Sweet Revenge part 1

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-4- Jaleena

"Do you think she's dead?" I hear a deep voice ask softly. There's a smacking sound before another voice pipes up.
"Of course she is, you idiot. She wouldn't be here if she was still alive."

Well, fuck me. I never knew death would feel like a killer hangover. And trust me; I've had a lot of those.
"She's beautiful," another voice whispers.
"Do you think she's the reason why we couldn't move on?" There's silence after that question and I debate if I should let them know that I'm awake. But I'm not really sure what I'll find once I open my eyes.

Someone sighs and I hear some rustling sounds on my left side.
"Yeah, I think I do. It's too much of a coincidence that we were pulled in here right before she turned up," the second voice says.

"Will she have her powers as soon as she wakes up?" the first voice asks. The sound gives me the chills, but in a good way. Something tugs at my heart and my hand itches to scratch my chest.

Someone sighs again. Yeah, I know the feeling.
"We don't even know if she'll have any powers. Or what she even is or will be." It's quiet for a few minutes.

"If she's even like us," someone whispers.
I have no idea what they are talking about but I don't like the sound of it, that's for sure, but something in my gut tells me that I'll be finding allies here instead of a new enemy. The list with enemies is longer than my list of allies but that was back home. Right now I'm not sure if I'm even in that world anyway.

I focus back on the things I hear around me. If I'm right, at least three men are hovering around me but who knows. They could have a complete army at their backs. I mentally debate what to do. I roll my eyes at myself. I'm already dead and if at one point I was arrested while I was still alive, I would be having a rap sheet that has its own zip code at the front and back. So If they kill me again I'll end up in hell anyway.

I fake moan a little and start moving my head so they'll think I just woke up. I blink a couple of times and I find myself looking at a gorgeous face with two piercing blue eyes. There's a lock of raven black hair in front of them and I can't seem to look away from him. They're pulling me in like a siren's call to the see. A smirk forms around his full kissable lips and I blink a couple of times, feigning confusion.

"Who are you? Where am I?" I ask in a small voice.

I can feel my body automatically prepare for a fight, the adrenaline starts building up inside me. I force myself to take small and even breaths before I look at the man above me again.

"Are you going to answer me?" I ask him irritated when nobody answers my question.

"Do you want the long or short version?" the voice from earlier asks. I turn my head to the left and I cringe a little when I feel a lingering pain in the shoulder that I dislocated before I died. On my left side, there's another good-looking man. No, I think to myself, I rectify that. He's a freaking god! While the man on my right has hair as dark as my father's soul, this guy has a head full of blond waving hair, with the top half tied on the back of his head in a man-bun. Curious emerald green eyes stare back at me and I squirm a little under his penetrating stare. It's like he looks straight into my soul and I'm confused when I realize I don't want him to see that part of me. What is he doing to me? I never felt something like this around a man before.

Although I was always guarded when I left the house, I was an expert in ditching my bodyguard so I could end up at a nightclub. I've had my small share of hookups, but they were just that. Hookups. No talking, no questions, and definitely no feelings. I shudder when I think about the mess that would've been left behind. My Father would kill any man I would take home, no questions asked.

There's another movement in the corner of my eyes and I snap my head to the man next to the blond God. My breath catches when I look straight in the face of a man with eyes in the color of pure chocolate. His hair matches the color of his eyes, dark brown locks surrounding his brooding face.
He looks from my eyes to my lips, lingering there for a few seconds before he looks up to my eyes again and frowns.

"Are you okay?" he asks. A flash of being sandwiched in the middle of the three hot men, their big muscular bodies slick with a sheen of sweat surrounding me, catches me off guard. I shake my head a little. Now is definitely not the time nor place to think about this.

"Are you okay?" he asks more firmly. I can feel the blush on my cheeks but there's no way I'll let him know what I just thought about.

Nope, I'm not going down that road, so I shrug: "Yeah, I'm fine." I wave him off while moving my hand through the air.
"Besides from the fact that I'm obviously dead, I'm peachy." I push myself off the floor until I sit up.
"Anyway. Who the fuck are you and what am I doing here? I pictured hell to be a little bit different if I'm being honest."

They glance a look between each other before looking at me again. I grid my teeth and huff. I’m really trying not to open my big mouth, but I’m done with the secret looks men always seem to share. I have to think this time because the last time I was being stupid, it got me killed.

The blond man holds out his right hand and says: "I’m Gideon, the man with the brooding face is Cass, and the guy on your right is Roan."

