Sweet Revenge part 1

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-21- Jaleena

Someone is whispering in my ear and I’m drawn to the sound, desperately trying to hold on to it. Yet, every time I think I’m close, it slips through my fingers. My body hurts and when I try to raise my hand I realize I can’t move. Besides that, it’s not the same pain as in the other dreams. Yeah, I know it’s not real, but it’s different somehow and I can’t wake the fuck up no matter how hard I try. Only moving my eyes. I try to look around to find myself in a dark room. Again. The smell is familiar and I focus on my breathing that became shallow from the anxiety that’s surging through my body. My heart rate picks up again and I will my body to work, to find the soothing whispering voice that still echoes in my mind. There are footsteps all around me, circling my frozen body, waiting to attack now that I’m not capable to move a fucking inch of my body.

“Really, Lena? Even when you’re dead you can’t even protect yourself. You’re fucking useless,” I scoff at myself. Fuck, my new powers don’t even work in nightmare-land. I close my eyes again and suddenly there’s a calmness that surrounds me like a blanket. “It’s okay, Lena. You survived before, you’ll survive again.” I whisper out loud. I giggle and freeze when I hear my own voice. This shit scares the hell out of me. What am I doing? I don’t giggle, ever. Not only that, obviously I didn’t survive. If I did I wouldn’t be dead. Duh. Maybe if I died earlier, my life would be a lot different. Or ghost life. Or both. It would’ve saved me from a lot of pain, that’s for sure. Maybe I should’ve just killed myself down there.

Wait, what? I want to shake my head so I can clear my head, but I still can't move. This is confusing as fuck and a dreaded feeling slowly creeps up my body, leaving me with chills running down my spine. There’s something wrong with this place, it messes with my head. I still don’t think I ever had a death wish, but ultimately, it was my big mouth that got me killed, not anything else and I’m very much aware of that.

That’s what I said, I’m fucking useless. They all should just run, find themselves a blonde bimbo with tits in the size of melons so they can fuck their brains out and party every night. That would’ve been a sight to see, walls decorated with splashed brains. Fuck, I think I would kill any girl that would dare to come near them. I giggle again but this time I decide to not give a damn. It’s quiet now, the footsteps are gone, but the dreaded feeling is still lingering inside me. Hey, do they even have parties in here? Some kind of ‘Congratulations! You’re dead’ party? I think to myself.

“Jaleena, stop it!” a deep voice suddenly roars and it instantly wraps itself around my heart and something is glowing inside, pulling me closer to the sound but I fight it. I like it in here now. It’s not that bad when you're used to it. Just like real life. You live it, you deal with what hand has been dealt and then you die. It feels like I’m drunk. You don’t feel pain when you’re drunk. No, you feel light, happy, and too stupid to even think straight. When you’re that drunk, you don’t have to think about all the fucked up things in what they call life. My life sucked. I sucked. Especially Gideon. I could suck him all day, every day.

“He thinks you’re a bad person, a cruel bitch, Jaleena. Don’t think that he actually likes you, you’re good for the sex and there’s no way he could ever love a person like you,” A second voice slowly fills my head, pushing away the warm feeling that I had earlier, replacing it with something cold, something darker than the soul of my father.

“I know. I’m a punching bag, a whore that belongs to only one person and I will never be anything better,” I whisper to him. A small part of me knows that more is happening here. It’s like I’m watching myself from a distance, a witness of my own life. I let myself sink further into the darkness, letting it claim me and at that moment I truly hope I'll never wake up. I feel weirdly safe in my own head and that irritating, rational voice in my mind slowly fades away until there’s nothing left for me anymore.

"Fucking hell, Jaleena, you're gonna wake up right now, or I swear to God I'm gonna spank your ass until you won't be able to sit for a week!" The same voice from earlier growls through my head, yanking me away from the dark place at the back of my mind. I snap open my eyes and look straight into the angry faces of Roan and Gideon. Although there's a little bit of concern in Gideon's, Roan's face shows none. "What the fuck?" I groan. Before I can say anything else, Roan grabs my chin between his thumb and forefinger and pulls my face close to his.

"If I hear you say you're useless one more time, you're not leaving this house until you don't dare to even think it again. Then, we're going to fuck you so hard, until you're not capable of remembering your own name. Do I make myself clear?" I slowly nod, holding his gaze in mine until he's convinced I got his message. He doesn't have to worry about that, I got it loud and clear and I have to clamp my thighs together because his words turned me on more than they should. I groan and let my head fall in my hands. "I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. It was like something reached out to me and I didn't have a choice but to let it take me." I'm embarrassed about my own behavior. I knew it was a nightmare and I didn't even fight that hard. Truthfully, in some way, it felt even nice in there, but never have I ever been at such a low point.

"Come on, let's get you in the shower. You stink." Gideon winks while he pushes me off the bed. "I want to go back to sleep," I whine. I don't feel very rested. Roan chuckles. "Don't pout. You're a badass ghost... thingie. I'm sure you'll survive." Ha ha, very funny. "Fine," I huff, crossing my arms before my chest. Gideon shakes his head and makes his way towards the bathroom that's attached at the furthest side of the room. A few seconds later I hear the water fall and sigh. Not going back to sleep then. It's weird, I've never felt this tired before. True, the daily nightmares drain a lot of energy but I'm used to it so it shouldn't cause me to be exhausted. I make a mental note to ask Julian about it. The guys are way too protective, they'll freak when they learn it's worse than they think.

"Come one, Jaleena! Get your beautiful ass in here or I'll drag you in myself," Gideon calls. I sigh again and follow him to the bathroom.

Author's note; I placed this chapter before Cass's POV. Of course, my plans for the story changed (Again? Yes, again) so I couldn't put it in the order I originally planned. Then again, not one single plan is still standing, so I'm not surprised. Anyway; enjoy and please leave a comment, like, or review about what you think so far.

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