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The Mate Bond

Kiara and I had just returned from our evening run. Aida had chosen not to join us this time as she needed alone time with Tyrus. I could not blame her, and I did my best to ignore the jealousy that was bubbling in my gut. She and her mate were perfect together. Tyrus loved Aida as a mate should and she loved him in return. I did not know if I was ever going to experience anything like that. But I shook that feeling off and did my best to remind myself that I am angry not upset.

I immediately headed into the shower when I arrived at home. Stripping my clothes off in my room as I walked into the en suite bath. I turned the shower on high because I needed to soothe my aching muscles. I had been pushing myself harder than I normally would, and my body was paying the price for it. I stepped into the soothing water and allowed the steam to envelope me. I sighed in relief as the hot water began to roll down my back.

After about an hour of relaxation, I finally stepped out of the shower. The steam flowed into the room, filling it with a light fog. The air quickly cleared and dissipated around me as I had forgotten to close the bathroom door behind me. Not as though it mattered, it was very unlikely that anyone would come into my room anyway.

I quickly wandered across that tile floor and went into my room. I turned to the left as soon as I was out of the bathroom door. I flicked on the stereo that sat on my shelf, tuning into some music to soothe my rollercoaster of emotions. I turned around to go towards my dresser on the other side of the room. All I had on my mind, was a comfy pair of pajamas that I intended to slip on and the sounds of the song coursing through my speakers.

But when I turned around there was something unexpected in my room, sitting on my bed. I screamed in surprise and dropped my towel as my hands flew up into a defensive position. That was when he released his scent, a cool sea breeze. If he had only done that sooner, then I would have been more aware of his presence in my private space. Not sure why he was still bothering to hide it anyway, not like anyone else was going to mistake him for their mate.

I was just about to say something to him. I intended to lecture him on boundaries and the importance of personal space. He had no right to be in my room while I was showering when he did not want to be my mate. However, I was stopped from having any kind of chance to react to his intrusion.

In the blink of an eye, my back was slammed against the wall with such force that it knocked the breath out of me. My lips parted in a gasp that was quickly swallowed by Enzo’s plump, demanding lips claiming mine. I did not return his efforts at first. The shock keeping me from being able to effectively understand my situation.

By the time, my logical mind had kicked in it was too late. He had me pinned beneath his body and I was tingling with the sparks from the mate bond on every inch of my skin. The electrical surge finding its way straight to my core. I began to burn with need as my center throbbed in anticipation of his touch. I was a gasping mess of longing, feeling desperate in my desire.

His kisses left my lips as they traveled down my neck. His hands began to explore my body. Groping at my breasts. Everything inside me screamed out for him, begging to give in to our dark hunger. He suckled at the nape of my neck, the spot where his mark was meant to lie. I could not suppress the moan that escaped my lips. This spurred him further as he growled against my skin, pressing our bodies impossibly closer. Bucking his hip, so that I could feel how hard he had grown.

“Oh…Marvel…” he panted.

Hearing his voice was all it took. My heart begged for him, but my brain had more sense. My body shivered hearing him breathe out my name. But my mind began to reel with unanswered questions. I gathered every ounce of strength that I had inside of me and I pushed him off my body.

I stood firm, in all my naked glory, my jaw set. I did not care if he looked at me, I was not ashamed of my form. Not to mention, he did not seem to mind at all. He did not even appear deterred from his intentions by my forcing space between us. He merely stared at me, breathing heavily, with dark, lust-filled eyes.

I stared back, glaring at him.

“What are you doing here?” I demanded.

"I should think that much was obvious." H stated, adjusting the stiff rod in his pants.

"Well, you can forget about that." I asserted, folding my arms across my chest.

He ran his fingers through his silky hair in frustration. He closed his eyes as he took in a deep breath, releasing it slowly before looking at me again.

“Why have you been avoiding me?” He questioned.

“You know why. Don’t be an idiot.”

“Don’t call me an idiot.”

“Then don’t act like one.”

I had a sudden sense of déjà vu from our childhood together. Before he had pushed me away the first time. I took a deep breath and tried to gather myself together. We were going to get nowhere if we continued to behave like young pups. We are adults now and we needed to act like it. Even if it was surprisingly easy to revert to old behaviors in his presence.

“Enzo…” I spoke, slowly, trying to control the conflicting emotions of desire and anger that were coursing through me. “Why are you in my room?”

“It was the only way to get you to talk to me.”

“What is there to talk about?” I shrugged, feigning disinterest in our situation.

“There is everything to talk about!” Enzo stepped towards me in irritation.

I did not flinch; I was going to stand my ground. I was not afraid of him, I knew that he would not hurt me, no matter how infuriated he may become. I was his mate and even if I had not been, I knew that he cared enough about me, on some level, to cause me no physical pain.

“I believe that you said all that you needed to at Kiara’s party. You are not ready to be the Alpha and you don’t want to be my mate.” I charged.

