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We had been dancing for quite some time. The drinks had been flowing and we were definitely feeling our buzz. At least, Kiara and I were. Aida had been drinking as well, but did not feel the need to go all out the way we did. Did not really matter, we were all having a really great time. That was what counted.

The music was thumping away in our ear drums as our bodies swayed and flexed to the beats. We sparkled and glowed under the multitude of lights. The feeling of euphoria filled the air and I was happy to give myself over to it.

Two males approached Kiara and myself, avoiding Aida, knowing that she was mated to the future Beta. They were males that we knew from around the pack, though, I had never dated either of them before. They offered us each a drink, which we all cheers'd to before slamming them back, allowing the delicious liquid to trickle down our throats. We placed our empty glasses aside and continued our dance.

One of the males, Jarrod, came up behind me and placed his hands on my hips. He began to move against me as we ground, together, with the music. Apparently, he thought that buying me a drink was the same as asking me to dance, but tonight I did not mind.

I needed a male’s attention anyway; I had wanted to seek it out since feeling the sting of rejection a few weeks ago. I knew that I did not need the validation of a man, but I decided that there was nothing wrong with desiring a little attention. Would not harm anyone, anyway.

I pressed my ass against his center, hoping that he would be encouraged by the act. I wanted him to understand that I was looking for more tonight, though, it would be for tonight only. I was seeking a little fun, not a commitment to a random male. Judge me, if you will, I never said I was perfect. I longed to get fucked and I was going to get it tonight. My animal desires were calling to me and I planned to give in to them.

Jarrod began leaving soft kisses up and down my neck. I leaned my head back to provide him more access. As long as he did not try to leave a mark, I had no issue with his kissing me there, as a matter of fact, I was rather enjoying it.

Then, without warning, I felt Jarrod’s hands being ripped away from my body. I had barely had time to react to the fact that he was gone before I felt another male’s strong hands replace them. I was about to object, I did not know who this wolf thought that he was, but I was not just up for grabs to anyone. Sure, Jarrod may not have been the best prospect for the evening, but he would have been good enough.

However, it was in that moment, that I felt the tingles began to spread through my body. Invisible sparks shooting through my skin, radiating to my core, everywhere that his skin contacted my body. An electricity that danced throughout me in a symphony of pleasure. I felt myself began to heat up with need, instantaneously. I was not certain who this wolf was, but one thing was certain, he was my mate.

My mysterious mate had finally made an appearance. I would at long last discover his identity. He could hide from me no longer after this moment. I swung myself around in his hold. His hands now gripping, firmly, on my ass. He began to kneed his fingers into my flesh, if it had been any other wolf, I might have said something, but this was the touch of my mate.

I raised my gaze to meet his. My anxiety was through the roof as all of my nerves fired off at once. I was about to look into the eyes of the wolf that I was destined to spend my life with. He that would love me unconditionally and that I would love in return. The other half of my very soul.

Just as soon as my eyes landed on his plump lips, I was unable to look any further. I watched as his mouth came towards me, his surprisingly soft lips crashing down onto mine. He kissed me with a passion and a need that I had never known before. His mouth devouring mine in his sweet embrace. I melted into his touch on instinct and grasped at his shirt to hold steady, my fingers grazing against his sculpted chest.

I began to trace the muscles that I could feel beneath his shirt. Running my fingers, lazily, across the lines that made up his rock-hard body. He growled, seductively, into my mouth and I could not help the moan that escaped my lips.

He took this as a cue for his tongue to make its entrance and I did not complain. Our tongues mingled together in delicate and delicious dance for dominance. We were both, obviously, powerful wolves, neither willing to give over to other immediately. We had an innate need to prove ourselves.

I lost this battle with one decisive move on his part.

I was suddenly thrust against the nearby wall. Our lips never parting for even a moment. He pinned me between his body and the wall, pressing all of our parts against each other. He deepened the kiss further, which I had thought impossible. Then managed to close the minute distance between us further by lifting on my legs and wrapping it around his waist.

Moments later, I had found myself following his action by wrapping my other leg around him. He placed a strong, firm hand underneath my ass and held me aloft. His other hand thrust into my hair, tangling with my long locks.

He held me tight as he began to lead me away from the wall. His kisses traveled down from my lips and towards my jaw, I whimpered at the loss of them against my own. But I leaned back to enjoy the sensation of his kisses sinking into my neck and down towards my shoulder. He sucked, licked, and nipped at my skin as he carried me up the stairs. It took me a moment to comprehend what he was doing, and I gathered myself for a moment.

“We…are…not…supposed…to go…upstairs.” I panted as he continued kissing at my neck.

Nipping the skin where his mark would lie.

He did not respond. He merely continued his assault on my neck while he made his way up the steps. When we arrived at the landing, he lowered our bodies onto the leather sofa that sat in the owner’s lounge. This was the owner’s personal space, the only one who ever used this area without permission was Enzo. No one else had ever dared before.

Then there was another thought that dawned on me as I ran my hands through his soft short hair. A thought that distracted me from all others. I could not smell him. I could feel him touching me and the sparks that accompanied it, signifying that he is my, in fact, my mate. However, I could not smell a single thing. No aroma came off him anywhere. Why would he be hiding his scent? He was in front of me, and I had smelt him before. What was the point in hiding it now?

“Why…c-can’t I smell y-you?” I asked in a breathy moan.

He did not respond with words. Instead, his scent washed over me, replacing the oxygen in my lungs with his sweet cologne. I breathed in deeply and absorbed every molecule of the musk that came from his body.

I felt as though I were basking in the middle of the ocean, on a deserted island, where there was only him and I. The rest of the world faded away, all the noises of the club were gone, and the scenes blurred into colors around us. We were in our own little oasis, just two mates, basking in each other.

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