and over again. Yet, through it all, I had never been more disappointed in him than I was in THIS moment. I felt my heart shattering as the mate bond squeezed at my soul. I would for ever be tormented by him and his pull.

“Some mate you are.” I scoffed.

I turned away from him, shaking my head, sadly. I heard him call after me, but I did not turn back. I did not need to hear any more that he had to say. If he did not want to be with me, then I would not force it on him. He wanted us to stay away from each other then so be it. We would stay away from each other.

As far as I was concerned, we never had to speak again.

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