Sweet Revenge part 1

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-18- Jaleena

We silently walk out of the room and he snatches my waist and pulls me against him. My back was firmly against his chest. He nudges my neck and breaths in my scent.

“I have an idea, come with me?” he asks. I let him lead me towards my bedroom, passing Gideon on our way. With a heated stare, he looks between us. There’s movement at the back of my head and it must be Roan who nods, because Gideon snaps out of his thoughts en takes my hand, walking backward to my room. Sighing in anticipation I let them guide me and step into my bedroom. With one deep breath, Roan steps away from me and I’m feeling cold without his touch. He slowly walks around me until he stands next to Gideon. They share a short look before turning their attention back to me. Wetness already gathers between my thighs and I can’t help but feel excited about what I think is going to happen. Although I pictured my first time being sandwiched to be with Gideon en Cass, there’s no way I will send Roan away. If they’re as good between the sheets as Cassis, I have nothing to complain about.

Gideon takes a step towards me, humming under his breath like he needs to inspect every inch of my body. Where Gideon slowly makes his way towards me, Roan takes a few steps back.

“Strip her.” He commands Gideon. Unfazed he doesn’t look away from me like he knew what Roan was up to. He reaches for the hem of my shirt and in one quick move, he pulls it over my head, careful not to touch me. My body aches for it, wanting him to caress my skin with the tip of his fingers. He hums again and starts circling me. When he stands behind me, he wraps his arms around me, the palm of his hand softly pushing on my stomach, sliding lower and lower until he reaches the edge of my jeans. Swiftly he opens the button and the sound of my zippers echoes through the room. My knees wobble and I lean back at Gideon for support. Falling on his knees he shoves down my jeans and panties. Tapping my right leg, I lift it and step out of my jeans. Repeating the motion on my left leg, I’m standing naked from the waist down in front of Roan. There’s a brush of Gideon’s soft lips at my calf and he makes his way up with a trail of kisses. My chest flutters, growing wetter with every kiss and I have to close my eyes and focus on my breathing before I shatter before he even touches me. Moving his hands up, he finally reaches my soaking pussy, and he pushes his middle finger inside. I moan at the feeling of the intrusion and let my head fall on his shoulder.

“Open your eyes Jaleena,” Roan grumbles. Fuck, I completely forgot that he was here, too lost in the pleasure of feeling Gideon’s finger inside me. I snap my eyes open and he stands in front of me without his shirt on. The bulge in his pants shows that he’s not immune to what he sees and enjoys it just as much as I do.

“Keep looking at me, Jaleena. I want you to see what you do to me,” he growls. He cups his dick and starts rubbing with his pants still on. My heart races in my chest and I can’t hold back the moan when Gideon adds a second finger inside my tight opening. His thumb circles my clit and it sends shivers down my spine.

Without removing his fingers, he stands up behind me and starts to thrust harder and I know I can’t hold back too long anymore. I feel myself reaching the edge and I’m about to go over. Roan opens his pants, but I keep staring into his eyes as he told me. I want to look down, I really do, but I can’t make myself do it. It’s like if I do, I’ll disappoint him. It’s something I never felt before, but I want to please him, be a good girl for once, and get his approval.

Still thrusting his fingers in and out he trails soft kisses from my shoulder to my neck, biting my earlobe before whispering: “Look at him, Jaleena. Look at how much you affect him, how much he craves you. Desperately waiting to get his cock in your wet pussy, filling you with his cum.”

I finally look down and I see Roan has pulled his dick out and is slowly stroking himself, using a bead of pre-cum to lube himself.

“Come for us, Jaleena,” Gideon growls. Seeing Roan fisting himself sends a warm feeling throughout my body and that in combination with the deep growly voice of Gideon sends me over the edge and my walls clamp around his fingers, trapping them inside me. I fall back, but Gideon is there to catch me and I can feel his erection between my asscheeks, only separated by a layer of fabric. When my post-orgasmic bliss slowly fades away, he pulls out his fingers and holds them in front of me.

Roan stares into my eyes and once again, I’m mesmerized and trapped in his gaze.

Slowly he strides towards us, opens his mouth, and sucks on Gideon’s fingers, tasting my sweetness. If they continue like this, it won’t take much effort to make me come again. I tilt my head back when I feel Gideon’s kissing the side of my neck again so he has better access. He wraps his arms around me, lifts me, and takes me to the bed.

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