“That is not what I said and you know it.” Enzo came closer and placed his hands on my face. “I want you, I do…I just…”

His proximity was overwhelming and his touch was distracting me. I needed him to back off. I needed more space between us so that I could think properly. I was about to ask him to step back, when he brought his lips to mine again.

I had lost all control of this situation, I could not reconcile the feelings colliding within me. I began to return his hungry kisses for a moment. Before I finally regained myself, reminded that we were in the middle of a fight. I opened my eyes, pulled back from him and slapped him across the face.

He stared at me; shock clearly present in his wide green orbs. I was not certain if he had ever been smacked by a woman before. Though, I did not care, he needed to stop stealing kisses from me. Stop confusing me with his touch. When he was close to me, he was all I wanted. My very being yearned for him. Every cell inside my body cried out for his touch, like two magnets, drawn together no matter how much they try to part.

I had been fighting against the very thing that I was craving. The anger that I held towards him being no match for how the bond called out to me through the space between us. He continued to stare at me, panting heavily, wearing nothing but a beater and loose shorts. His normally bright green eyes were darkened, I knew that he was not angry, he was aroused. I could sense it pouring off him in waves. He wanted me as badly as I wanted him, despite all of my better intentions.

I did not want to give into it. I did not want him to have the satisfaction of feeling me so intimately. The joining of our bodies together in harmony. Not again. I knew that it would be the best sex that either of us had ever had. That was how it was meant to be with your mate. Your body molded to theirs, made for each other, you could please each other in ways that you had never before dreamed possible. The tingling sensation that flowed through our touch, certainly did not harm things.

I could not help but wonder. If I did not take this opportunity, as it stood before me, to feel the ecstasy that being with your mate was supposed to produce. Then would I ever have a chance to experience that kind of euphoria again? Or would I miss out on the only opportunity that I may ever have to feel what it is to be locked in sweet carnal bliss with the person who represents that other half of your soul? The feeling of two mates joined in union?

“Fuck it.”

I rushed at Enzo and jumped onto him without him having the opportunity to prepare himself. He fell backwards onto my bed and I straddled him from above, still completely naked.

“Changed your mind?” I questioned with an eyebrow cocked.

“Don’t talk. Unless it’s to scream my name.” I instructed, then I crashed my lips down onto his.

Our mouths formed together, and he pulled me down into his body. We both moaned into each other’s mouths at the increased contact. I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth and nipped at it lightly. He opened his mouth and granted me entrance. Our tongues tangled together in a dance; our battle for dominance only beginning.

He flipped me over, so that I lay on the bed and he pressed his body over mine, careful not to put his full weight down. He groaned into my mouth as he ground his center against my throbbing core.

“Stop…trying…to…dominate. I…am…an…Alpha. You…will…never…win.” He claimed in between kisses that he continued to pepper on my lips.

I let him believe that I was giving into his demands for the moment. I allowed my body to relax and I let him take the lead on our kisses. But the wolf within me would not give in so easily. I had never been one to be dominated, as the Beta’s daughter, I was typically higher ranking that the wolves that I slept with. I was not used to being dominated and would not do down without I fight.

My logical mind told me to give over to my Alpha and mate. But my competitive side reminded me that as his mate we were, technically, equals. His Alpha title did not matter when it came to us. If I wanted to be in charge, then I could be. I knew that I should not do. I knew that it was only to spur things onward if I did, but, once again, I could not help myself.

I wrapped my legs, tightly, around his waist, then I used my weight against him. Flipping us back over so that I was on top. If he had anticipated the move, then I may not have pulled it off so easily, but luckily for me, he was not prepared. I was successful in taking my position above him. Then without giving him a chance to respond, I extended my claws and shredded them across his shirt. Then I used the openings to rip it away from his body.

I needed more contact between us. My skin craved to be against his. Touching every inch that I could reach. I ran my fingers over his muscled abdomen and I felt him begin to shiver beneath my touch.

“Good. This is how I want him to feel. I want him to beg for it.” I thought to myself.

He sat up from his spot, propping himself on his elbow. He reached forward with his free hand and began to massage one of my breasts before his mouth found its way to other one. I let out a soft moan as my breathing quickened. I ground myself down against him, I could feel his hard, thick member throbbing beneath his shorts. He moaned against my breasts, sucking my nipple further into his mouth.

I pushed against him, harder. I wished that the fabric of shorts, which still existed between us was not there. I wanted to feel him against me. I thought that I was about to get my wish as I felt him reach down towards his waist. I lifted myself, slightly, to give him room to remove the fabric.

However, I was quickly surprised when he flipped me over and I landed onto the soft mattress with a thud. He did not climb back on top of me, but instead lay next to me. Pulling me against him. His fingers brushed gently against my exposed skin.

“Patience…” he whispered into my ear. “This is the first time that I get to have you. I am going to savor every moment.”

