Sweet Revenge part 1

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-6- Jaleena

I wake up from whispering voices. It's like I'm having a deja vu and a part of me hopes it was all a dream but when I listen to the conversation, that hope instantly dies. However, there's a voice I don't recognize. It's not as deep as Roan's, but also nog that light mooded as Gideon's. If I have to guess, it would match Cass's voice. It startles me a little that I can tell the differences in such a short time. The new voice is definitely more dramatic.

"What the fuck guys? Did you actually see the mess in the kitchen?" he whisper yells. Huh. I guess I did that. Damnit.

"I'm not helping her,” the guy says in an alarmingly calm voice. I can hear the guys all jump up.

"What do you mean, you're not helping her?" Roan growls. I'm curious about that answer too. I haven't met anybody else here, so I couldn't have done something wrong. Right? Someone sighs.

"I'm not helping the daughter of The Beast!" he roars. Ah, that explains everything. He knows my father. Of course, he does. There's really no one who doesn't know him or at least knows of him. That fucker.

Someone starts pacing and I try to stall the moment to fully wake up. I really want to hear what else he has to say. It's obvious he hates my dad, or he's afraid of him. Probably both. That happens all the time. There's a scratching sound as if someone is rubbing his jaw.

"Okey, look," the newcomer continues. "I want to help you three, I really do. But do you know what you get yourself into? The Beast's daughter..."

..."Is very much awake and can kick your ass if she wants to." I interrupt him. I'm getting irritated with that gauy. He doesn't know a thing about me so he has no right to talk about me like that. I sit up and look him straight in his eyes.

"I'm Jaleena. Nice to meet you too." I say in a sweet voice. "Now, I would like to know your name and who the hell you think you are so I can decide if I need to kill you," I tell him.

He looks back at me and sweat is beading above his eyebrows and he pales, but I refuse to look away. Although I hated the life I was in, it taught me to never back down. You don't bow down to nobody In order to survive. Slowly I stand up and take a step forward. I cock my head, still refusing to look away. He has a big mouth, but he seems to be harmless. My life also learned me how to read people and more importantly, to trust my gut. I raise an eyebrow, still waiting for his name.

"Well?" I ask. "Who are you? I could easily kill you. Right here, right now and you know what?" I brush my fingers against the guy's chest and raise my other hand to stop Gideon from saying anything while still looking at the unknown man. Where it's like I could light a fire to the room when one of the other guys touches me, hell, I could burst at hearing one of their voices, this man does nothing to me. I bend forward so there's little to no room between us and turn my head to the side of his face.

"You wouldn't be the first. Nor the second or even the third." I repeat the words I said to minion number three before I killed him the day they took me. I lean back and wink at him.

"You don't even know what I can do with my new powers yet. I mean, have you seen the mess I made in the kitchen?" I tease him. He swallows visibly and gives me a shaky nod.

"I'm Julian," he says. I hum, turn around and walk towards the door, showing him my back. I have no idea if he has any powers and if so, what they are. If he wants to kill me he can try. I don't really care, as long as he does it after I got what I want.

"I'm going to start planning my revenge. Tag along if you want. You may even be useful. If not, make sure you don't get in my way or I will end you." Without another word, I open the door and it slams against the wall. It's time to set my plan in motion and I need to train. I have to get control over my powers or I will fail before I even start.

Just when I'm about to walk inside the kitchen I hear footsteps rushing towards me from behind. My hackles rise and ball my fists. I turn around, immediately taking a defensive stance. I raise my fists in front of my face, but instantly relax when I see Cass in front of me. He crosses his arms over his chest and spreads his legs a little.

"What the hell was that?" he asks. I shrug. I don't want to explain myself but I guess I don't have a choice.

"Really? He never met me as far as I know, I certainly haven't seen him before and yet, he knows awfully a lot about me and my reputation. So I gave him just that."

Cass is quiet after that, opening his mouth before closing it again. He wipes his hand over his face and sighs deeply. He drops his head and the look on his face softens.

"He's just different you know? He knows who your father is and he would've probably killed Julian." Ah, now I understand where this is going.

"What do you mean he's different?" I ask innocently.

Cass sighs again. "He just is," he answers.

"You mean he's gay, right?" He looks at me with his mouth open again. He's going to catch a fly at this rate.

"You knew?"

I scoff at him. "It's not like he hides it very well."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

Now it's my turn to gape at him with my mouth wide open. He did not just ask me that!

I narrow my eyes at him. "Because it's none of my business!" I yell, widening my arms. I close my eyes and take a deep breath when the lights start flickering again. Damn, I really need to control this shit. I force myself to calm down and lower my voice. I look up at him again and I can see the shock on his face.

"You know he's exactly the same as us, right? It's not like when he takes off his clothes he turns out to be purple with little green polka dots all over him. He probably loves just as fiercely as you and I. He's gay, not a freaking alien." I rant. At least he has the decency to look sheepish and a little embarrassed.

"That's not what I meant,” he starts. "I don't care that he's gay, but fuck, Jaleena. Did you hear yourself back there? You talked like you would have had no problem killing him."

I roll my eyes at him. "Because I don't. It's true what he said, don't mistake any of that. If he gets in my way, I will kill him if I have to." I hesitate at the next words I'm about to say, but it needs to be said anyway. After what happened in that room I now know they really have no idea of who I am or what I'm capable of.

"You should think about what he said though. I am the daughter of The Beast. What I told him was the truth. He would’nt be the first man I kill, nor the second or even the third. He's right about me having a reputation on the streets of New York. Without my powers, I know at least six ways to kill someone with only my two hands, probably even more." I continue. I sigh, suddenly feeling exhausted. It hurts to see the look on his face. He doesn't look at me in the same way he did before. He looks sad and angry at the same time, and I know I hurt him with my words but I can't help it. He needs to know who I am.

“Jaleena, I know who you are. I knew it the moment I saw you. I just didn't realize you had to go through all of that and you weren't sheltered from that life. I thought he protected you, not making you do all these... things,” he said while waving his hand in front of his face.

Yeah, right. Like my father would shelter me. I hold up my hand to dismiss him. I step around him to continue my way to the kitchen and just before I go in, I turn around.

"Don't expect me to be an innocent little angel, Cass. Because I'm not. Don't expect me to become one either." With these words I leave him behind, standing alone in the hallway, but not before catching the hurt on his face.
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