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Kiara's Birthday

It had been several weeks since Alpha Harm’s visit to the pack. Nothing interesting had really happened as we had been spending the majority of our time planning Kiara’s party. Kiara was the wildest out of the three of us and we knew that her twentieth birthday had to be a major event. We were not going to let her down on that one.

We had, for all intents and purposes, planned a rave. We even ordered special outfits for the three of us to wear that night, so that it was something special. There was going to be disco balls, strobe lights, blacklights, and even a deejay that would spin the latest techno hits. We had glow sticks to play with and other flashing toys to spin around.

We had seen raves portrayed in movies and television shows, Kiara had always wanted to attend one, but that was not really a great idea. It was not always the smartest plan for wolves to party with humans that did not know about our existence. There was always that chance that someone could slip up.

In light of this, we were going to do the best that we could to recreate a rave inside the Wolf’s Den for Kiara’s birthday. We even got the owner to agree to have his staff wear flashing bowties that we had purchased for the evening. Everything was set and it was all going to be perfect. This would be a night that Kiara was never going to forget, whether she found her mate or not.

Of course, I did not realize at the time, how greatly that night would affect the course of my life either.

It was the day of Kiara’s twentieth birthday. We had spent the night before, feverishly, decorating the Wolf’s Den. There was way too much for us to do the day of, so we needed to decorate early. But we could not interrupt business, so we had to wait until it closed to do it the night before. We were up late making certain that everything was in its exact place.

Because of this, we had pushed back our usual morning run to the early afternoon. We would go on our run and then Kiara would come back to the pack house, with us, to get ready for her party tonight. There were plenty of bathrooms, so we could all shower at the same time without issue. Then we could present her with the outfit that we had ordered for her to wear to her party.

We had not told her about the outfit before as we did not want her to determine the theme of the celebration before we got to surprise her with it. All we told her was not to worry about what she was going to wear. Though, I was certain that she spent hours picking through her clothes for tonight anyway. She most likely carried a few outfits in the bag that she had brought with her.

After our showers, we all met in my room. I had stashed our outfits there as soon as they had arrived in the mail. I handed everyone their outfits and we all quickly dressed so that we could assess how we looked in what we had chosen. That was the risk of buying clothing items online, they did not always fit the way that you hoped that they would.

Once we were dressed, we all turned towards the center of the room to look at each other. Aida had chosen to stay slightly more conservative as Tyrus would not want her flaunting too much in front of other males. He was not usually a possessive male, but his jealousy instincts could kick in to drive if he felt threatened. For this reason, Aida had chosen a lime green, form-fitting dress, that tied in a halter around her neck and came down to her knees. There was a fishnet effect going up the side of the dress, starting just above her hip, giving the look a subtle but sexy effect.

We had gone all out for Kiara’s outfit, picking exactly what we knew she would want to wear. Her outfit was basically a bikini covered in large silver sequins in the shape of stars. There was a thin mesh that ran between the breast cups that was also decorated with large stars. Then sparkling, diamond star stickers, displayed across her stomach, along with a diamond studded star choker, that completed the look. We wanted her to feel like a star tonight, so we dressed her like one.

I, however, chose a multicolored bra piece that attached to a choker around my neck. It had sequins, expertly, blended into the fabric, so that they were hardly distinguishable from the fabric, itself. I glittered in a pearlescent sheen. This paired, perfectly, with the pearlescent sequin skirt that I had purchased. It barely covered anything, but I did not care. Tonight, was about making Kiara happy. It was not as though my mate would make an appearance, so he had no right to care.

I had not heard a single thing from him, nor smelt his scent on the winds since the night that Alpha Harm had visited. He had made himself scarce. I had spent a lot of time considering the issue and determined that he must be a rogue. He likely, occasionally, passed through our territory which is how I have caught his scent twice. It would make sense that he would avoid me. He may worry that I will reject him because of his current status. Either that, or he truly does not want a mate and does not want to take the time to bother to reject me either.

It truly did not matter his reasoning at this point. If I had smelt him then he had, most certainly, scented me. I made no attempts to hide or cover my scent at any time.

Not to mention, the last time that we had almost encountered each other, I was positive that he was trying to lure me into the woods. I felt the pull to him, the way he had howled had called directly to my heart. A sad song that was meant only for me. I had no way of knowing why he had called to me, only to run from me at first chance. But I was positive that he had done it.

This meant that he knew that I was here. He knew that I was waiting for him, but he chose to avoid me rather than come to me. Because I had given him a chance and he had clearly made his choice, I had made one as well. I would continue living as if I had no mate. If he ever changed his mind and came to find me, then I would be here. Otherwise, what was there to wait for? A mate who may or may not ever show his face?

I was not that kind of she-wolf. I would not pine after some neglectful male. If he did not want me, then I was certain that someone else would. Even if it was only for a short while.

I would not put my life on hold for some wolf who did not care about me. I had better things to do with my time. So tonight, I would party like nothing else was on my mind, because all that truly mattered was Kiara’s birthday.

I applied some bright makeup to go with my outfit and allowed my long black locks to flow, freely, down my back. That would help to provide some coverage for my backside, at least. I finished the outfit with opaque purple heels that strapped around my ankles.

“We look so hot! I cannot believe it!” Kiara squealed in excitement, as she looked us over.

“I take it that you determined tonight’s theme by our outfits?” I questioned.

“Well…based off how we are dressed…I’m really hoping that it’s a rave!”

Aida and I both nodded our heads, quickly, in confirmation. Kiara let out a shriek of joy and jumped around the room a bit.

“Don’t wear yourself out yet, Kiara. We have a whole night of partying planned.” Aida warned, jokingly.

“How did you pull of a rave? Where are we going to?”

“The Wolf’s Den, of course. We celebrated both of our twentieth birthdays there, we had to do yours there as well. It’s tradition.”

“How did you get the Wolf’s Den to look like a rave?” Kiara queried, skeptical of our ability to pull off a real rave.

“Just wait and see.” I answered.

Then the three of us rushed off towards the Wolf’s Den. We could not hang around the pack house too long in these outfits. My dad would have a heart attack if he saw me going out in something like this. I did not mind showing off my body, but I usually went for more coverage, though, most outfits would be considered more coverage than this.

When we arrived at the Wolf’s Den, they had already turned on all the lights and the deejay was spinning. The bartenders were wearing the lighted bowties, just as we had requested. We all began to glow the minute that we walked through the door.

“You did it! I cannot believe that you actually did it!” Kiara cheered as she rushed into the bar.

“Told you that we could pull it off!” Aida teased.

“I should have never doubted you!” Kiara admitted. “You two are the best friends that a girl could ask for!”

Kiara jumped forward and wrapped her arms around both Aida and I’s shoulders. She pulled us in tight and we reciprocated her by joining into a group hug.

“There is a glow in the dark body paint station set up in the bathroom. You should go splash some on yourself and I will get us some drinks.” I offered.

Kiara ran off towards the bathroom without another word, skipping as she went. I chuckled as I watched her go. This was just the distraction that I had needed. A good time out with my friends.

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