Sweet Revenge part 1

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-7- Jaleena

After a quick lunch, I change into shorts and a tanktop I saw in one of the bedrooms while exploring the house. I still need to find out where the hell I am but more importantly, who's clothes I'm wearing. The thought of one of them with another woman causes a sharp pain in my chest. Knowing I have no right to those feelings I quickly shut the thoughts down. It's time to start training again, even though it was only yesterday I died. Mysteriously my body completely healed. There are no more scars across my back apart from the old ones and the sting in my shoulder disappeared slowly during the day. I'm afraid to ask any questions about the way my body acts. Truthfully, I'm avoiding all of them right now. Especially Cass and the new guy, Julian.

Absently I put on my shoes while thinking of the guys. We haven't discussed what happened in the kitchen due to the arrival of Julian. I know he's not a real threat at this point, but I hope he can see past the life I lead when I was alive. He visibly paled when I spoke to him, but I also heard the fire that lives inside him. He stood up for himself and he had no problem with chewing out the guys. They haven't shown their powers but I'm kinda sure they have them. I bet they are a force to be reckoned with. Julian didn't act that scared when throwing his tantrum right in front of them. I can actually appreciate that in a man.

I stand up from the edge of the bed and walk towards the large mirror in the corner of the room. With narrowed eyes, I check out my appearances and my eyes widen in shock when I see myself. What. The. Fuck.

My olive-colored skin is soft, more glowing than ever before. My hair falls in long dark waves down to the middle of my back. Leaning towards the mirror, it looks thicker and longer than when I was alive. Blinking I take a step back, glancing around the room to make sure I'm still alone and pinch myself. This can't be real can it? I look completely different in a certain way. I'm not that skinny kid anymore. A healthy young woman with actual boobs is staring back at me. Fuck, I've never had them before. They're pretty good, I think to myself. I look back at the mirror and grin wickedly at my reflection.
"This I can use," I whisper to myself, and a plan forms in my head.

Oh, the things I can do to Levi looking like this while knowing he can't hurt me anymore. Taunting him with my new look and being more beautiful than when he had me. My thought darkens and the anxiety that I always feel when thinking about him is replaced by anger. No, replaced by blinding rage is a better way to explain I think. My arms start to tingle, chills are running down my spine, and the dark promises are clearly visible in my eyes. Suddenly a crack splits the mirror in two. Before I can destroy another room in the house, I take several deep breaths trying to calm myself. First training, then research, then killing. I wink at myself, flip off the light and start searching for a place to train.

It turns out there is some sort of gym in the basement, so I quickly shut the door and take in the equipment that fills the room. In the left corner is a boxing ring with a few shelves filled with gloves and tape. A huge tv screen hangs on the wall in the middle with three treadmills beneath it. Too impatient to look at the rest of the stuff, I decide to warm up with a little running. I make my way across the room but movement in the corner of my eye snatches my attention. Roan steps out of what looks like an attached bathroom and is only wearing a white towel around his hips. My breath hitches and my mouth waters at the sight of him. He clearly doesn't notice me when he walks to a row of lockers that's not visible from the doorway when I entered the gym.
Reluctantly I clear my throat just before he drops his towel. I'm not sure if he wants me to see what's under it. I wouldn't mind, thank you very much.

He snaps his head around and smirks when he sees the look on my face and I can feel the flush on my cheeks.

"Please, don't mind me." I wink at him, trying to mask how much he affects me.
He chuckles under his breath. "Babe, you're not ready for what I have in mind."
Fuck. Me. Yes, I am. I am so ready. I mean, have you seen him? He's freaking huge, every part of his body seems to only exist out of muscles. I wouldn't kick him out of my bed. I wouldn't kick any of them out now I think of it.

God, I'm a mess when it comes to them. Never did I thought I could have these feelings. The worst part of it is that it's not only Roan that makes me feel that way. I noticed it before with Gideon in the kitchen when he fixed us something to eat. Even with Cass, I felt it when he touched my thigh trying to calm me down. I felt that same spark when we were alone whilst arguing about Julian's sexuality. But not right now. Now I hate him. I sigh to myself. Okay, I don't hate him. Not really, but he needs to do some serious groveling to make it up to me for the little stunt they pulled.

I snap myself out of it.
"Oh trust me. I can handle you," I flirt back at him. He throws his head back and roars with laughter like I said the most funniest thing. It's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. Damn it, that's not helping to calm down my raging hormones, but I know he has a point. Despite everything I went through, I owned my sexuality. Never have I let another man hurt me like that again. Always making sure I was using them instead of the other way around. I couldn't do that with them, I know that deep in my heart. With only one of them, it wouldn't be a casual hookup. Forcing back my thoughts about them, I change the subject.

