Sweet Revenge part 1

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-20- Roan

Roan POV

I look down at Jaleena and the feelings she awakened inside me are unfamiliar and quite scary. Her eyes are closed, a soft look on her face. God, she looks so innocent when she's sleeping. It's unbelievable her own father is responsible for destroying that innocence as soon as she wakes up. Her face is in a constant state of pain and there's no life left in her eyes. Instead, they are dull, and only when she talks about her father and Levi, it's filled with rage. We all have at least one despicable parent, but her father makes them look like toddlers on a playground, desperate to play with the big kids. She doesn't even see anymore what a beautiful soul she has and there is no doubt in my mind that she's absolutely worthy of heaven. I guess it's part of who I am. Or rather of what I am.

Breathing in her scent I close my eyes and I feel the tension rise in the air. We need to discuss something with her and damnit, she's going to fight it. We talked about it when she was with Julian where she surprised me once again. She took everything in like a sponge, absorbing everything Julian explained. She didn't freak out as we all expected. What surprised me most was that she let him in, even after all the things he said to her. Obviously, it was because of self-preservation, but he had no right to talk to her in the way he did. If Gideon didn't stop me that one time in the kitchen, my dark side would've come out. The side I try so hard to restrain.

She stirs in her sleep and I open my eyes to look at her again. Gideon is staring at her with a soft look in his eyes and a ghost of a smile on the edges of his lips.
I grin at him and he looks up.
“You've got it bad, buddy,”
His cheeks grow pink and he clears his throat, opens his mouth, only to close it again without saying anything.
“Yeah, I guess I do. Roan, she's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I think she actually might be the one who can actually ground us,” he eventually says.
I raise my hand to brush away a strand of hair from her forehead. Anyone who sees her so peacefully would never guess she's one of the most dangerous creatures roaming around, lurking to strike from the dark. She doesn't even know it herself.

We knew she would have some sort of power, we could all feel the change in our hearts. Later, it turned out to be on the day she was killed, connecting us in a way we didn't even know was possible.
I sigh and with a long last look, I turn my head towards Gideon.
“I think you're right. We need to talk to her soon. There's so much she needs to learn before Julian can even think about creating a portal.”
With a deep sigh, he pulls Jaleena closer, and with a smile on her face, she leans back against his broad chest. She really is gorgeous and seeing her with one of my best friends makes me happy in a strange way. I readjust myself, I crave for her body but she needs her rest. I wrap my arms around her waist, we all can use the sleep.

I jolt awake from a piercing scream that echoes through the room. Jaleena is crashing around her, a layer of cold sweat covering her body. I reach out to her in an attempt to calm her down before she hurts herself, but as soon as she feels my touch, She tenses and stops moving, staying completely still, her body rigid.
“No. It hurts. Please, don't do this. I can't do this anymore,” she whimpers.
My whole body freezes and I pull away my hand. I look at Gideon and he's sitting on his knees next to her with a paled face. There's no doubt in my mind that he's thinking of what happened to his mother but fuck, he needs to snap out of it. Like, right now.

“Gideon,” I hiss, trying not to scare her more. I'm not sure if she can hear me. Being cautious not to touch her, I slowly lie next to her.
“Jaleena, baby, wake up. It's just a nightmare.” I whisper and I watch powerless how a lonely tear escapes the corner of her eye, making its way down her cheek to her chin. My heart squeezes and I feel my throat tightening. My dark side roars in my mind, fighting me with everything he has to break free and protect her. She looks completely and utterly shattered and I almost give in. It's begging me to release it and kill the motherfucker that hurt her. The longer I look at her, my heart cracks a little bit more and in a split second, I let it take control, keeping it on a short leash from the back of my mind to keep him only inches away from breaking the surface before he can break my hold. I look up again and finally, Gideon gathers himself from whatever place he was in and starts to whisper reassuring words in her ear. Right now, I'm in no state to help her in the way she needs.

My vision turns red and her face filled with agony flashes through my mind, my dark side obviously disagrees with the control I keep over it. He's convinced he needs to die. He knows who raped her, who abused her most of her existence. I don't know how, but he just does and I stopped questioning it a long time ago.
“Not yet,” I growl. I snap my fingers and the darkness retreats once again to the place I keep him firmly locked up.

Gideon glares briefly through his eyelashes and actually growls at me.
“Dude, your fucking eyes,”
Fuck, I forgot about that. I blink a few times and slowly my vision turns back to normal and I know my red eyes are turned back to their normal blue color.

I guess that happens when you're part demon.
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