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Beach Party

A few hours later and we were ready for the beach party. Kiara and I could hardly contain our excitement at getting the chance to let loose again. It had been too long since I had allowed myself the opportunity to relax. I was ready to cut loose and forget all of my worries. And Kiara, well, she was always ready for a good party. It was one of things that I liked best about her. I never had to worry about celebrating alone because she would never turn down a good time.

I slipped on my black and turquoise bikini with a long flowing skirt to cover the bottom half. I had pulled up my hair into a messy bun and finished the look with a light layer of makeup. I was feeling good about myself for the first time since Enzo and I had spent the night together. So I intended to live it up and take advantage, maybe flirt with a couple of handsome wolves. No harm, no foul.

Kiara and I knocked on the door across the hall. Tyrus and Aida were quick to pop out, looking forward to the party as well. Now that we were all together, we headed towards the front of the pack house. I found myself a little more eager than I probably should have been to see Timber again.

I knew that I could not do anything with him, not without the guilt that would arise from such an act. But that would not stop me from enjoying his attentions. I could spend time with him and not feel badly about that at all. It was not as if I was actually in a relationship with anyone. However, there had been no official rejection either, so I felt unwillingly attached, for lack of a better phrase.

Timber stood waiting for us in front of the door. His brown eyes sparkled with the same lust that I had noted earlier as his eyes traveled across my body. I could not help the smirk that graced my face at the excitement of knowing that he was checking me out so shamelessly.

“Hey guys! Hope you settled in alright.”

“We did, thank you.” I assured him with a smile. “Good. I assure you that my pack and myself…” he paused to put emphasis on the word “myself” before continuing. “Really want you all to feel at home here.”

I did not miss the look that he gave me when he said that. I felt a strange mix of emotions at his overt statements. Part of me was as giddy as a schoolgirl at the thought that this extremely sexy wolf was interested in me. On the other hand, my thoughts kept wandering to Enzo and I kept catching myself comparing Timber to him. How Enzo’s lips were plumper than his or how Enzo’s hair had a softer look to it. It was clear that Enzo was the finer specimen of the two, but the constant intrusion of him in my thoughts was not welcome.

Timber was a well-built, very handsome wolf with the more laid-back personality of a surfer. Enzo was tough, stoic, and no one would ever describe him as “laid-back.” I needed to stop focusing on Enzo and start focusing on myself. He was not here right now. Timber was and we could have some harmless fun together, no strings attached, right?

As we began to head out towards the beach, Timber came up beside me and offered me his arm, which I gladly took. He led us to the party and when we arrived, his hand clasped over mine, keeping it in place. His smile was wide as he began to parade me around the party as if I was his date. Kiara following closely behind, though, she seemed to be oddly distracted, at present.

“Marvel. Kiara. I would like to introduce you to my Beta, Valentino.” Timber announced, as we approached a handsome wolf with dark hair.

He turned to us and offered a gorgeous, crooked smile. His face instantly dropped its expression as he took in a deep breath. His eyes narrowed and it felt as though he was looking right through me, as if I did not exist. His gaze fell past me to Kiara who stood behind me.

“Mine.” He growled.

“Mine.” She answered in response.

Timber pulled me out of the way by yanking me towards his chest, right before Kiara and Valentino rushed at each other. They jumped into each other’s arms and their mouths connected, not an inch of space between them. There was no hesitation on either of their parts as they sunk into each other, embracing.

I was so happy for Kiara that she had found her mate. He was very good-looking and a Beta no less. But I could not help but feel a hint of sadness, Blue Moon was located several hours from Crescent Falls. We would not be seeing each other as often anymore. I was really going to miss my best friend.

But I was not going to be selfish about this. I would not let my feelings get in the way of Kiara’s happiness. No matter how depressed I may have been. I would never want my friends to feel like they could not enjoy themselves because of me.

“How about we give them a little alone time?” Timber whispered in my ear, reminding me that I was still pressed, firmly, against him.

I nodded my head in affirmation, unable to speak in the moment. I was feeling a little flustered by the closeness between us. Part of me wanted to jump away from him, explaining that I was spoken for. The other part told me to enjoy it, I shook the thought of Enzo from my mind AGAIN and followed Timber where he led.

He took me to the area where many of the wolves were dancing to music being blasted from a stereo. He held me close again and we began to move together, swaying our bodies to the music as we went. I could not deny that we fit fairly well together.

After a few dances, I felt myself getting caught up in the intense gaze that Timber was giving me, locking my eyes with his. The way that he had ground his body against mine, expertly, was making me feel all kinds of ways. Had I still been an unmated wolf, then I would have been happy to jump his bones, right here, in front of everyone. However, I was, essentially, spoken for, so I kept reminding myself that our clothes needed to stay on.

Without warning, I felt his lips crashing down onto mine. Pushing against me with such force that it took a moment to determine what was happening. I thought about pushing him away, I instantly prepared myself to do that, placing my hands against his chest. But as he attempted to deepen the kiss, I found myself relaxing into it instead.

Was kissing Timber really so wrong? Enzo had plenty of opportunities to claim me as his mate over the last few months, but he had not taken any of them. We lived in the same house for Goddess’ sake! It was not as if he had to go far to find me.

I promised myself that I would not let things go too far. But instead of using the placement of my hands to send him away from me, I used my fingers to walk up his chest and over his shoulders, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him close.

We were already here, might as well enjoy it.

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