Sweet Revenge part 1

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-27- Jaleena

I don’t remember much from the moment I stepped through the portal, except the feeling of Julian’s hand that grounded me when we floated in nothingness. It didn’t take long before we landed in Julian’s room and I welcomed the numbness, just as I always have. Although I struggled with it from the moment I met the guys, I can’t shake the sense of familiarity. I feel Julian squeezing my hand before he lets go and the feeling of the loss threatens to consume me, chasing the numbness away, but I can’t really grasp it and before I know it it’s gone. Suddenly two strong arms envelopes me and my head is pulled into a broad chest and I sink into his embrace. The scent of pine trees surrounds me and I instantly know it’s Gideon.

“Come back to me, sweetheart. We’re here, we’ll always be here,” he murmurs in my ear.

But I can’t make myself care enough to come back yet. They’ll leave eventually. I saw how much my dad hates me. Yeah, he was scared. I saw it, felt it. Hell, I even smelled it, but he really, truly does hate me. I often wondered how a father could hate his own daughter and I’ve been desperate for years to know the answer, but now? I’m not sure I want to know. If my own father feels that way about me, how would my guys think about me in the long run? Would they think I’m too damaged? Broken beyond repair and just walk away one day? What would be left of me if the only reason I want to keep breathing would walk out of my life?

When that day comes, my will to live will walk through that door right along with them.

“Where did you just go?” Gideon whispers. I still don’t say anything and a layer of ice surrounds my heart and instantly I feel the strands in my chest burn. I jerk away from him and bend over, wrapping one arm around my stomach and grab his shirt in my free hand. Breathing heavily, I don’t have a choice but to look up and I see the worry edged into his face.

I close my eyes and groan. “It hurts. Make it stop, please, make it stop,” I whimper.

He picks me up in his strong arms and I rest my head against his chest. “I’ve got you,” he whispers in my ear, kissing the sensitive skin underneath it. Sleep washes over me and I don’t even remember him placing me gently in the middle of the bed.

I wake up and for a moment panic threatens to overwhelm me before I remember everything that happened last night. The events of yesterday flash through my mind and I can’t help but feel ashamed of my own thoughts.

“Stop that.” I jump when I hear the gruff voice of Roan. Fuck, I didn’t even notice him lying next to me and quickly I check the connection with them. Relieved I release the breath I didn’t know I was holding. The burn is gone and all that's left is the steady connection with all three of them.

“Damnit, Roan. What the fuck?” I groan. How did I miss him switch places with Gideon? He rests on his elbows for a moment before he pushes himself up until his back rests against the headboard.

“I know what you’re thinking. Hell, I can feel it right here.” He taps two fingers against his chest, right where his heart is. “I don’t think you give us enough credit, you know that? Do you remember what I said the last time you’re thoughts went haywire?” he asks.

I feel the blood flowing to my cheeks and I have an idea of ​​what I look like. I squeeze my thighs together when a rush of desire surges to my core. I nod, not able to answer him out loud. Ever since he made that comment I pictured him spanking me a few times and although I’m not ready to voice it, I know it’s something I would definitely want to try with Roan some day. I also know I’m not ready for that yet.

“Good.” He swings his legs over the side and stands up. “Let’s get you some breakfast, you need to eat more,” he winks. I stare at his naked back, mesmerized as his muscles contract with every movement of his arms. I can think of a few ways how he could use these. My gaze slides from his shoulder blades to his lower back and his ass and my mouth is watering at the way his boxer briefs hugs his ass perfectly.


I look up and once again my cheeks flush and I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed or turned on. “Mmm?” I murmur. Nope, definitely not embarrassed.

“Fine,” I huff, crossing my arms before my chest. “I’ll eat.” I push myself off the bed and reach for some comfy clothes. I can still smell the fear from my father and because I’m an absolute bitch, I don’t want to wash it away. I want to revel in it so I’ll remember why I’m doing this. Which reminds me...

“Did you find anything last night? Do you know where she is?” I ask him while I put on my baggy jeans. He runs a hand through his hair and avoids my gaze, so I know I won’t like what he has to say. Shocker.

“Yeah, we found something. Come on, I’ll explain over breakfast.”

I hurry towards him and together we walk in silence to the kitchen.It only takes him a few minutes to put a plate of pancakes and bacon for me on the island and reluctantly I take my knife and fork to dig in. I know he won’t talk before he’s satisfied that I’ve eaten enough. When I ate three-quarters of my food, I place the cutlery back on the island and lean back in my chair.

“Okay, out with it,” I say. He drops on the chair across from me and takes a deep breath.

“We found Nina. Cass and Gideon are looking into the area around the house to find the perfect entrance and hopefully come up with a plan to get us in. She’s still in the same house where Gideon first found her, but security has been decreased so we know that it will be difficult. If not impossible,”

I nod. That doesn’t surprise me and I would actually be disappointed if it didn’t. He didn’t make it this far within my father’s organization for nothing. He’s not just a ruthless criminal, but he’s also a smart one. Again, I would be disappointed if he didn’t.

Roan rubs the surface of the island with his index finger, still refusing to look at me. I sigh. For fuck sake, we won’t get anywhere at the rate he’s going.

“What else?” I ask him. “Come on, Roan. Don’t do this to me. Don’t hold out anything, not from me. Not about this,” I plead. He reaches out to me across the island and grabs my hands.

“We also found something else, but we didn’t verify this information yet so we could be wrong, and trust me Jaleena, we hope we’re very wrong about this,” My blood turns to ice and once again, my energy rushes to the surface where I can feel it lingering under my skin, waiting to be released to cause as much damage as possible.

He squeezes my hands and I raise my eyes to look at him, hoping I can read in his eyes what he’s about to tell me.

Roan sighs again, obviously gathering himself before saying the words I would never expect to hear.

“Jaleena... Did you know you have a brother?”

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