Sweet Revenge part 1

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-8- Jaleena

His fist shoots out again. I feign to my right but at the last moment, I kick out my right leg and hook it behind his upper thigh. Within seconds he's on his back on the mat. I put my knee on his chest, just under his throat, locking his hands above his head. I push a little bit, making sure he can still breathe properly, but hard enough to let him know he would be in trouble if this was a real fight. In this position, I can easily stop him from getting enough air.
I stand up and hold out my hand for him to take.
"Come on babe, you can do better than that" I mock back at him, repeating his own words.
He stares at me with an open mouth and surprise in his eyes.
"What the... Where did you learn that?" he pants slightly.
I shrug. "I'm my father's daughter. I didn't have a choice."

He stares at me, desire slowly filling his eyes. He hooks his leg behind my knee so I end up on top of him again, my breasts pressed against his chest. My nipples harden from only the feeling of his skin through my thin shirt. Raising a hand, he cups my cheek, searching my face while his thumb traces the seam of my lips. Like he wants to make sure I want this just as much as he does. And God, do I want this. It's like all the air has left the room. My vision blurs and everything ceases to exist. Leaning into his touch I close my eyes so I can only feel.

Thoughts about my father, the darkness that seems to have a permanent place inside of me, the monsters that I have to face every night in my nightmares disappear from my mind. He clearly found what he was looking for because he grabs my neck and slams his lips against mine. I part my lips with zero hesitation and every nerve in my body reacts to the delicious taste from his lips on mine.

We battle for dominance but I must admit that I like it that someone else takes charge, so I give up control. Gideon can make me feel loved, wanted. Something that I've never felt before. Permitting him to take over, I can't help to play a little with his tongue. Kissing him is an experience that I never want to end. His arms circle my waist and automatically I take his face between my hands, brushing my thumbs slightly over his cheekbones, hoping to transfer all my feelings into it. I want him to know how he mesmerizes me when I hear his angelic voice. How he gives me a little peace with myself, with who I am. I softly bite on his bottom lip, causing him to moan and he tightens the grip on my waist.

I feel the desire building up in my core and I'm getting impatient for more. Pleasure erupts throughout my body. I need so much more of this, more of Gideon. He breaks the kiss to trail the tip of his tongue to the soft spot beneath my ear, softly sucking on the delicate skin. I throw my head back a little to give him better access, his thumb softly tracing circles on the edge of my stomach. I grind my hips against him and when he shifts into a slightly different position, I can feel his erection through his shorts. I moan when he hits the right spot, stroking my clit with his rigid length with only a piece of fabric between us. With his soft lips he kisses the side of my neck and lowers his head to trace my collarbone. "Fuuuuuck," he breaths. He takes his time to explore my partly exposed stomach with his fingers and sending chills up my spine. My body longed for him, so I let my hands wander from his face to his broad shoulders.

Pulling him against me, I'm trying to get him closer so there's no room left between us. I grab his hair, tugging his head towards me to kiss him deeper. I don't ever want to stop kissing Gideon. One hand slips underneath my shirt, while the other one runs through my hair, gripping it in his fist.

"That was hot as hell baby," he mumbles against my lips. He kisses me slowly and pulls his head away. He rests his forehead against mine while our noses brush slightly.

"We need to stop before I rip off your clothes and take you right here, right now, but we both know you're not ready for that," he whispers.

I sigh. I hate that he's right. Although I've had my fair share of hookups, this is different. There are feelings involved now and I don't do feelings. Not ever. It's just not for me. Plus I feel attracted to all three of them and I still don't know how to handle that.
I nod and peel myself off him, desperately trying to cool off a little before I jump him and start all over again.
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