Sweet Revenge part 1

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-11- Jaleena

“I need to safe my sister,” Gideon whispers.

Wait, his sister? I didn’t know he had a sister. I suddenly realize I don’t really know that much about any of them. Not even of Julian, besides the small things Cass told me. I have no idea if there are more brothers or sisters or a family that they left behind on earth. I'm not sure what this has to do with Nikolas killing me.

He closes his eyes and swallows. A lock of wavy blond hair falls in front of his eyes and I gently tuck it behind his ear and he leans into my touch.

“She was taken from our house about a year ago. The cops did nothing,” he scoffs. “Or at least not enough. It was the night they raped my mom,” he whispers. “While one guy raped my mother, another guy took my sister from her bedroom. I was home late that night because I was being held up after football practice.”

I know what happened next, he killed that motherfucker and I’m glad that he did. I wonder if he knew his sister was already taken at that moment. He stays quiet for a few minutes and I’m not sure if he realizes that I’m still here but I don’t dare to move. He suddenly clears his throat and shifts his gaze to me.

“Anyway, I tracked her down and it turned out she was sold to human trafficking. Run by your father.”

I freeze when his words fully register my mind. I try to swallow the bile in the back of my throat. I know from experience what that means. The terror she must’ve felt after waking up, bound to a wall or lying brokenly on the dirty floor. Not knowing where she is, what happened, or how she even ended up there. God, don’t let her got the same fate I got. I pray in myself. It got me killed.

I gently take his hand.

“What’s her name?” I ask him softly.

He smiles. “Nina,” he says. “She’s beautiful. You would like her, she’s just as much a smartass as you are. She was bought by a guy named Nikolas and is being held just outside of New York. At least, she was when I was still alive. He’s a big name in your father’s circle and does all the heavy work. When I found out where they were holding her, I started working for your father. Just doing some small jobs here and there so I could earn his trust and hopefully make my way up. I knew it would be slow and there wasn’t much time to get to her, but it was the only way I could think of at the time,” he tells me.

He opens his eyes and sighs. “I was on a job when things turned to shit. Some fucking idiot thought he could take some of the money he owed your dad. They found out of course and I was supposed to keep watch. It ended up with a shooting and instead of killing that fucker, the shot went wide and hit me right in my chest. I bled out in the alleyway next to your father’s club.” His voice trembles while a lonely tear rolls down his cheek.

“I died before I could save her,” he whispers. I lay my head on his left shoulder and squeeze his hand.

“Do you know if your sister is still there?” I ask him. I feel the anger rising and I ball my free hand into a fist behind my back. It’s not what he needs from me right now, but fuck it. His little sister is being held by the man who had me, who bought me and doing God knows what to her. Who, in the end, turned out to be my killer. I know I need to stay calm because as soon he started talking, the overwhelming feeling of my power could undo the both of us. At that moment, the order of my plans changed completely.

I felt it from deep within. Nikolas is the first person that has to die as soon as we figured out a way to bring her to safety. Liam can wait.

“I’m sorry for what my father did to you and your sister. It’s not right.” I whisper.

He lays his cheek on the top of my head and says: “No. No, it really isn’t.” We stay quiet for a while, lost in our own thoughts.

“You know you’re not like your dad right?” he asks suddenly.

I raise my head from his shoulder and look at him.

“Trust me, I’m more like my father than you realize,” I say cryptically.

I don’t want to go there tonight because I know I couldn’t handle it. They already know enough. They know I never wanted to do the things I did to survive and told them I really want to kill the men on my list. What they don’t know, what I don’t ever want them to know, is how the thought of killing again sends exciting chills up my spine. I hated the feeling I had after the kill when I was alive, but now? Now I want to feel that again, the blood of my victim running through my fingers, knowing they pissed themselves when they realized who I was.

Throughout the week I explored more and more of my power and when I concentrate really hard, I can find four strands inside my body that I haven't told them about.

Starting at the center of my heart, there’s a different color for each of my men. There’s a green one for Gideon. Inside of it, there’s a steady pulse, calming me when I put my focus on him. Like he always calms me with just a look or a simple touch. The blue one represents Roan. That one also has a steady pulse, but his has spikes every now and then. Whenever his temperament flairs, the strand will tug a little bit harder. Like it wants me to calm him, soothe him. I chickened out every time I felt it. Not exactly knowing what to do or maybe it’s more that I’m afraid of him rejecting me.

I’m more worried about the other two. Cass’s line started out being a bright purple color, a steady beat thrumming through the line. It’s changing now. Ever since our confrontation in the hallway, the string is darkening. The pull is getting dull and it doesn’t take a genius to know what it means, we’re losing our connection. I hope what I told them this afternoon will help us find our way back together so we can fix it. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re all connected somehow. Through our powers, our bond, but also because of my own strand of color. My golden line weaves through the others, connecting me to my guys and to each other. I noticed I can take a little bit of their energy when I focus really hard on one of them. Well, except for Cass. His one is just not bright enough, not anymore.

What if he doesn’t want this anymore? I start doubting but I quickly dismiss the idea. We talked today, so we’re good. Right? But what if I misunderstood the reassuring look in his eyes? He didn’t sign up for this. I can’t blame him if he doesn’t want to be part of whatever is going on between us. Julian was right on that part. It’s my mess, my life, my father and I still think they don’t fully understand how dangerous my father can be. But I know Cass does. He saw it first hand when I threatened Julian, who looked disgusted at the time. He saw the look on my face and in my eyes. I saw that same disgusting look in Cass’s eyes earlier this week in the hallway. A dreaded feeling fills my body and once again my blood turns cold. Feeling my eyes changing to the signature color of my energy I take a deep breath, forcing myself to calm down. When I know I won’t cause the ceiling to come crashing down, I open them again. Deciding to leave my doubt for what it is, I get up from the bench we were sitting on while I hold out my hand.

“Come on. We’ve got a plot to plan.” I wink at him and wiggle my fingers. He takes my hand en I help him onto his feet.

He tucks me under his arm and pulls me into his side, kissing the top of my head.

“I know you want to kill every one of them, but let me have him. As soon as my sister is safe, I want to be the one who kills him,” he says in a dark voice. I put my arm around his waist and nod. I think that’s a perfect idea. My father’s kill is mine and nobody is going to take that away from me. But Nikolas? I’ll be perfectly happy knowing he’s dead. Knowing he’s been killed by one of my men only makes it more perfect. With my powers in control... well.. sort of, it’s time to make our first move.

Author’s note; the next chapter will be hot and steamy, with a lot of details. If you don't want to read that, please skip this chapter and wait for the next. It will be uploaded before Tuesday the 24th.

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