Sweet Revenge part 1

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-5- Jaleena

I sit at the table in a large open space with a huge white kitchen and a kitchen island in the middle of the room, while Gideon fixes us a quick dinner. I tap my fingernails on the island and try to take in everything I learned this afternoon. God, I've only been dead for like six hours and I’m already going nuts. I glance at Gideon just as he reaches above his head to take out the plates from the cabinet. His back muscles flex and I lower my eyes and linger on his perfectly shaped ass. The door opens and when Roan walks in, I snap my eyes away from Gideon. He catches my gaze and smirks.

"There's a little drool there," he winks while he points at the corner of my mouth. Automatically I raise my hand to wipe my face. When nothing's there I know I'm busted.

"He's drool-worthy." I wink and stick out my tongue. Cass spits out his drink while he lands in a coughing fit, trying to catch his breath.

"What?" he pants. I shake my head and decide to change the subject. I take a quick glance at Gideon who catches my eyes and winks.

"So where am I exactly? Who's place is this?" Gideon puts a bowl with spaghetti on the table and starts to dish the food. He squeezes my shoulder reassuringly. "It's ours." He hands out the plates that are now filled with food.

"Eat first," he says while he puts a plate in front of me. Damn, this smells good.

"I'm a woman. I can multitask," I tease while I put the first bite in my mouth and moan when the taste explodes on my tongue.

"Wait. If I'm a ghost, do I have to eat? I mean, I'm already dead so I can't starve, right?" I ask out loud. Shit, I can't miss my burger every week. Or my chocolate, or even this spaghetti. He can feed me this every fucking night. It's like an angel pissed on my tongue.

"Hey, and if I'm a ghost and you're... Well, okay, I don't know what you all are, but I now know heaven and hell are real, are angels too? Like, are they all white and glowy and stuff?" I ramble. I put down my fork and shove my plate away. Fuck eating, I need some answers.

Cass chuckles and puts his hand on my thigh to make it stop bouncing. I stare at his hand and that same warmth I felt earlier in my chest, wraps around my heart. He puts my plate back in front of me and hands me my fork.

"You need to eat. You'll need the energy," is all he says. I sigh and take my fork out of his hand and start eating again. Roan stands up and walks around the island so he can take the seat next to me.

"To start with the most important question: yes, angels are real. And yes, they're white and glowy with huge wings. You probably won't see one until you cross over to heaven." I snort. If only they knew. He looks at me funny.

"Why do you do that?" he asks.

"Do what?"

He sighs. "Every time I mention heaven, you act like you're not going here."

I put down my fork, again, done eating. Suddenly I'm not hungry anymore. I fidget with the hem of my sweater and swallow back the lump in my throat. I was hoping I didn't have to do this so soon. I close my eyes and scoff at myself. "Come on Lena, you never cared what others thought of you, so why would you start to now?" Yeah, I know why. Because this is different. My eyes start to water and I open them to look at the patterns on the ceiling, trying to blink my tears away.

I take a deep breath, deciding to take a leap of faith.
"Look." I start. "I've done things that I'm not proud of. When I was alive, I made decisions that were selfless and arrogant. Although I always told myself I didn't have a choice, I know that's not true. I did have a choice. I always had a choice." I whisper the last words, more to myself than to my guys.

Nope, they're not my guys. The guys. I don't dare to look at them and when it stays quiet I close my eyes again, waiting for the moment they decide to walk away. That I'm not worth the trouble. I tense when I feel a hard chest against my back while two strong arms pull me in a tight hug. The smell of fresh air and forest reaches my nose and I know instantly that it's Gideon standing behind me. He always seems to look straight into my soul, reading me with ease. He brushes his nose through my hair.

"I killed the man who raped my mother," he whispers in my ear. I snap my head towards him and it's like everything around us freezes.

"Someone raped your mother?" I ask in a cold voice.
There's a brief flash of surprise in his eyes before he nods sharply. I feel the anger rising and I ball my fists at the top of the island. The lights start to flicker and the feeling of burning rage urges me to release it. Every time after that happens fast. Glasses started clinging and shaking. They're dancing on the counter, only to shatter into a million little pieces when it falls on the floor. The walls are shaking, and cabinets slammed open, and for the first time in my life or better said; for the first time in the short time of my death, I'm scared. I tremble in fear of myself. I force down the need to scream to get all the fury out. Gideon steps back a little while Cass and Roan are slowly standing up.

"I think it's clear what her powers are," Roan says in a soft voice while looking at the others.

He turns his attention back to me, but it's like I'm looking through a veil. His face is all blurry and starts to fade away from my vision.

"Jaleena, you need to relax before you hurt yourself."

It's like we’re not in the same room anymore and his voice is distancing with every word. My blood is boiling and bright light flashes before my eyes, consuming the last of my sight. There's no control over my body anymore and pain flares up in my arms and legs towards my back.

"Jaleena! You need to take back control,” someone shouts.

"What do you think I'm trying to do!" I want to yell, but I can't get the words to leave my mouth.

His mother was raped and he killed the man who was responsible for that. It's heroic if you ask me and it proofs how much he loves her. It shows what he would do for the people he cares about. My mind flashes back to the first time I was raped, wishing I had someone who took care of me afterward. I wish someone did what Gideon did but instead, I had to look at his face every fucking day. I picture the monster's face in my mind and I instantly know he'll be the first one who dies. Like all the pieces start falling together like a puzzle and my body starts to relax as I try to control my breathing. I open my eyes and my vision is slowly turning back. I look into three worried faces that are staring at me. The lights stop flickering and when the last rage leaves my body, all I can hear is a deafening silence.

"What the hell just happened?" I croak before everything goes black.
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