Sweet Revenge part 1

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-28- Jaleena

“What?” I whisper. I close my eyes and need a moment to collect my thoughts. They must be wrong, right? I can’t imagine my father ever managing to never mention my brother. If he even knows about his existence. I immediately reject that idea. Of course he knows if my mother ever had a child with another man. The longer I think about it, the less I doubt that I have a brother. I wonder how that conversation would go, assuming the guys know where he is.

“Hey, brother. I’m Jaleena, your sister. It’s so nice to meet you, how are you? Oh, I’m dead by the way.” Yeah, that should go well.

I jump when the door behind me suddenly opens and I see Cass cautiously walking in. He kneels beside me and reaches out his hand to stroke his hand against my cheek.

“Hey, Princess. Did Roan tell you?” he asks softly.

I nod. “Yeah, he told me. You have to be wrong though. How can he never even mention him if he knew that my mom…” I choke at the last words when I think about my mother.

Is that why he killed her? He must have had something to do with it. She was healthy as far as I know, unhappy, but healthy. She was gone from one moment to the next and I remember exactly the moment my father stepped into my bedroom and took me in his arms for the first time. My body stiffened as he wrapped his arms around me and for a moment I almost felt like a princess with two loving parents, baking cookies with them after school. That dream crashed as soon as he started talking. He told me in a cold voice that my mom was gone and wouldn’t come back. Ever. He didn’t even tell me how she died. I remember being confused about his voice, even though I heard it more times than I could count. How could he sound so cold when he had his arms wrapped around my small body in a way that should be normal for a father to do? Just like that he let go of me and stalked out of my room. I couldn’t even cry at the time, I was scared shitless that he would come back and would be mad at me for showing weakness.

“Never show weakness, Jaleena. That’s reason enough to get you killed,” he always said. He was wrong though. Even when you don’t show weakness you can get yourself killed.

“Hey, are you with me?” Cass’s warm voice pulls me out of my head.

“Sorry, just thinking. How did you get this information?” I ask him. He quickly glances at Roan before standing up and pulling me with him.

“Come on, we need to show you something. You both want to see this,” he says.

Though it’s a short distance from the kitchen to Julian’s room that he set up as a command center, it seems like it takes forever for Cass to turn around with one hand on the doorknob.

“Before we go in I have to warn you. What Julian found involves both of you and you have to let him explain everything before you jump to conclusions okay?”

I look at Roan and I can see the confusion in his eyes. I suspect it’s the same look I have because I don’t understand any of it.

“What the hell man? If she has a brother, and that’s still a big if, what has that got to do with me?” Roan growls.

“Yeah, what he said,” I mutter under my breath.

Cass only shakes his head and finally opens the door. I let Roan walk in first because, honestly, I’m stalling and I remember something that I should’ve asked sooner. I take a deep breath and grab Cass’s hand and tug a little. I need a moment alone with him.

“Besides finding my alleged brother, did you find anything useful on Nina? Are we ready to make a plan yet?” I ask him in a low voice. The rest of the guys and Julian are just a few meters away and I don’t want them to hear me just yet.

Cass smiles a little. “We can actually, but it all seems to be connected so we need to talk first. After that, we’ll fill you in on everything. You also still need to tell us what happened with your father last night. We didn’t get the chance to talk since you were asleep when we heard you were back.“

I lift my arms to wrap them around his neck and pull him closer. His warmth surrounds me and until that moment I didn’t know I needed to feel him. He calms me in a way I never thought was possible. I discreetly sniff his neck to hopefully ground me a little bit before we dive into the world of my fucked up past.

After one last squeeze, I release my hold and grab his hand again. “Let’s get this over with.”

We join the rest and wait patiently until Julian shoves away the keyboard and turns his chair so that he faces us.

“Okay, let’s start with that I’m 99% sure that my information is correct. I also found something else that makes everything a little more complicated but doable.” He looks at me and I see the pity in his eyes. He knows how I feel about pity so it must be something bad.

“His name is Xavier, he’s twenty-one years old and he’s technically your half brother. You have the same mother, but not the same father. I think that’s also the reason you didn’t know about him,” he explains.

So he’s older than me. I try to remember when my mom met my father but I don’t think she ever told me. A pang shoots through my chest when I think of the fact that my mom never told me she had a child before me and apparently gave him up. That’s not the woman I remember. Doubt fills my brain about how well I actually knew my mother. What if she was more like my father than I thought, but I immediately throw that idea out of my head. No one can imitate the love I felt from her so well, that’s just impossible. But still, why didn’t he live with us? Why did she even get involved with my father? She once told me that she always knew who he was and what he did. If she loved my brother as much as she loved me, why would she even expose her child to this world? I realize that if she didn’t meet my father I wouldn’t even exist, but that’s beside the point. Sometimes I wonder why I exist at all. She should’ve swallowed me or have him shoot me against the shower wall or wherever the hell they fucked. They shouldn’t have had me, no child deserves the upbringing I got. The lights start to flicker and I instantly will down my power. Now is not the time and I didn’t forget the damage I did to my own bedroom when I accidentally shimmered for the first time.

I blink when I realize they all stopped talking and are looking worriedly at me. I smile apologetically. “Sorry,” I murmur.

Gideon grabs my hands and brushes his thumb over my knuckles. “We’ll figure it out, okay? There’s just one thing you need to know and everything else can wait.”

I roll my shoulders back and lift my head a little.

“It can’t be worse than this, right?” I ask Gideon. I glance at Roan who stands beside Julian with a pale face and his body frigid. Fear washes over my body and I know I couldn’t be more wrong.

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