Sweet Revenge part 1

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-24- Gideon

How could I’ve been so stupid? You’d think I've learned from the first time I called her babe. I admit I don’t really understand why she hates it so much, but given the way she reacted, I know there’s a story behind it. Slowly, I turn around, half expecting her to stand behind me but there’s only chaos. Everything that once hung on the wall or laid on the desk is now scattered on the floor. ‘Collision overload’ as she so often joked. I turn back to look at Cass who still has that stupid grin on his face. He knows something and has way too much fun realizing it. Roan looks suspiciously but doesn’t seem too stressed about it. “Well?” I ask him. “Well, what?”

I close my eyes, breathing in through my nose so I don’t actually kill him. After he told me where Jaleens is of course. “Damnit, Cass,” I snap. He only shakes his head and starts to collect the stuff from the ground. Throwing it on the bed, I keep following him with my eyes. “Well?” I ask again. He hums under his breath. “She’s here, just give her some time.” “Then why can’t I see her?” I scoff at him. Roan chuckles. “I don’t think anyone can see her at the moment. Well, apart from Cass of course.”

Fuck, of course. Why didn’t I think of this? “You mean she shimmered?” That's fucking impressive. “She’s not supposed to be able to do that yet, but yes, I think she did,” Cass explains. He jerks his head towards the corner of the room.

“I can feel her. Give her a little time, I doubt she knows what she just did,” he continues. My eyes are drawn to the direction where she supposedly is, and I feel a little disappointed that I have no clue if he’s telling the truth. The three of us keep working on cleaning the room and in no time it looked exactly like an hour ago. Well, minus a few cracks in the wall, but who would look at these. We stay silent for a while. Roan seems content about everything, but I know his demon part is constantly fighting the hold he has on it. Cass keeps humming a song that I never heard of before, but it’s weirdly reassuring.

“What’s shimmering?” We all jump when her voice booms through the room. I clutch my fist in my shirt at where my heart is beating franticly in my chest. “Damnit, Jaleena. You scared the ever-loving shit out of me!” I yell. From the corner of my eye, I can see Roan and Cass laughing, bending over while grabbing their stomach and falling against each other. Yeah, funny. Ha ha. When she doesn’t say anything, I'm worried I scared her off.

“Lena, I’m sorry I yelled at you, but you really did scare me there,” I soothe. I'm getting antsier the longer I can’t see her. It stays quiet for a few minutes and I stand up, pacing in front of the bed.

“I don’t know what's happening. I feel weird,” she suddenly says. I can tell she tries to put on a strong demeanor but I can hear the quiver in her voice. It’s weird how well I seem to know her already. “It’s okay, don’t be scared. It's just, uh… I mean, you’re… Cass?” I yell at him. Help me out here, buddy, I silently beg him. Roan shakes his head. He’s clearly amused by all of this. But fuck, how do you tell someone she’s invisible? Cass stands up and faces the corner where the sound of her voice came from. It’s weird to see him smiling while he focuses on an empty space. Is it even an empty space if she’s technically there, but not really? Another thing to add to the pile with confusing shit.

“Jaleena? I can feel you, you know? Don’t be scared but I need you to listen to me okay? Focus on my voice, that’s important,” he says. I never heard him talk like this, so sensitive and it does weird things to my stomach. Not in a sexual way, but more in a comforting way. Like he’s not only trying to calm her but me also. I turn my head towards Roan and I see him staring at Cass, having a glassy look in his eyes. Yeah, he’s affected too. I know Cass can feel people, not in the same way Julian does, but more like reading aura. Although he actually can see someone's aura, he can also see the aura from a ghost or when someone’s inside a building. You’d think everything about the situation we’re in makes it easier with his capability, but I know it doesn’t work that way. When Cass suddenly turns around, I snap my head at him.

“Jaleena, you need to stop moving. I can’t see your aura if you do,” he smirks, obviously feeling something Roan and I don’t feel. Cass chuckles and his shoulders shake from his silent laughter. “You mean you can’t see me?” I yelp when her voice is right in front of me.

“Fuck! You need to stop doing that!” Her laughter fills the room but I still can’t see her. It takes me a minute to collect my breath, but the angelic sound of her laugh makes me want to join her. “Wait!" Since I can’t see her, I hope she stopped moving. “This could be fun. I have an idea. You need to shimmer back though.”

I jump from one foot to the other, clapping my hands in enthusiasm. I can hear her sigh, and it tells me she’s still right in front of me. “I don’t even know how I got like this. How do I do this shimmering thing?” I glance at Cass. Yeah, I have to admit I have no clue. He shakes his head. “I’ll help you, don’t worry.”

He walks towards Roan and takes his place next to him on the bed. “What’s most important, is that you focus. No matter what happens, you keep your attention on Roan. The more you do this, the easier it will become. Eventually, it should be second nature to you.” He pauses, focussing on nothingness.

“Okay, eyes on Roan, look at him, think of how he makes you feel, what he does to you.” We all keep staring into an empty and I feel my stomach churning. What if she can’t do it? What if she can’t turn back? I just found her. We just found her. I can't lose her already.

“I can feel you worrying you know,” she deadpans. Shit, I forgot. I slap my hand to my face when I figure out what that means. If she can feel me, then I can feel her too right? I inwardly groan at myself. Why didn’t I think of this before? We share a god damn connection. Concentrating on my own connection that snapped in place earlier in the bathroom, I nod at Cass and Roan, hoping they understand what I’m doing. “It’s scary,” she whispers. Roan smiles. “I know, Princess. Just keep looking at me, nothing else is important. It’s just us.”

There’s a gush of wind and the connection is getting stronger. “That’s it, Jaleena. Keep focusing and it’ll be over soon.” Cass smiles, patiently waiting for her to come back. A brief flash of Jaleena’s solid form makes me strengthen the connection even more and when I see Roan and Cass do the same, I'm not even surprised when she suddenly stands before us.

Her face is pale, not a single color left and her hair is plastered on her forehead. But all of that is not important as she has a huge smile on her face and there is a glint of something in her eyes that I've only seen once before. She turns her head to stare into my eyes. “What was that idea you were talking about?” she grins.

I grab her hand and brush my lips slightly over hers, before leading her towards the bathroom. “First, you’re gonna take a shower. Then, we need to talk to Julian.” I pause, thinking about all the things her father did to her and I squeeze her hand when rage surges through my body.

“We’re going to send your father a warning.”

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