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Coming Clean

Later that night, dinner was fast approaching. I thought about skipping it for once, but I knew that I needed to face my parents, sooner or later. I was going to have to explain what happened to them, no matter how uncomfortable that it made me, and hope that they understand. I was sure they would. They could remember what it was like to be newly mated. But I did not know how I was going to go about explaining my, particular, circumstances to them.

I took in a deep breath as I walked into the dining room. I took my usual seat in the center of the table while my parents sat on either end. There was no turning back now. My parents did not say a word to me. They did not even acknowledge my presence. I could feel their disappointment radiating off of them and I hated it. I was not the best child, but they had come to accept most of my faults. This one though, they had always warned me against. They did not want me to fall into Enzo’s trap because they knew that I would only end up hurt in the end.

“I think that we should talk about what happened.” I admitted with a sigh breaking the tense silence between us.

“I do not think that is necessary.” My father groaned.

I knew that he did not wish to discuss my sex life. That was always a topic that we had avoided. It made him uncomfortable to think of his child behaving in that manner. That is part of what made this so much worse. My father preferred to stay in the dark for these kinds of topics.

“Unfortunately…” I huffed. “It is necessary.”

“I just have to know why…” My mother interjected, suddenly. “Why, Enzo? You know how he is, Marvel. I love the boy like a son and I’m sure that he’ll make a good Alpha one day. But he is not a good partner for you. He goes through girls faster than he goes through clothes and being a wolf, especially an Alpha, you know that is saying something.”

“I know, mom, believe me, I do.”

“Then why? Why would you put yourself through that, honey? There are so many better choices out there. What about Alpha Harm’s offer to visit his pack to find your mate?” She questioned, exasperated.

“I already found my mate.” I found myself blurting out.

“You did?! That is wonderful news!” My mother cheered before turning serious again. “That just makes what you did last night with Enzo that much worse!” She chastised.

“No…it doesn’t.” I paused still uncertain that I was ready to say the next part to them. “Enzo IS my mate.”

It was now or never, I supposed.

“What?!” Both my parents exclaimed, at the same time.

“Enzo is my mate.” I repeated, slowly.

“You are m-mated to...Enzo?” My mother asked, still seeming uncertain.

“Yes.” I confirmed.

“Enzo? As in the future Alpha of this pack, Enzo?” My mother pressed for further clarification.

“Yes, mother, Alpha Enzo Parker, future leader of the Crescent Moon Pack.” I specified, hoping this would be enough for her.

“Well, that is great news, sweetheart!” My father spoke up, surprising both my mother and me.

We both turned to face them, our mouths agape. I had not at all expected for either of my parents to be happy about this, but least of all, my father.

“Really?” I queried; an eyebrow arched.

I wondered if some alien being had just switched places with my father without our realizing it.

“Yes! This is fantastic news! My daughter will be the next Luna of our pack! You could not ask for much better for your pup!” He exclaimed.

“You do realize that we are talking about Enzo, here?” My mother reminded him. “Enzo Parker. The pup that you and his father are constantly chastising for his inappropriate behavior and his conduct with the females.”

“I know that he is a bit of a playboy.” My father admitted. “But a lot of young males are. It’s in our nature. But every wolf settles down once he finds his mate, as I’m sure that Enzo will.”

My mother sighed in response. Shaking her head. Things grew quiet over the next few moments. I was not eager to bring up the next half of the news. My father was excited that I was going to be the next Luna. How am I supposed to tell him that I am being rejected? It is such a shameful thing. I was so embarrassed. How I would ever live this down, I did not know. My family is high ranking in the pack, and it would take no time at all for the information to spread. I wished the ground would just swallow me whole.

“Wait…” my mother spoke, pulling me from my thoughts. Her face was crinkled together as if she had been doing some deep thinking herself. “If you and Enzo are mates? How come we are just finding out about this now? You have been in the same house since your birthday. You should have found out months ago. Have you been keeping this secret all of this time?”

There it was…the question that I had been dreading. There was no avoiding the inevitable.

“Uh…he…umm…” I stammered, not knowing how else to say it. “Enzo, uh, hid his scent from me until Kiara’s birthday party.”

“Why would he do such a thing?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “He does not seem ready to find his mate.”

“The boy is twenty-two. Most wolves find their mates when they are twenty. How much time does he need?” My father grumbled.

I guessed that he was no longer feeling as happy about my mating to Enzo as he was a few moments ago.

“I don’t think he likes the idea of the commitment. He wants to be able to continue life as he always has.” I explained.

“So…he did not mark you last night?” My mother questioned, carefully.

I shook my head in response, as my eyes dropped to the table. I knew what that meant. Aida had made the same comment earlier in the day. A wolf who wants his mate would not be able to control themselves during intercourse. They mark their mate out of instinct, their animal nature acting as the driving force. Only a wolf who does not want his mate would resist marking her. This is how I knew, for certain, that I was being rejected. I had thought about that fact, long and hard, all day.

“Is he?” My mother could not even finish the sentence because of the shame.

“I believe so.” I responded, nodding my head in affirmation.

“How dare he!!!” My father bellowed, jumping up from the table, ready to go after Enzo.

“Jonas, sit down.” My mother bid, her voice remaining calm for my father’s sake. “You going after our future Alpha is not going to solve any problems. It will only create them. I understand that you are upset. I am as well. But you need to keep your composure.”

My father fell back into his seat with a growl. His arms crossed over his chest. His jaw clenched; his usually bright eyes were now dark as coal. He was seething, had Enzo been any other wolf in the pack, he would have made him pay for disrespecting his daughter. But, alas, Enzo is the Alpha’s son and there was nothing that could be done. It was not as though I would have wanted him to do anything anyway. I would never want someone to force Enzo to accept me. If he did not want me, then that was just the way of it. I would find a way to get on with my life. Of course, telling myself that, did nothing to dull the constant ache in my chest.

“I am so sorry, Marvel.” My mother offered, as she brushed her hand down my cheek.

“It is alright. I will get over it.” I assured her, trying to swallow down the lump in my throat.

“So…last night, then…”

“It was an accident.” I explained. “He came to talk to me and didn’t realize I was in the shower. We both got caught up in the heat of the moment. It won’t happen again.”

“I cannot imagine how hard this has to be on you.”

“I’ve had worse.” I lied.

“That’s my girl.” My father beamed, forcing himself away from his anger. “Walk it off.”

“Of course, dad.” I nodded and offered him a weak smile. “Can I…uh…can I be excused?”

“Yes, sweetie.”

I bid them both a quick good night. I did not intend to come out of my room again until the morning. The day had been overly emotional, and I was simply drained. I just wanted to curl up into my bed and sleep.

I climbed the stairs and went into my room. I stripped off my clothes and pulled on the first pajamas I could find. I dropped down onto my bed and pressed my face into the pillow. Then it hit me. His scent. His scent was all over my bed, I was suddenly drowning in the aroma of a cool sea breeze. Everything around me smelt of him. I could not take it.

I screamed into my pillow so that no one would hear me. Then I tossed it across the room in frustration. I jumped out of bed and began stripping the sheets off it. I tossed them into the dirty laundry hamper and went to find others in the linen closet. I had to completely remake my bed; pillowcases and all.

Once I had successfully rid my room of his scent, I was finally able to relax. I climbed back into the bed and sunk into the mattress. Appreciative of the comfort that it now provided me since his treacherous smell was gone. I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. I was going back to keeping as much distance between us as was possible.

He did not want me. That is fine.

I did not want him either.

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