"We need to talk though. I have something in mind to start with and I could use a little help," I point over my shoulder at the treadmills.
"I'll start with a warm-up, but I need to know what my powers exactly mean and how I can use it without causing hell on earth when I take out the monsters," I state.

Roan nods. "Yeah, I agree." He pauses, looking over my shoulder, and just like that his good mood seems to disappear.
"Regardless of what he said, Julian will help too. Don't go too hard on him. He didn't have an easy life." he says in a low voice.
I roll my eyes at him. 'Neither did I," is all I say and I turn around, giving him my back. Fuck it, having a hard life is no excuse to act like a two-year-old that doesn't get his way.

I set up the treadmill knowing I'm going way too fast for a simple warm-up. It's frightening how my body seems to respond to my emotions. Like there's a pattern to it. Every time my emotions run high, my arms start to tingle, goosebumps erupt all over my body and there's a weird pull coming from my chest. Like it draws me to different places in the house Weirdly enough it's in the direction where the guys are. Before I can think more about it, the door behind me opens and I look over my shoulder to see Gideon entering the room. Roan is nowhere to be seen.

"Roan said I could find you here," is all he says. I shut down the treadmill and nod. Weird, usually I can't breathe probably when I burn my energy at this pace. Now, I'm not even sweating. I decide to be cool with it though, it must've been one of the perks of being dead. I take a towel to wipe my face anyway.

"Do you know what exactly I am? Apart from being able to cause an entire demolition?" I ask him. He nods and motions to the bench on my left. He takes a seat next to me and sets his elbows on his knees. His body heat rolls off of him, causing my heart to flutter in my chest.
Wiping his hands over his face, he turns his head to look at me.
"Obviously, you're a ghost. Or a spirit, or an entity, or whatever you want to call it. I've never seen one with your level of power," he confesses.

I don't know how to respond to that so I just stay quiet.
"What you did was something I haven't seen or heard before. You should only be able to change between your ghost and your solid form,"

I snap my head at him.
"That I want to know more about. I can make myself visible on earth too?" I ask carefully. That changes everything actually.

"Yes, you can, but only for a limited time. Changing forms takes up a lot of energy and it's something you build up to. The longer you're, well, dead, the longer you'll be able to stay in your solid form." He winces when the realization sets in of what he just said.

I hum under my breath.
"How do we get to earth?" I ask suddenly, slapping myself for not thinking about it earlier.
He waves his hand through the air. "Julian can make a portal, that's easy enough," dismissing my question. I laugh at him.
"Yeah right. He's definitely not helping when it comes to me."
Gideon stands up, running his hand through his long locks of hair.
"Don't worry. He'll help." He reaches out his hand. Sighing, I take it and lighting shoots up my arm as soon as our skin touches. I pull back my hand and look at Gideon, wondering if he felt the same. The shocked look on his face tells everything I need to know. "You felt that too," I whisper. He nods slightly, too lost for words.

He shakes his head to get himself out of a daze, taking a deep breath. He opens his eyes, the shock replaced by a gleaming look in his eyes and I instantly know he's up to something.
"Let's see what you've got. Want to make a bet?" he grins.
"Sure. What do you have in mind?" I ask him while making my way to the thick training mat that lies in the middle of the room on the floor.
He follows me, humming under his breath.
I look over my shoulder again and catch him staring.
"Are you staring at my ass?" I ask him breathlessly.
He looks up and smirks. "I most definitely am. You've got a problem with that?"
I shrug. I turn around to stand in front of him. "The bet?" I ask him in an innocent tone.
"Right. The bet." He taps his chin with his finger like he's thinking really hard to come up with something.
He raises one finger with a wide smile on his face. Jesus, there's only a lightbulb above his head missing. I roll my eyes at him.
"I bet," he taunts, "That I can have you on your back in one minute."
I grin at him. "Fine. I'll take the bet. What's in it for the winner?"
He winks. "A kiss."
Shaking my head I take a few steps back and drop my body into a defensive position.

He reaches behind his back and in one fluid motion he takes off his shirt.

"Trying to distract me, Big Man?" Hopefully, he didn't notice me gawking at his broad, muscular chest.
He lifts one shoulder and starts circling me. I wait patiently for him to make his first move and decide not to show all of my cards yet. I don't even try to dodge his fist when it slams into my side. I grunt from the impact, but I've had worse so I don't give him another reaction. One side of his lips twitches up a little.

"Come on babe. You can do better than that," he taunts.
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