Sweet Revenge part 1

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-25- Jaleena

After a quick shower where none of them wanted to join me, again, I’m getting frustrated with myself. There's an ache between my thighs that makes me desperate and I kind of hate myself for it. True, the sex was amazing and I never expected I liked it so much when I was with both Gideon and Roan, but I don’t want to depend on them that much. I know they only want to help, and they said they would back off a bit, but the feelings they give me scares me to death. I don’t have the best experience with men and it bugs me that I seem to trust them so easily. Ignoring the fluttering in my stomach, I dress myself in something comfortable. It’s time to talk to Julian. I have an idea and I need some action.

“That’s absolutely brilliant!” Julian yells when I explain what I want to do. I look up and see them all smirking at Julian.

“So, what do we do?” I ask him.

Roan pushes himself off the wall. “I think we all should go. Show him what he’s up against.”

I tap my chin with my finger to think and grin viciously.

“No,” I say. “Only Julian comes with me. I need him for a portal anyway. You three stay here, find something so we can save Nina as soon as possible.”

Roan nods thoughtfully and I know he’ll catch my drift. “You don’t want to show all of your cards yet.”

“I don’t like you going alone,” Gideon pipes up. Doesn’t really surprise me, I know how he feels about it. I stand up and walk to him, placing my hands on his hips. After my outburst, I had some time to think while I showered and I do understand him. If the roles were reversed, I wouldn’t want any of them to go somewhere where they can get hurt or even get killed. I know my father wouldn’t hesitate to kill me.

“I know you don’t, but I do think it’s the best way for now. If he thinks I'm alone or I only have Julian to rely on, we buy us some time. And we need that time. Besides, I'm not gonna kill him. yet.” I soothe him.

Gently I cup his cheek and smile. God, he’s beautiful. I raise my hand to the nape of his neck and pull him towards me. He grabs my hips and before I know it, he turns us around and shoves me against the wall. He slams his lips against mine and fuck, it turns me on more than I thought was capable. We're both panting a little when I pull back. Cass clears his throat, desperately adjusting himself. I wink at him before I take my place next to Julian again.

“Okay, how much I enjoyed watching that, we need to get ready. Jaleena, you need to rest for a few hours. You’ll need the energy if you’re gonna do what I think you have planned. Roan, Gideon, and I need to find a way to lure your father away so he’s alone. Julian, you need to find a building where you can get her in and out without any trouble. I want you to keep her safe,” Cass orders.

My breath hitches when I see him take charge. I would’ve expected that from Roan, not Cass. Hopefully, he can boss me around in bed as Roan did. I feel my cheeks warm and he catches me staring. “Later,” he whispers in my ear before he stalks out the room. Gidon just winks before he follows Cass. I shake my head to get out of my own thoughts.

Julian grins when he sees me staring at Roan.

“Come on, you horny creature. Get some sleep. I’ll work with Roan to get your dad out of his den,” he chuckles.

I turn around to do as I'm told for once. I’m tired and he’s right. For what I have planned, I need my strength.

Later that night I stand in front of the mirror in my bedroom, biding my time until everyone is ready. I start to feel nervous for the first time since my death. Everything happened so fast that I never took my time to think about it. Sure, we talked about my death, but it was always because we were planning the next step or when I had to explain things about my life and my need for revenge. I sigh and roll my eyes at my reflection. Leave it to me to freak out when it's almost time to face my father.

A knock on my door saves me from spiraling down that rabbit hole. The door opens and Cass peeks around it.
“Ready?” he asks. I nod. As ready as I'll ever be I guess.
It's good enough for now. I turn around and follow Cass to another room. Julian's room it turns out.
He looks up and smiles. “I'm ready. You remember what I told you?” he asks.
I nod curtly. “Yes. Don't let go of your hand and keep breathing until we land.” I repeat his words from earlier.

He takes a deep breath and holds out his hand. I grab him and squeeze it before I turn around to look at my men one more time.
Gideon takes a step forward, grabs my hips, and brushes his lips softly against mine. “You stay safe and listen to what Julian tells you. I need you to come back to us in one piece. If you get yourself killed, I'm gonna haunt your beautiful ass until the end of days,” he murmurs.

I kiss him softly one more time before he lets me go. Cass and Roan are next to tell me to stay safe and come back. I have no plans to stay or get myself killed so it's an easy promise to make. Hopefully, it will go exactly as I planned, but I don't voice it out loud. There's no reason to worry them more.

I check the strands in my chest one more time and try to send my feelings through them. I have no worry or whatsoever and hopefully, it will set them at ease.
I take one more deep breath and look at Julian. We both take a step into the portal and it only takes seconds before we land in the shadows next to one of my father's warehouses.
I look up when Julian's hands squeeze my shoulders.

“Be careful in there, Jaleena. As soon as your outside you get here as fast as you can and I’ll take you back to your men. I'll have a portal ready for us,” he says with a soft voice.
I nod curtly and summon my energy and before Julian can blink, I let go of my solid form and I'm gone.

Daddy, here I come.

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