Sweet Revenge part 1

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-12- Jaleena

As soon as we step into the hallway, the door across from us opens. Cass tilts up his head and freezes. The pull in my chest flares alive and my breath catches in my throat.

“Jaleena,” Cass whispers.

My chest aches, the pull forcing me to move so I can get closer to him and my feet start moving slowly. I stare into his eyes, not able to look away even if I wanted to. Not that I wanted that, I can get lost in his brown eyes every day. Faintly I can hear Gideon walking away.

“Don’t break the house down, honey!” He yells.

I look behind me where he stood just a moment ago but he’s already gone. Cass raises his hand but suddenly hesitates. Without thought, I grab his hand and thread our fingers together.

“Cass,” I whisper back. He tugs my hand a little, so I take another step in his direction until our chests almost touch. We just stand there for a while, not really knowing where to go from here, but not willing to let each other go. It’s like we have to start completely over and it makes me a little sad. I raise my free hand to cup his face.

“I need you,” I tell him while I search his face, looking for something that tells me what he’s thinking.

He smiles. He truly smiles a genuine smile and his whole face lights up. The pain in my chest lessens a little, a buzz filling the strand from my heart that binds us together. It’s there, but I know it’s fragile.

“I know,” is all he says. I stroke the strong line of his jaw with my thumb and close my eyes, focusing on our connection. Everything clicks at that moment. Everything that happened, happened for this reason. For us to meet, to get together, to connect.

He leans in and I feel his warm lips press against mine. The tip of his tongue pushes against my lips, asking permission. Suddenly wanting more, I open them to give him access. His hand cups the back of my head, threading his fingers through my hair, and blindly I reach behind him to open the door and I push him inside without breaking our contact. I pull his shirt out of his jeans and my hands slip under it, feeling his strong abs. Fuck, I don’t want to let him go, I don’t want to lose whatever it is we have.

He pulls back a little. “Are you sure?” he asks. I smile at him. It warms my heart that he wants to make sure I want this. My eyes start to sting, and I'm suddenly feeling emotional.

I nod. “Yeah. I’m sure.”

Searching my face with his chocolate brown eyes, he looks for any hesitation but I’ve never been more sure in my life. Now I know why I couldn’t go further with Gideon. It had to be with Cass. My first time had to be with him.

“If you want me to stop, just say stop. I don’t need a safe word from you. Just tell me to stop and I’ll stop.”

He brushes a strand of hair out of my face.

“I know,” is all I can say. I take the hem of his shirt and pull it over his head. My mouth waters at the sight of him and goosebumps erupt all over my body. The way he looks at me makes me feel cherished.

Like I’m his prey, he stalks towards me, and chills run down my body. He lifts his hand and with his index finger, he traces a feather-light path from my chin to the swelling of my breasts. He sighs deeply and his breath shudders.

“God, Lena. You’re beautiful.”

He walks slowly around me, not once breaking the contact of his fingers on my heated skin. When he stands behind me, he presses his chest against my back and vibrations run through my body. It’s not only the physical contact that causes me to tremble in his arms but also the emotional connection that we’re both feeling, which grows stronger every minute. I want to keep him with me, keep touching him constantly. He bows his head and softly bites my earlobe, causing me to shutter in his arms.

“From the moment I saw you, I knew you would be mine. Ours. I had to have you because you bring something to life inside me that I’ve never felt before,” he whispers with an edge to his voice.

Upon hearing his husky voice, the longing screams inside my body and I press myself against him. My knees buckle and I can barely stand but I know he would always catch me if I fall and at this rate, that’s going to be soon. He reaches around me, grabs the hem of my shirt in his strong hands, and in one smooth motion, he pulls the shirt over my head. He turns me around and I lift my head to stare at his enchanting eyes. Swiftly he unhooks my bra and with a caressing touch, he slides the straps down my arms and it lands on top of my shirt on the floor.

Suddenly I can’t wait anymore and I tilt my head to stare at him once again. His brown eyes draw me in and I can’t stop thinking about all the unfamiliar things I’m feeling. I close my eyes when his heated gaze gets too much. It feels like he knows exactly where I am, what I’m thinking, and most importantly, what I feel. Somehow frightened, it makes me feel like I’m standing completely naked in front of him. Okay, I am standing partly naked in front of him but that’s not what I meant. With ease, he reads my innermost feelings and worse, my fears. I open my eyes and force myself to shut off the taunting voice inside my head. Cass leans his cheek against the side of my face, his five o clock shadow scraping the line of my jaw, and again, goosebumps erupt on my body. He pushes his hips against mine.

“I’m going to fuck you, so if you’re not ready for that you need to tell me now,” he pants in my ear.