Their names suit them, I think to myself. Gideon seems to be easy in life. Or in death in his case. Cass is more serious if I would guess and Roan is more reserved although he didn't look at me like that. It's like it's meant for the rest of the world so no one could really see him. Like there is more to him than anyone realizes. Wait, how do I know that? I try to remember if I have seen these guys before, but nothing comes to mind so I’m sure I’ve never met them before. Then how do I know what they’re like?

"Wonderful. I'm Jaleena. Nice to meet you and everything. Is someone going to explain where I am?" I ask them dryly.

"Yeah, about that." Gideon starts rubbing his neck with one hand while looking at Cass. "Cass can tell you all about that," he says quickly.

Sucker. I roll my eyes at him and turn my face to Cass. He sighs deeply and starts explaining.

"I'll be straight with you." Roan coughs at his words and I catch a look between them before their masks are firmly back in place. Interesting, I think.

Cass looks firmly at Roan.
"As I was saying...” he brawls. "Before Roan interrupted us, I'll be straight with you; you're dead."

Gideon slaps his hand at his face. "Yeah. I think she got that." Yup, I got that alright. Damnit, if someone doesn't start explaining soon I'll throw a tantrum like a spoiled two-year-old.

Cas hits Gideon at the back of his head. "Shut up you fucker. Let me finish." He turns his attention back to me and continues. "Right now, you’re in between two worlds. Or three technically. Earth is the first one, of course, heaven and hell are the other two. Now you'll get to choose. You can either move on or you can finish your unfinished business. It's obvious that you have something that needs to be done or you would be in heaven right now." He smiles at his last words.

Yeah, there was no way I would end up between the virgin Maria and God himself. They would burn my ass straight back through the deck of clouds.
"Hell," I mumble under my breath.

Roan snaps his head in my direction. "What?" Roan asks.
I sigh. "Nothing. Never mind. So, now what do I do?" I ask at no one in particular.

Gideon gently takes my left hand. His big hands cover mine completely which is no surprise because that man is huge. They feel surprisingly soft and I notice I'm staring at them.

"Now, you decide what to do. I'll be honest with you, Jaleena. We all died in the last six months, although not on the same day or even in the same place. We all have some things to take care of, so it's okay if you can't move on straight away." he says in a soft voice.

The look in his eyes hits me straight into the core of my stomach until I can feel something burning deep inside me. A hot desire I've never felt before in the eighteen years of my existence.
Roan touches my right shoulders and immediately a warm feeling is spreading through my body. When I look at Cass I see that his eyes have slightly changed, like there are now golden waves swirling around his pupils. It's mesmerizing and I feel a pull from deep inside me that makes me want to get lost in his eyes forever. When he touches my thigh, the warm feeling that filled my body slowly surrounds my heart. Something snaps in place inside of me, a feeling of rightness and I can't ignore the feeling that it has everything to do with the three men who are in the room with me.

I look at them one by one. My eyes land at Roan.
"I want revenge."

Silence fills the room. I want to look away, but I force myself to keep looking at Roan. Waiting for the moment he rejects me. He wouldn't be the first, but it never comes. Instead, he nods sharply at me before looking at Gideon.
Gideon scrapes his throat. "You want revenge?" he asks.

I turn my focus back at him and nod. "I was murdered. He needs to die, so I'm going to kill him. After that, I have a few more who needs to die." Understanding fills his eyes, whilst the corner of his lips tilts up a little.

"But the ultimate revenge will be at my father. I'm going to make him pay so hard for what he did to me, he'll wish he was dead before he even fucked my Mother." I growl.

He keeps looking at me while a brief flash of surprise crosses his face and he frowns when my words register his brains and he jumps up.
"You were murdered!?" he shouts. "But.. but.. what the fuck? You're beautiful! Who would want you dead?" he stutters.

"Trust me, that list is longer than you can even try to imagine." I scoff at him while I raise myself onto my feet.

Cass and Roan follow my lead and the three of them fall in formation half behind and half beside me while Cass points his hand at the door on the other side of the room. Huh, I didn't even see it before.

Cass turns his head. "He's not wrong Princess. You're beautiful." he winks with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah well, I'm not someone to love, so don't get your hopes up, buddy," I tell him while I pat his chest. I step away from them and open the door. I'll get my revenge. But first, I need something to eat, then get some rest. Apparently, dying takes up a fuck ton of energy. After I got some rest, I'll start planning.

My Father is going to die.
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