Sweet Revenge part 1

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-3- Jaleena

Even before I open my eyes I know that there is something different than usual. There is a pounding headache and my arms and legs feel stiff. I moan as I try to open my eyes and the throbbing pain in my head gets worse. I take a deep breath and try to move my toes a little and I sigh in relief that that part of me seems to be working. Even though I lay here with my eyes still closed, I know I'm definitely not at home in my own bed. I try to move my fingers and I groan when a sharp pain shoots from my fingers through my left wrist. I take a few deep breaths, ignoring the nauseous feeling the pain is causing. I don't dare to move anymore. The first thing I felt when I woke up was the burning sensation in my back, like my whole back was on fire. I try to remember what happened and try to open my eyes again slowly. I blink at the darkness that envelops me and I rack my brain trying to figure out where I am.

"Fuuuuuck." I moan as I try to turn on my right side. A sharp pain flares up in my left shoulder and my arm doesn't turn with my body so I know my shoulder is dislocated. It happened before after a beating I received from my father, so unfortunately I recognize it easily. I take a few deep breaths through my nose and close my eyes again. The last clear memory I can recall is the nameless man who took me into the abandoned building and I tried to bid my time to escape.

"Great job doing that Jaleena," I whisper to myself. Okay, focus Lena. There was a sharp pinch at the side of my neck and I remember getting dizzy and everything got blurry. Like looking through a glass filled with water. They must have drugged me, there is no other explanation.

My shoulder screams in pain and although my back hurts like hell, I know I can't stay on my side for long. I slowly turn back and try to look around from the corner of my eye as much as possible. It’s completely dark, it smells musty and of vomit and urine. I close my eyes and I am drawn into a memory. I remember that after walking the hallway in the abandoned building like I was drunk, everything went black until I woke up hanging on the wall with my hands tied in chains. The nameless man was gone, but instead, there was another man. A man I haven't seen before but considering he was built like a bodybuilder I knew it was going to hurt. The man slowly walked towards me as he pulled a metal bar from behind his back. He grabbed my hair and turned me around roughly, my arms crossed over my head and my face to the wall. While he turned me, the pain screamed through my left wrist and I now know how I broke it.

"And now sweetheart, I'm going to have some fun with you," he whispered in my ear. He dragged the tip of his tongue from the spot under my ear to the top of my shoulder.

"Unfortunately, this is all the fun I can get. Your new owner wants you untouched. But don't worry my sweet girl, I'll be having fun playing with you."

After one last lick on my cheek, he stepped back and raised the bar and slammed it on my back. It only took two strikes to welcome back the darkness and that's the last thing I remember.

A loud noise knocks me out of my thoughts about the brutal beating I received and I turn my head silently in the direction where the noise is coming from. Footsteps. I feel my body stiffen and it seems like the skin on my back is tearing itself from my body. I bite my lip as I refuse to make any more sounds. Never show them you're weakness Jaleena. I mentally kick myself, not even now. You've been taught better than this. I lie as still as possible as the heavy footsteps approach, so I know it's a man.

I hear someone put a key in the lock and a short time later the squeaking sound of the opening door echoes through the room. I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep as the man slowly walks towards me. I will my body not to shiver when he bends over me and presses his nose into my hair. He gives me a wet kiss on my temple and his hands slide slowly from my shoulders to my side before leaving them on my hips. I squeeze my eyes shut and hope he doesn't see it in the dark. Slowly he lowers my bra strap from my shoulders, glancing his fingers over the side of my right breast. I feel nauseous and I swallow a few times so I won't vomit all over him. Although it doesn't sound like a bad idea to me, I'm not sure it's such a smart move.

"I know you're awake my little pet," he whispers in my ear. "I bought you for six hundred thousand dollars and you're going to make sure you're worth every penny of that."
He continues his way with his hands over my body and hooks his thumbs over the top of my panties and I know this is the only and probably last chance to get away. I slam my knee into his groin and with the last strength I have in me, I roll out from under him. He falls to his knees on the dirty concrete floor and puts his hands over his cock. He won't be having fun for a while. He probably still feels it when he only so much as thinks about having children. That’s not going to happen anytime soon. The fucker.

I push myself onto my feet and stumble towards the door. He didn't even lock it. God, it just confirms my theory. Men are useless. Well, except when you actually do want to have children, but that's the only exception to the rule. You kinda need them. Other than that? Absolutely useless.

I clutch my arm to the side of my body and walk as fast as I can through the dark hallway to find an exit. There are three doors with some sort of electronic box next to them on the left of the empty hall, and a door at the end. When I hear the man in the dark room get up on his feet, I know I'm out of time. There is no other way than to run. Just when I'm almost at the door, the man slams me to the ground and pulls my head up by my hair.

"I bought you. You're mine, but I start to believe you're pretty useless. Maybe I should kill your Dad for selling me some useless whore." he growls in my ear.

I scoff at him. "Yeah, well. Join the club. If anybody is going to kill that bastard, it's going to be me."

I push myself off the ground with my right arm and slam my head back against his face and the sound of his nose breaking echoes down the hall. He screams in pain but he doesn't loosen his hold on my hair and he slams my head against the concrete floor. Black spots appear from the corner of my eyes and I know I'm going to lose the battle with the darkness. I groan when I try to lift my head, but even with his broken nose and blood dripping down his face he's not letting me go. He lifts my head by my hair again. He turns me around and puts his gun on my forehead.

"Now, that wasn't very nice, was it? I really wished you would just listen and do what was asked of you so you could earn a little bit more freedom. Now it's clear to me that's not going to happen. There isn't a single submissive bone in your body is there?" he says with a cold voice.

"Say hello to your Mom."

He raises his gun and shoots.
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