Fuck it, I’m not going to stop him. If he waits any longer, I will explode without him touching me with even one finger. Or with his hard dick. Or with just a look. Shit, only picturing him fucking me can let me shatter into a million pieces. I reach for the button of his jeans but he quickly takes a step back. What the hell? I think to myself. He better hurry before I decide to jump him so the next time he’ll think twice before letting me wait and tease me. We won’t even make the bed next time. He can fuck me against the wall for all I care.

“Not yet, Princess.”

He lowers his arms and lifts me by the back of my thighs to carry me to the bed. He lays me down gently, hovering above me so that he can kiss me again. His fingertips brush over my upper arms, slowly making their way down to my side, his thumbs brushing the sides of my breasts.

I close my eyes, too overwhelmed by everything I feel when his eyes are staring at me. Trailing down my body with soft kisses, he hooks his thumbs behind my jeans and panties, and suddenly I’m naked in the middle of the bed. Kissing my lower stomach, he strokes my folds with his thumb. Fuck, at this rate I’ll explode before he even touches me.

“Don’t tease. Please, Cass, I need you.” I moan.

“I know,” he says again. He dips his tongue in my belly button.

“So beautiful,” he mumbles.

Lowering his head, he finally finds my clit, circling it with his tongue while his hands move up my body to brush his fingers slightly over my nipples. With one hand I grab his hair and push it harder against my throbbing opening, desperately trying to get more friction. With my other hand, I clutch the sheet under me and arch my back. Christ, his tongue is magic. I move my hips frantically and finally, he slips one finger inside me, making my walls clench around his finger. I feel my orgasm building up, it's rising with each stroke of his tongue.

“Fuck, I’m coming. Please, Cass. Don’t stop.” I moan.

Without warning, he slams his tongue inside my soaked pussy and presses his thumb on my clit. It sends me over the edge of bliss and my vision turns blurry. When I come down from my high, he kisses his way up my body and lines himself up with me, pausing before kissing me again. I can taste my sweetness on his lips but I don’t care. Leaning himself on one arm he reaches the nightstand with the other, but I don’t have the power to look away from him. I’m drawn to his warm eyes that are filled with heat and desire. Condom. Right. The sound of the wrapper fills the room and when he puts the condom on, I finally look down. My eyes widen. Fuck, he’s huge. He’ll fucking break me in half with that thing.

“Don’t worry baby. It will fit,” he chuckles.

He lowers himself again and I can feel the tip of his cock against my pussy. I moan when he slowly starts pushing his way in. I want more of that, of him. Moving slowly, he finally fills me, and he groans.

“Fuck, baby. You’re tight. I won’t last long so it’s going to be fast, hold on.” I dig my nails into his back, urging him to move.

“Please...” I beg. He starts moving his hips, thrusting in and out. His hands tighten their grip on my waist and I clench my pussy around his dick. God, yes. He feels amazing. Wrapping my legs around him I push my heels against his ass. Moving my hips in the same rhythm, I can feel I’m getting close again. He notices the same and his thrusts becoming more frantic, slamming in and out.

The room is filled with the sound of our skin slapping together and my moans matching his. He reaches his hands between us and strokes my clit.

“Come with me, baby,” he growls. It only takes two more strokes before my release rushes through my body and Cass stiffens inside me, filling the condom with his cum. My heart hammers in my chest and I’m still catching my breath when he rolls off me, taking me with him so we’re face to face on the bed.

“That was...” he starts.

“Yeah.” I know exactly what he means.

I felt it and I know he did too. He takes off the condom and throws it in the trash can beside the bed. Rolling to his side, he pulls me closer and I rest my head on his naked shoulder. My fingers stroke through the hair on his chest and close my eyes. We lay there in silence for a while before I lift my head up a little.

“What if I can’t do it?” I whisper, too afraid to look at him.

He opens his eyes but doesn’t say anything. That’s one of the things I love most about him. He really thinks about his words before it leaves his mouth. Well, mostly.

“You can. We’ll be there for you, Jaleena. I don’t think you realize how much you already mean to us.” Tears are filling my eyes and my throat tightens.

“We will fight your fights, we will stand right beside you.” He pauses. “Don’t be afraid to fall, Lena. We’ll be there to catch you.”

I just nod. There’s nothing left to say after this. Pushing myself closer to him, he wraps his arm around my waist and nuzzles my neck.

“Sleep, Princess,” is all he says.

It doesn’t take long before I drift off. But not before checking the strands in my heart one more time. Finally, I see three brightly colored strands with a steady pulse that's being held together by my golden one. We’re all connected again and it’s the last thing I remember before falling asleep.

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