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The Wolf's Den

It had been several hours since our run in the woods. I tried not to dwell too much on the strange scent. If I caught it again, then I would worry about it. Until then, I just wanted to enjoy my birthday. Kiara and Aida had left some time ago to finish decorating the Wolf’s Den for my party later that night.

The Wolf’s Den is the local bar and nightclub. Even though the federal laws stated that people cannot drink legally until the age of twenty-one. Our pack had a different set of standards. We believed that once you could shift into your wolf at will, then you were old enough to drink. So, we had been hanging around at the Wolf’s Den, regularly, since we were eighteen.

I got ready for my big party, curling my dark black hair into big waves that perfectly framed my face. I applied just enough makeup so that you knew it as there; making certain that my bright blue eyes popped. Then I slipped into my brand-new sequined, cowl neck, halter-top, mini dress with an irregular hemline and slit up the side. I paired that with some sexy heels, and I checked myself over in the mirror. I was not one to toot my own horn very often, but I knew that I looked damn fine tonight. If my mate was at the Wolf’s Den, then I dared him to resist me.

After I was certain that I looked perfect, I went downstairs to join my parents for my birthday dinner. I knew this may not be the most appropriate outfit for dinner with my parents, but I wanted to be ready as soon as Kiara and Aida arrived. I was ready to party the night away. Plus, to be honest, my parents had seen me dressed in worse. My dad hated it but it was normal for wolves to be very open with their bodies. We spent a lot of time naked in front of each other when shifting. Not to mention, our animal instincts led us to have a hyper-active sex drive. But more about that later.

To both my delight and horror, when I entered the kitchen, my parents were not the only ones waiting for me. Instead, they were joined by our Alpha and his Luna. They both beamed at me, brightly, and I suddenly felt a little self-conscious. I knew that Alpha Griffith and Luna Rigina did not think of me as some pure angel. They knew what wolves were like at my age. But I still felt embarrassed to be addressing them while dressed this way. I tried to be dressed appropriately whenever I wandered to their side of the mansion.

“Alpha. Luna.” I offered a bow of submission to each of them as a sign of respect.

“Oh you stop that!” Luna Rigina teased as she reached forward and pulled me into a hug. “You know that you’re practically family!”

“Seriously. I even changed a few of your diapers. I barely did that with my own pup.” Alpha Griffith joked, causing me to blush.

I did not care to think of Alpha Griffith being forced to wipe my behind when I was a pup. The mere thought was mortifying. I knew that, both, the Alpha and his Luna helped to raise me when I was little; just as my parents had helped them with Enzo. But I still did not care to think of a time where our Alpha changed my diaper or helped to bathe me.

“Wasn’t it nice of Griffith and Rigina to join us for your birthday dinner?” My mother interjected with a smile. She was proud that her daughter’s birthday was an important enough occasion for the Alpha and Luna to recognize.

“It was very nice. I am honored.” I smiled, sincerely.

We all sat down and enjoyed the nice meal that my mother had spent the day preparing. She had certainly cooked a feast; the centerpiece being my favorite apple butter glazed ham made with my mother’s “famous” homemade apple butter. We chatted and shared stories of my childhood, many of them slightly embarrassing, but I still managed to enjoy myself.

After dinner, my mother dimmed the lights and revealed a birthday cake with twenty candles. Then they all proceeded to sing happy birthday to me before I blew out the candles. They told me to make a wish and I did. I wished that my mate be a member of this pack so that I never had to leave these people behind, my family.

After cake, I excused myself to fix my makeup in the restroom before returning to find Kiara and Aida had joined the group. They each were busy shoving a piece of cake into their mouths, but managed to finish quickly when they saw me. I thanked my parents, as well as, the Alpha and Luna for the wonderful birthday dinner. Then I rushed off after my friends so that the real party could begin.

Time to get wild.

When we arrived at the Wolf’s Den, the place was already packed. We walked inside then the entire crowd turned to face us and greeted me with a loud “Happy birthday, Marvel!” My friends had decorated the place using balloons and streams; glittering silver stars twisted and dangled from the ceiling. It was beautiful especially as the neon lights of the dance floor hit the shimmering stars, the light bouncing off them as they moved.

“Do you like it?” Aida asked.

“I love it! Thanks, you guys!” I cheered as I pulled them each in for a one-armed, side hug, squeezing their cheeks against my own.

We promptly made our way over to the bar, where the bartender, happily gave me a couple free shots to get my birthday started. I downed them without hesitation, one right after the other. I was going to get crazy tonight and I was not going to worry about the consequences.

After we had taken a few drinks each and were beginning to slowly feel the effects of the alcohol, we decided that it was time to dance. So, I led my friends to the dance floor, and we began to sway with the music. I was letting my slight buzz settle in, knowing that it would take a lot more to get me to where I wanted to be. As a wolf, I had an incredibly high tolerance. But still I was enjoying where my buzz was sitting, for the moment, at least.

When a wolf, that I knew well, named Carl made his way over to me. He whispered happy birthday in my ear before placing his hands on either side of my hips, pulling me towards him. I smiled as I began to grind myself against him, moving in rhythm with the beat. He was not the sexiest wolf that I had ever seen, but he was attractive enough with his short, curly, blonde hair and brown eyes. He was well-built like most wolves were, though a little too bulky for my tastes. However, he would do…for now.

Do not judge me. I was a she-wolf in her prime. So, what if I indulged in a bit of male attention now and then. It was not a crime. There was no longer a belief, in my pack, that we were required to remain chaste for our mates. Some may have still chosen this route, but the majority of us gave into our animal instincts, sooner or later.

I doubted that my mate was out there, somewhere, waiting for me, so I did not choose to wait for him. When we all reached puberty and I saw the male wolves humping anything that moved, I decided that it was a double standard to expect females to wait. If being my being a virgin was the only thing that mattered to my mate, then we probably were not going to last very long anyway. I could be a lot to handle.

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