I whimpered at the thought that he meant to take this slow. I was already a quivering mass of need. I did not know how much I could take.

“Don’t worry.” He breathed, hushing me. “You are going to enjoy this.”

I gasped as his fingers found their way between my thighs and continued to travel upward. When he reached my core, his fingers began to flick at my bundle of nerves before finding their way towards my entrance.

“You are already so wet.” He groaned out and I felt his member twitch against me.

Without another word, he had a finger inside of me, followed by a second and then I third. I moaned out and the sensation of being stretched and filled. He thrust his fingers in and out, the sparks from our bond sending me into a frenzy. When he curled his fingers against me, I cried out, not caring who could hear.

“You are so much tighter than I had expected.” He moaned out as his own need began to build.

I could not respond, and he continued to pump his fingers in and out of me, rubbing his thumb against my sensitive nerve bundle. My mind was mush, my body putty in his hands. He played me like an instrument that he knew well.

“Enzo…” I moaned only driving him to increase his rhythm.

“Oh…I love it when you say my name like that.” He growled, seductively, in response.

“Enzo…” I moaned again, louder. “I’m going to…”

Before I could finish the sentence I could feel the hot moisture being released and I cried out in relief.

“Good girl.” Enzo whispered. “Now my turn.”

I had not even had moment to try and catch my breath before Enzo was on top of me. He kicked his shorts on his legs and of past his knees. He bent down and took a sniff of my throbbing, wet core.

“So sweet.” He sighed.

Then in a swift motion he leaned forward and I felt his tongue licking and teasing the same bundle of nerves that was already beyond its capacity.

“Oh my…” I cried out in surprise.

“You like that do you?” He asked before flicking his tongue against my core again.

“Y-yes…” I managed through a breathy moan.

“I like it to. You taste sweeter than sugar.” He groaned as he licked his tongue along the entire length of my throbbing center. “Unfortunately, I cannot wait any longer to be inside of you, so this is going to have to wait.” He stated before flicking his tongue against my most sensitive mass again.

“Enzo…” I cried out.

He did not hesitate another moment. I felt him line his shaft up with my entrance and began to push himself inside of me. I cried out at the fullness of it. I thought that his three fingers had made me feel stretched, now I realized that he had merely been attempting to prepare me for the size of the real thing. I could feel it pulsating inside of me as we both struggled to ease it in.

Once I had managed to adjust to his size, he began moving again. Slowly increasing his speed as he slid in and out of me. Our bodies moved together in harmony as it two puzzle pieces that were always meant to fit. Entangled in a symphony of bliss, never had a felt anything like what I was feeling with Enzo inside of me.

We both cried out, moaning and calling each other’s names without a care in the world. We were not in a house full of other wolves; it was just the two of us, in our own universe, immersed completely within each other. It was as though our souls reached out, embracing each other as electrical surges exploded throughout my body like fireworks.

Encased in a cocoon of pure bliss as we rolled around enthralled in each other. This truly was the most euphoric and passionate that I had ever felt with another. I could hardly tell where I ended, and he began as we melted together our souls entwined.

I felt the orgasm building inside of me again, begging for release. I cried out as my juices flowed out of me, my insides in spasm around his thick member. At the same moment, I felt him buck against me, his body stiffening. He cried out before collapsing onto me. I could feel his hot seed having filled my insides to the brim.

We laid there, panting, our bodies still interlocked. His head rest on my chest and my fingers twisted through his hair. I was not certain what to say or what to think. My emotions were all over the place and my nerves were in a frenzy. My body was on a high as my brain searched for meaning.

As he finally lifted himself off me, he paused a moment to plant a long, slow kiss on my neck, where his mark should lay. He grazed his teeth, gently, across my skin. I wondered, momentarily, if he was going to try to mark me. I felt my body begin to vibrate, radiating from the touch of his canines against me. Would I allow him to do it if he tried? Would he let me stop him if I tried? I did not have long to worry though. He merely nipped at my skin before raising off me and reaching for his shorts.

I wanted to ask what this meant for us. But I knew better than to do so. I was not a shy, meek, or unconfident girl. I spoke my mind often and had gotten in trouble for on it on many occasions. But this time, I was not sure that I wanted to hear the answer. For the moment, I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of having been with my mate.

I pushed myself off the bed and went into my bathroom. I grabbed a pair of pajamas on the way. I cleaned myself up and then headed back into my room. Exhausted and ready for bed. I fully expected that Enzo would be gone when I returned, and I tried not to let that bother me too much.

Although, I was apparently, too quick to judge how Enzo would behave after we slept together. I found him, shirtless, sprawled out on my bed. I climbed in next to him, careful to keep my distance. I was not going to allow him to accuse me of being another one of his clingy groupies. To my great surprise, I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me as he pulled me close to him. He nuzzled his nose into my hair, and we fell asleep. No words were exchanged between us. For the moment, none needed to be.

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